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Vorex At A Glance

Good: All-inclusive expense tracking for even the smallest project management teams.
Bad: Collaboration and file sharing are only available through KNOX apps, no offline mode.
Bottom Line: Project management with CRM features for forecasting revenue opportunities and meeting projections.

Product Overview

Vorex is a project management solution designed for even the smallest teams to track employee workflows, balance their expenses and forecast new revenue opportunities.

By carefully tracking each employee’s tasks, managers are able to allocate resources to make sure projects are completed on time and on budget.

Vorex offers three pricing packages: Basic, Professional and Platinum. Basic does not include Quickbooks integration, and Platinum is the only package to support a help desk and ticketing system as well as asset management features.


The following five features best represent Vorex:

1. Project Management/Time Tracking: Track how much time and money is spent for each individual, account or project for both high level and detailed management. Access each employee’s workflow to stay on top of a project’s progress. When employees appear bogged down with work, managers can quickly rearrange and assign tasks.

2. Forecasting with CRM: Using strong customer relationship management (CRM) tools, managers are able to forecast sales data. By tracking current and potential accounts, the solution is able to discover new revenue opportunities. All sales documents are managed within the system as well so they can be retrieved quickly.

3. Invoicing and Billing: Automatically generate invoices for each billable hour that complies with service contracts. Managers can include other project expenses within invoices and create custom billing rules for individuals. The solution integrates with QuickBooks for further payroll management.

4. Resource Allocation: Managers are able to identify the most successful and profitable parts of the business so they can set aside funds accordingly. When it comes to expenses for each individual, account or project, managers can approve those costs with a single click. Expense reports and receipts can be easily attached to ongoing projects.

5. Help Desk and Ticket System: Allow clients to submit help tickets. Assign technicians, create incident reports, and attach notes and emails for documenting every billable hour spent per task.

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Target Market

Vorex is the best fit for agencies and small to mid-sized businesses. Industries include telecommunications, facilities, construction, finance, consulting, marketing and technology. Customers are not released.

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Customers have noted implementation lasts three months.

Customer Service & Support

Limited support is available to subscribers seven days a week, with the exception of holidays.


Vorex doesn’t publicly display their pricing information. Please contact them directly for a quote.


Collaboration and file sharing are only available as integrations through KNOX marketplace apps. Offline access isn’t possible, so the solution can only be accessed when connected to the Internet.


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Vorex was founded by Mike Salem, former VP for Bank of America’s Dallas office. The vendor began in 2007 as a project management solution for small to mid-sized companies with a focus on Professional Services Automation (PSA).

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