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Bridge At A Glance

Good: Continuous 1:1 management, opportunity for peer feedback, Employee Timeline that measures employee's goals and achievements.
Bad: Some talent management features aren't available, such as recruiting or compensation management.
Bottom Line: Employee development solution that provides tools to help companies successfully develop and retain their workforce.

Product Overview

More than a learning management system, the Bridge employee development software focuses on developing the whole employee, from onboarding to exit. Its Performance Management solution helps companies provide ongoing employee development rather than just engaging in traditional annual performance reviews.

In addition to continuous performance management, other benefits of Bridge Perform are:

  • Employees gain feedback and development opportunities from their peers and not just their manager
  • Companies can set organization, team or individual goals that easily adapt to any strategic changes
  • Intuitive dashboards with real-time data provide insights into employee skills gaps and performance


We’ve listed Bridge’s top performance management features below. To learn more about Bridge’s learning management features, head to our review here.

Continuous 1:1 management – Within the software, managers and employees set continuous performance goals that can be adjusted as needed. They can create a shared agenda for future 1:1 meetings, which is automatically turned into goals, tasks or achievements. Managers can assign learning courses from the 1:1 screen.

Manager dashboard – Managers have at-a-glance access to all direct reports’ performance and other data via the dashboard. Data is updated in real time so managers can make quick decisions. They can also search for individual employees and sort them by specific criteria, although by default, Perform prioritizes employees that need to have their performance issues immediately addressed. Managers also can view 1:1 schedules and employee assessments.

Skills assessment – The skills assessment feature gives employees the opportunity to gather feedback not just from managers but from peers. The assessment is based on the employee’s specific job role and related skills. Managers can add or remove specific skills from the assessment so peers can provide relevant feedback. Peer feedback can even be anonymous.

Managers also can view skill competencies at the individual or team level for any proficiency or gaps, and assign proficient employees to mentor employees that are struggling.

Employee Timeline – With the Employee Timeline, employees see their career development and performance over a period of time. The timeline gives a visual display of milestones, tasks, room for improvement and future goals. Managers and employees can add in goals and achievements to the timeline. There’s also a date filter as well as a list view.

Goals and tasks – Goals can be set at the company, team and individual level. The administrator sets the company goals, which are viewable by all employees so they can better align their career goals with the company’s objectives. Managers and employees can add specific tasks that are based off the employee’s goals, skills or performance.

Reporting tools – Bridge provides easy-to-read dashboards that include both high-level data and detailed reports. It has built-in performance reports that measure goal alignment, skills gaps, 1:1 frequency and team coverage. Managers can grant viewing or editing permissions of the reports to specific users.

Career Drivers – Career Drivers is a card game that helps managers find out what motivates their team, particularly in career development. It can be played online or in person, and each card can represent a criteria (or “driver”) like teamwork, culture, leadership or work-life balance. The game acts as a prompt for employees to discuss what their career goals are.

Finally, Bridge includes a virtual teams feature that lets employees track their shared goals and achievements.

Target Market

Bridge aims to help educational and corporate organizations bring rich content to their learners, no matter the size or industry. We’ve listed 10 of its clients below.

  • Slack
  • Time
  • Tesla
  • Pepperdine University
  • Workfront
  • Swift Transportation
  • Golden Nugget Hotel and Casino
  • Movement Mortgage
  • 1-800-Contacts
  • Clemson University


Bridge’s platforms are cloud-based, making implementation a quick, simple process.

Customer Service & Support

Bridge has a support page where users can find their own answers, join community groups and share ideas.

In addition, the vendor’s customer service representatives are available via email and phone.


Bridge has three pricing plans that allow companies to purchase its LMS and performance management products individually or all together. Note that it no longer publishes pricing information, so please contact the vendor directly for a quote. The three plans are:

  • Learn – The Learn plan includes all of the features of the Bridge LMS, such as course authoring, live training, customizable learning paths, reporting, on-demand content and phone and email support.
  • Perform – The Perform plan includes all of the features of Bridge’s performance management software, such as conversations, goals, skills development plans, organizational charts and peer feedback.
  • Learn + Perform – The Learn + Perform plan combines both solutions.


As Bridge Perform is a performance management module, it doesn’t include additional talent management features, such as recruiting or compensation management.


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Instructure was founded in 2008 with the mission to create software that makes people smarter.

Building on this goal, the vendor launched Canvas in 2011, which is now used by over 5,000 universities, school districts and institutions globally. Bridge was launched in 2015 to change the way employees engage with training materials.

Bridge received the 2020 Stevie Award for Great Employers in two categories: Achievement in HR Technology and Most Innovative Use of HR Technology During the Pandemic.

In 2021, Bridge was acquired by Learning Technologies Group (LTG), a technology and services provider for digital learning and talent management.

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