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People Success At A Glance

Good: Workforce analytics module with over 600 reporting templates, unique time-collection methods, integrated platform.
Bad: May be too robust for small businesses.
Bottom Line: An all-in-one solution for core HR tasks.

Product Overview

The People Success Platform includes eight central modules that help HR streamline tasks from recruitment to succession. Those modules are:

  • Human resource management
  • Payroll
  • Time & labor management
  • Self-service
  • Recruitment management
  • Training management
  • Reporting and workforce analytics
  • Benefits management

The People Success Platform provides several benefits:

  • Cloud-based deployment, so companies won’t have to purchase hardware and host data
  • Integrated platform (no need to purchase or access separate systems)
  • Strong business intelligence and analytics features to help business make decisions and comply with labor regulations

The People Success Platform can be integrated with other solutions, including enterprise resource planning (ERP) and accounting systems.


Here’s a breakdown of each module of the People Success Platform:

Human resource management Collect and store essential employee information in one master record for each employee. HR can manage all workforce information from onboarding to retirement and termination. Automated notifications can be set up for keeping track of performance reviews, benefits eligibility and more.

The solution also allows you to complete government documents and check compliance with regulations from the EEOC and OSHA, as well as ACA and COBRA participation.

Payroll – Through an easy-to-use interface, HR can save time with automated tax filing and gain a better strategic understanding of payroll expenses through reporting features. Complex calculations aren’t a problem for this module, no matter the number of employees. All federal, state and local taxes are accounted for in the software.

Time & labor management – The AsureForce Time & Labor Management module includes a variety of time-collection methods. Some of those methods include traditional time clocks, biometrics, PC/web browsers, mobile devices and interactive voice response (IVR).

Asure offers two unique time-collection methods. First, there’s the optional AirClock tablet that uses biometric facial recognition technology. Employees take a “selfie” as a way of clocking in and out, in order to reduce buddy punching and other time fraud. Second, there’s AsureForce GeoPunch, a mobile biometric app that allows employees to clock in by taking a selfie with their smartphone.

Self-service – Employees and managers can access and update information without HR’s assistance. Workers can fill out time sheets, review pay information, submit and approve time-off requests, and update personnel information. Managers can perform recruitment functions, such as creating job postings and accessing candidate information. There’s also a message center with reminders and notifications about important events and tasks.

Recruitment management – As information is entered into the system for each hiring candidate, this module saves the details so nothing has to be entered twice. All information follows the candidate throughout the employee life cycle.

Narrow down candidates with custom screening questionnaires, set position qualifications and more. Other recruitment tasks can be tracked as well, including scheduling interviews, posting job positions and reviewing resumes. Real-time reporting features help HR create a successful hiring strategy.

Training management – Within this module, users can manage their training budget and schedule sessions by tracking facility and training assets. Employees’ master records are updated while enrolled in training programs to keep track of tests and certifications.

Reporting and workforce analytics – Users can compile and export vital information about their company’s performance. This module includes over 600 standard reporting templates, as well as customizable reports.

Benefits management – This module includes portals for employee benefits, such as:

  • Health Reimbursement Arrangements (HRA)
  • Health Savings Accounts (HSA)
  • Travel expense reimbursements

The module also has information needed for compliance, including details about COBRA administration and HIPAA regulations.

Finally, there’s an optional customer branding feature for companies that want to customize their platform with company logos or colors.

  • Attendance Management?
  • Benefits Administration?
  • Employee Self-Service?
  • Learning Management System?
  • Mobile Access?
  • Payroll Management?
  • Performance Appraisal?
  • Recruiting Management?

Target Market

Asure Software serves over 7,000 clients in the business, finance, government, higher education and manufacturing industries. We’ve listed 10 of those clients below:

  • Accenture
  • American TV
  • Boys & Girls Club of America
  • George Washington University School of Business
  • Health Management of Kansas
  • Inotek
  • Open University
  • Staples Canada
  • University of Tennessee, Knoxville
  • Voluntary Service Overseas

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Some of the features Asure offers during the implementation process include:

  • Implementation team – A group of experts work closely with the company’s representatives.
  • Implementation process – The vendor’s Plan>Deploy>Accept methodology is outlined so clients know what goes on every step of the way.
  • Client expectations – Defining company expectations is critical to measuring success throughout the entire process. Full transparency is a must.
  • Client Requirements Questionnaire (CRQ) – This planning guide contains questions about how each company currently tracks and manages employee time, and how the client wants these functions done with the People Success Platform.
  • Training – Training is given to team members, administrators and supervisors using GoToMeeting. This is then followed by employee training.

Customer Service & Support

Users can access Asure Software’s dedicated client support portal to submit support tickets, find information within the knowledge base and send feature requests. Users can also contact support via phone and email.


Asure Software doesn’t publicly display pricing information. Please contact the vendor directly for a price quote.


Because it’s an integrated platform, the People Success Platform may be too robust for small businesses that only require a few modules.


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Asure Software provides innovative technologies to help companies operate more efficiently. In addition to human resource management systems (HRMS), and payroll and benefits solutions, Asure offers asset and move management software, a full-service room scheduling solution and workplace utilization sensors.

In March 2016, Asure Software acquired Mangrove Software, a HRMS solution provider. The move helped Asure expand into the HRMS space by offering a single solution that combines workforce and workspace management.

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