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PeopleFluent At A Glance

Good: AI-powered talent marketplace for connecting projects managers with skilled employees, mentoring programs, advanced workforce analytics features.
Bad: While the software targets all company sizes, it's more ideal for large and enterprise organizations.
Bottom Line: Robust software that empowers companies to focus on internal mobility to increase employee engagement and retention.

Product Overview

PeopleFluent offers a dynamic talent management suite that empowers organizations to develop a highly-skilled, developed workforce. This review focuses on its Talent Mobility solution.

PeopleFluent’s Talent Mobility software helps companies grow and retain their top talent by identifying their employees’ skills, experience and interests. It helps employees find new opportunities within the company that align with their career paths by recommending targeted learning programs and mentors. With actionable data, people leaders can identify skills gaps and match them to open roles, as well as provide effective learning and development programs. In short, the Talent Mobility solution empowers organizations to focus on internal mobility rather than leaning on hiring external candidates.

The software has numerous benefits, such as:

  • Improved employee engagement and satisfaction
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced turnover costs


The Talent Mobility software offers the following capabilities:

  • Career path tools that lets employees find new potential opportunities within the company
  • Targeted learning programs based on employee’s career path and skills
  • AI-powered talent marketplace that recommends employees for specific projects within the organization and sending those recommendations to project managers
  • Mentors marketplace that matches employees with a mentor with their specific area of expertise
  • Recruiter portal with posted jobs, filtering functionality and the ability to recommend internal openings to employees
  • Skills gaps analysis
  • Workforce analytics with predictive machine learning and the ability to easily create reports
  • Integration with third-party HRMS software and learning management systems (LMS) solutions

Target Market

PeopleFluent supports a diverse range of clientele from around the world, including small businesses and many Fortune 100 companies.

We’ve listed below companies that are currently using PeopleFluent’s solutions:

  • WakeMed
  • VCU Health Center
  • Hyster-Yale
  • Serco Inc.
  • Norton Healthcare
  • Schwan Foods
  • NBCUniversal
  • Virginia Department of Transportation
  • Hertz
  • Medical College of Wisconsin

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PeopleFluent has a diverse and experienced team of implementation professionals that specialize in offering best practice consulting and delivery for every product area offered by the company.

Solutions are cost-effective and function as a partnership between the client and PeopleFluent.

Consultants and experts have certifications, and provide certifications, such as PMP, CCP, and SHRM, that are immediately relevant to each talent management or applicant tracking software technology at hand.

PeopleFluent’s implementation plan is based off of hundreds of use-cases that formulate their best practices.

Customer Service & Support

PeopleFluent’s support center offers fast, individualized service to assist users in both technical and non-technical product issues. Users can contact the support team by phone or the online portal.

PeopleFluent runs frequent customer satisfaction surveys to ensure that their service reacts and adapts to issues as quickly as possible.


PeopleFluent doesn’t publicly release their pricing information, so please contact the vendor directly for a quote.


While PeopleFluent is intended for all company sizes, it’s ideal for large and enterprise organizations.


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As a market leader in integrated talent management and learning solutions, PeopleFluent helps companies hire, develop, reward and advance a skilled and motivated workforce. Deployed separately or as a suite, its software spans recruitment, talent mobility, performance, compensation, succession, org charting and learning – tailored for either large or mid-enterprise organizations. PeopleFluent delivers unmatched functionality and flexibility, recognized by leading analysts, to develop people, drive performance and deliver results.

Its talent solutions unify talent processes within a collaborative experience that enables HR and L&D teams to guide managers and employees with contextual learning – right in the flow of work.

A part of Learning Technologies Group plc (LTG), PeopleFluent provides world-class service and an unparalleled ecosystem of partners to optimize employee experience, employer brand and business results.

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