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Engagedly At A Glance

Good: Goal-setting module lays out objectives and key results using customizable check-ins and progress indicators; badges, gamification and awards drive recognition and motivation
Bad: Recruiting features are not included.
Bottom Line: Highly customizable talent management solution that fosters continuous performance with real-time feedback.

Product Overview

Engagedly is a cloud-based talent management solution with a strong focus on providing continuous performance with real-time feedback. It breaks the traditional mold of yearly performance reviews, and rather encourages managers to provide ongoing check-ins to their team throughout the year. It encourages managers to use a developmental approach to performance as opposed to punishment-based performance reviews.

Engagedly includes social and employee recognition tools to help increase employee engagement, collaboration and value recognition, such as badges and reward points.

Other benefits of Engagedly include:

  • Ability to have multiple people review employee’s performance, using 360-degree feedback and peer reviews
  • Encourages feedback in real time
  • Increased collaboration, especially among remote teams, via the social media module
  • Intuitive interface that includes easy-to-find features
  • Very short implementation process (client can go live with platform within a few days)
  • Motivates employees in their career development with its goal-setting solution and learning management system

Engagedly provides a dedicated mobile app, available on Android and Apple devices, so managers and employees can access its features anytime and anywhere.


Engagedly has a main performance review solution that contains customizable competency and performance review templates and flexible rating scales. A user dashboard displays all relevant activities from one screen. Managers can also review the statuses of all their direct reports’ performance reviews at a glance within a single screen.

Engagedly includes a 360-degree multi-rater feedback tool to streamline the process of gathering feedback from an employee’s managers and colleagues. The solution allows the employee a choice of providing feedback anonymously, and provides managers an opportunity to nominate specific users to provide feedback.

Other features of the performance management solution include:

  • Option of using peer performance reviews
  • Baseline job descriptions
  • Note-taking
  • Document management
  • Employee performance history
  • Continuous one-on-one feedback in real time from managers or peers with social praise (employees can also request one-on-one feedback)
  • Employee survey tool
  • Advanced reporting and analytical tools to measure engagement and other performance metrics

Engagedly includes other modules that companies can purchase if needed.

The cascading goal-setting module allows managers to set goals for their department, themselves and individual employees. The manager can assign new goals for the employee, align the employee’s goal with the department’s with a click of a button, and monitor the goals with check-in or progress indicators.

A social media module works like a social networking site. Users can employ the post feature to share an idea or update on a project, call out an individual employee on an accomplishment, or request help on a task. The module has built-in chat and messaging features, so users can communicate with their peers privately one-on-one or in a group chat.

Engagedly includes gamification activities in the social media module where employees receive points or badges for completing an activity. Employees can earn enough badges or points to redeem for a gift card as a reward. Administrators can define the number of points for reward and specify the amount of the gift. Gamification tools are also available within the learning and feedback features.

And finally, Engagedly has a built-in learning management system that can be use for new hire on-boarding or an employee’s continuing career development. Administrators can create new courses and add content to those courses, such as quizzes, PDFs, YouTube videos, rich text and video files. Managers can assign courses to employees and track the progress of each course.

Target Market

Engagedly is intended for all company sizes; however, it does have a strong focus on medium companies with 50 to 5,000 employees.

We’ve listed 10 of its clients below:

  • ClickSoftware
  • Dose
  • Experian
  • Meltwater
  • Narrative Science
  • Signature Bank
  • Smashfly
  • Sumologic
  • TechSmith

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Clients can go live on the Engagedly platform within a few days rather than a few weeks. Administrators can nearly immediately create the company profile and begin adding users

Engagedly provides a four-minute video tutorial to guide the initial set-up.

Engagedly integrates to Namely and ADP for overall HR features. It also integrates to Google, Okta and Slack.

Customer Service & Support

Clients are assigned a dedicated Customer Success Manager who will answer questions or address issues. Engagedly offers a knowledge base that houses various troubleshooting articles. Users can also access how-to videos and extensive written documentation for supplementary help.

Engagedly also informs its clients whenever new product updates are released.


Engagedly doesn’t publicly disclose its pricing information. Please contact Engagedly directly for a quote.


Engagedly doesn’t include built-in recruiting features.

Companies that require recruiting/applicant tracking functionality can check out our ATS reviews.


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Launched in 2015, Engagedly is a newer player in the talent management software market. Its mission is to help companies improve employee engagement, especially in the performance review process. In 2016, Engagedly was recognized as one of the Top 10 HR Cloud Solution Providers by the HRTech Outlook magazine.

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