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Asure HCM At A Glance

Good: Workforce analytics module with over 600 reporting templates, unique time-collection methods, integrated platform.
Bad: May not be a good fit for large businesses.
Bottom Line: An all-in-one solution for core HR tasks.

Product Overview

More than a Human Capital Management (HCM) software program that tracks people, Asure is also an HR consultancy. Its integrated suite of workspace and workforce solutions elevates how, when, and where work gets done throughout the entire employee lifecycle. Best suited for small to mid-sized companies, Asure finds and retains high-performing people while promoting overall growth and company scaling.

Asure is a Human Capital Management (HCM) software that lets companies streamline core HR tasks. It offers these modules:

  • Human Capital Management (HCM)
  • Payroll & Tax Filing
  • Tax Management
  • Time & Attendance Tracking
  • Employee Benefits
  • Benefits Administration

Asure has three Payroll & HR plans:

  • Payroll and Tax (payroll and tax features only)
  • Essential HCM (adds on features such as labor law compliance posters, onboarding, eSignature, document management, HR resource library and HR apps)
  • Advanced HCM (adds on applicant tracking, talent management and benefits management features)

The Asure HCM modules can be integrated with other solutions, including Applicant Tracking Software and Accounting Systems.


Here’s a breakdown of Asure’s products:

Human Capital Management

Collect and store essential employee information in one master record for each employee. Robust workflow tools streamline all HR processes and make work more engaging — from the day a candidate submits an application to the day they retire. Paperless processes and automated notifications can be set up for keeping track of performance reviews and benefits eligibility, and ensures employees stay informed and feel engaged no matter where they work. With Asure’s HCM solution, HR can hire candidates with skills that match their organization’s needs, create environments where people can stay productive and motivated, and leverage important HR data to make the best choices for their people and their business.

The solution also allows users to complete government documents and check compliance with regulations from the EEOC and OSHA, as well as ACA and COBRA participation.

Payroll & Tax Filing

Through an easy-to-use interface, HR can save time by automating all of the many moving parts associated with payroll and taxes — from wages, benefits, overtime, and garnishments to tips, direct deposits, FLSA, and all tax codes and jurisdictions — and gain a better strategic understanding of payroll expenses through reporting features. Complex calculations aren’t a problem for this module, no matter the number of employees.

All federal, state and local taxes are accounted for in this software to ensure compliance and accuracy and eliminate time-consuming, error-prone manual calculations that often result in payroll adjustments and employee frustration and dissatisfaction. With the powerful cloud-based SaaS tools built-into Asure’s Payroll and Tax Filing solution, employees can also access pay stubs, view PTO accrual information, request time off, download W2s and more – reducing the workload of HR and payroll teams.

Tax Management

Asure offers both self-service and full-service options to manage payroll tax:

  • PayTax Plus: Full-service payroll platform
  • FlexTax: Cloud-based solution that will integrate with your existing payroll system
  • FlexTax Direct Bank: Allows you to manage client accounts while letting Asure specialists handle the rest

Time & Attendance Tracking

Various time-collection options give employees access to the data they need and captures time in a way that makes sense for the way they work. Asure’s Time & Attendance Tracking not only adapts to the most complex business and payroll rules, but also adds scalability, enables better forecasting, streamlines scheduling, enforces FLSA and overtime compliance and ensures rapid deployment and low total cost of ownership. This system helps companies to:

  • Add up to 40 hours of productivity a week by jumpstarting the payroll process and eliminating error-prone manual calculations.
  • Accurately and quickly complete time collection and processing tasks and get time back to support business growth.
  • Choose from a variety of time entry methods that meet employees’ needs — from badge readers to sleek solutions including next-gen biometric facial recognition and mobile, preventing “buddy punching” and time theft.

Employee Benefits

From HIPPA-compliant to COBRA to HSA plans, Asure’s Employee Benefits service helps HR increase their ability to attract and retain top talent with the most suitable plans for today’s agile employees. This service gives employees the ability to manage their benefits plans, enrollments and life events at any time, anywhere with the added bonus of Flexible Spending Accounts to set money aside from each paycheck before payroll taxes are deducted.

Benefits Administration

This service reduces the paperwork, cost, and time needed to manage complex benefits packages — from ACA, COBRA, FSA, HSA, HRA, leave of absence, retiring premium billing, and more. It also makes it easy for employees to manage annual enrollment, life events, benefits and the benefits needs of their dependent — all while saving administrator time with streamlined efficiencies. With online benefits enrollment, employees can access and update information at work or home, allowing them to self-manage their personal information, view benefit statements, and access their plan information from anywhere – without HR’s assistance. Asure’s Benefits Administration features include:

  • A Benefits Enrollment Wizard for an accurate and streamlined enrollment process. This paperless environment eliminates the need for printed documents, manual enrollments, and postage.
  • Benefits Automation, that eliminates manual reconciliation of benefits standard costs and quickly determines benefit eligibility based on predetermined criteria in order to automate the process of matching employees to best-fit plans.
  • Benefits Reporting for administrators to have access to 600+ reports that deliver comprehensive information about your organization’s benefits packages and employee elections, helping to inform budget decisions.

The service also has information needed for compliance, including details about COBRA administration and HIPAA regulations.

Finally, there’s an optional customer branding feature for companies that want to customize their platform with company logos or colors.

Target Market

Asure Software serves over 100,000 clients in the business, finance, government, higher education and manufacturing industries. We’ve listed 10 of those clients below:

  • Accenture
  • American TV
  • Boys & Girls Club of America
  • George Washington University School of Business
  • Health Management of Kansas
  • Inotek
  • Open University
  • Staples Canada
  • University of Tennessee, Knoxville
  • Voluntary Service Overseas

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Some of the features Asure offers during the implementation process include:

  • Implementation team – A group of experts work closely with the company’s representatives.
  • Implementation process – The vendor’s Plan>Deploy>Accept methodology is outlined so clients know what goes on every step of the way.
  • Client expectations – Defining company expectations is critical to measuring success throughout the entire process. Full transparency is a must.
  • Client Requirements Questionnaire (CRQ) – This planning guide contains questions about how each company currently tracks and manages employee time, and how the client wants these functions done with the People Success Platform.
  • Training – Training is given to team members, administrators and supervisors using GoToMeeting. This is then followed by employee training.

Customer Service & Support

Users can access Asure Software’s dedicated client support portal to submit support tickets, find information within the knowledge base and send feature requests. Users can also contact support via phone and email.


Asure Software doesn’t publicly display pricing information. Please contact the vendor directly for a price quote.


Because Asure is focused on scaling and growth, it will make the most impact on small to mid-sized companies, rather than large companies.


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Asure Software provides innovative technologies to help companies operate more efficiently. In addition to human resource management systems (HRMS), and payroll and benefits solutions, Asure offers asset and move management software, a full-service room scheduling solution and workplace utilization sensors.

In March 2016, Asure Software acquired Mangrove Software, a HRMS solution provider. The move helped Asure expand into the HRMS space by offering a single solution that combines workforce and workspace management.

They are headquartered in Austin, TX and have 12 other locations across the US.

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