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Trakstar At A Glance

Good: Unlimited number of goals and reviews, automated reminders and notifications, ability to request feedback from vendors or clients.
Bad: Limited customization options, learning curve for users.
Bottom Line: Cloud-based performance management software that helps organization eliminate paper-based processes.

Product Overview

Trakstar is a performance management solution that streamlines the appraisal process. Managers can help their employees set measurable goals and provide them with real-time feedback throughout the year. They can also gather feedback from other team members so that they get a full picture of that employee’s performance.

Trakstar is deployed in the cloud, allowing users to access it from any device. Along with supporting continuous performance management, the software has structured appraisal timelines for companies that still prefer to give annual reviews. Trakstar also eliminates paper-based processes with its built-in automated reminders, notifications and customizable templates.

The software has several modules, which we detail in our Features section below.


Performance reviews – Administrators can store unlimited reviews within Trakstar. There are over 100 built-in competencies for managers to choose from, but they also have the option of adding their own competencies and customizing rating scales to fit their corporate culture. The reporting feature lets managers identify employees who have high or low performance with metrics such as employee performance ranking, employee performance history, employee rating distribution and rater bias. Trakstar also includes note-taking, self-appraisals, check-ins and automated email notifications.

360-degree feedback – Managers can request feedback from the people who the employee works most closely with in the organization. They can also request feedback from external colleagues, such as vendors or clients, via email. Managers have control over who submits feedback for the employee’s review (e.g., anonymous reviews), and Trakstar can help by sending reminders to reviewers to submit feedback.

Goal setting/management – The manager and employee can set an unlimited number of goals that they can track continuously. New goals can be added and current goals can be updated at anytime. The employee and manager can also set SMART or cascading goals, and the manager can assign specific tasks and add documentation that correlates to the goals.

Employee engagement – The employee engagement module includes company pulse surveys that have predefined questions as well as opinion polls. There’s a manager check-in feature where the manager can send employees a short questionnaire before a meeting. Users can measure engagement data with real-time dashboards, and they can filter results by group or time periods and drill down into specific data.

Succession planning – Managers can use the succession planning module to identify top internal candidates to fill a departed role. There’s a nine-box grid that represents categories such as top performer or emerging potential. It measures performance in the horizontal x-axis and professional growth potential in the vertical y-axis.

Target Market

Trakstar targets companies of all sizes and industries. We’ve listed 10 of its clients below.

  • Bausch Health
  • City of Phoenix (AZ)
  • Columbia Health
  • Dole
  • Forbes
  • Guitar Center
  • NRG
  • PepsiCo
  • Sharp
  • State Farm


New clients work with Trakstar’s implementation team on software setup and training. The implementation process is personalized to the client’s requirements, but it typically takes three to six weeks.

Customer Service & Support

Users can access the support center for videos and articles, including a quick start guide. They can also sign up for webinars and contact the support team by filling out a ticket.


Trakstar doesn’t publicly display its pricing information. Please contact the company directly for a quote.


Some users feel that the customization options, such as reporting, are limited. And like any software, there can be a learning curve, but users can easily navigate Trakstar as they get more comfortable with it.


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Founded in 2001, Trakstar’s mission is to create user-friendly and powerful performance management solutions that streamline appraisals and build a strong goal-setting culture. It had a record year in 2017 with an 80% growth in new sales. Today, Trakstar is used by over 3,000 companies of all sizes and industries.

In 2018, Trakstar became partners with Recruiterbox (an applicant tracking system) and Mindflash (a learning management solution), so companies can also hire and develop employees in one place. In 2023, it was acquired by Mitratech, a global provider of legal, compliance, and HR software.

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