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Workhuman At A Glance

Good: At-a-glance employee dashboard for tracking feedback and check-ins, ability to set and update short-term goals, strong focus on employee recognition.
Bad: Reward store could be more intuitive, gift card rewards don't cover some essential items.
Bottom Line: Solution that empowers companies to provide praise and recognition to their employees, increasing engagement and morale.

Product Overview

The Workhuman Cloud is a talent management platform that helps companies improve their employee recognition and engagement. It has six modules, which are:

  • Conversations (continuous performance management software)
  • Social Recognition (employee recognition software)
  • Service Milestones (employees’ work anniversaries and career milestones software)
  • Life Events (employees’ personal milestones software)
  • Community Celebrations (team or companywide event management software)
  • Mood Tracker (employee pulse survey tool)

Our review will focus on the Conversations and Social Recognition modules.

Conversations allows employees to set goals and seek feedback from their manager and peers. Social Recognition empowers companies to provide positive feedback and rewards for employees in appreciation for their hard work.

We delve into each module in our Features section below.

We also want to point out the Workhuman iQ, an AI-powered social analytics solution that uses AI and machine learning models to analyze Workhuman data and provide HR teams trends and insights into employee behavior. Some of the trends and insights can include retention risk, equity, soft skills and anything that can hinder company culture (e.g., lack of inclusion).



Conversations – Each employee has their own dashboard where they track their goals, check-ins and feedback at a glance. Workhuman uses a continuous performance management strategy so employees can receive regular feedback instead of having to wait until the annual review. With the Priorities feature, employees can set short-term goals that can be updated anytime.

An employee’s peer can provide feedback upon request, and the employee has the option to respond directly to it. Employees can also use Workhuman to track check-in meetings with their manager, including agendas and action items.

Social recognition – Workhuman empowers employees to provide kudos and recognition to their colleagues. The software promotes a collaborative approach to recognition rather than having accomplishments shared only by managers. Workhuman automatically tracks each employee’s work circle, which is based off of an employee’s organizational relationships and/or past recognition.

The Recognition Advisor feature guides administrators in setting point values for specific attributes (also known as “gratitude moments”). Employees can receive points that can be redeemed for gift cards or other rewards at the Workhuman store.

Worhuman has an Inclusion Advisor, an AI-powered tool that helps managers and employees identify and correct unconscious bias in real time. The tool analyzes recognition messages, picks up subtle moments of bias and notifies the users with suggestions of rewriting their message to eliminate perceived biases.

Other features include real-time reporting and analytics for tracking performance and productivity and the ability to support global offices with multi-language functionality. Finally, employees can receive award notifications directly in the software they use, such as Slack and Microsoft Teams.

Target Market

Workhuman targets all company sizes in many industries, such as health care, technology, manufacturing, and travel and hospitality. We’ve listed several of its clients below.

  • BP
  • Cisco
  • Citizens Bank
  • Eaton
  • First Tech Credit Union
  • IBM
  • LinkedIn
  • Mastercard
  • Merck
  • Qlik


Workhuman’s platform provides the same scalability and flexibility for any company, regardless of its number of employees. Since it’s a cloud-based platform, companies won’t have to worry about software maintenance and can begin using it in a short time. Workhuman can also be deployed in more than 30 languages.

Customer Service & Support

Users can contact Workhuman by email or phone for support.


Workhuman doesn’t publicly release pricing information. Please contact the company directly for a price quote.


Some users have mentioned that the rewards store is not always easy to navigate and that rewards selections can be limited (e.g., gift card rewards only cover certain items).


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Founded in 1999, Workhuman (formerly Globoforce) is a big player in the employee recognition market. Realizing the importance of employee engagement and recognition, it set out to create recognition programs that tie to a company’s values and goals. It empowers employers to take a strategic, rather than tactical, approach to employee engagement.

Workhuman has headquarters in Dublin, Ireland, and Framingham, MA. It has received numerous awards over the years, including the 2022 Brandon Hall Group Gold Technology Excellence award and the 2022 Best Workplace in Ireland.

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