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HRMatrix At A Glance

Good: Project-management functionality, ability to manage and track employee expense reports, fostering of employee collaboration.
Bad: No payroll functionality offered (only available as third-party integration), does not integrate with time clock devices.
Bottom Line: An online HRMS that does more than just manage day-to-day HR tasks: Companies can also manage their own projects and assets.

Product Overview

HRMatrix is a web-enabled HR management software solution for any size business. Its goal is to be a flexible, agile and affordable HR application for growing companies. Many clients use HRMatrix as an integrated solution, to manage their end-to-end employee life cycle processes, out of the box. HRMatrix offers an integrated, best-in-class HR management experience, for HR personnel to manage their HR processes, with ease and simplicity. HRMatrix drives results and provides better outcomes for HR personnel managing their HR data, by using built-in automation and reporting. As a result, HR personnel can spend more of their time helping manage the strategic direction of the organization through HR performance, instead of data management.

HRMatrix provides an intuitive HR user experience to help HR staff organize their processes, with simplicity and ease. Here are some of the built-in integrated capabilities for managing HR data:

  • HR personnel can manage each and every aspect of employee data, using the web portal accessible on any device, anywhere in the world. Access to the system for Employees, Managers and HR Administrators can be independently defined, based on User roles.
  • Employees can monitor their time off balances, calculate time off and apply for time off using the Employee Self Service portal. Employees can also track time off accruals, and obtain a list of company holidays, at any time, right form the portal. Time off reports are also available, including a break-down by types of time off accrued and used.  Managers can view time off reports for their department, and HR Administrators can view the report for the entire company.
  • There is a News Feed function, which is a central place for Employees to collaborate in real time, exchanging messages, exchanging files, setting up, inviting and confirming participation to events on a shared calendar, which brings significant efficiency to managing employee tasks.
  • Company-wide announcements can be published with the click of a button.
  • New Hire announcements can be displayed within the Employee Self Service portal.
  • The Employee Dashboard (home page) is a centralized location displaying the Employee’s Timesheet Reports, Time off Summary, Expense Summary, each of which are available for Employee Self Service management, right from the Employee Dashboard.
  • Integration with HRMatrix is available through the use of API’s and Web Based Services with third-party vendors, such as Payroll Providers, Accounting Software, as well as Purchasing Card providers, and Accounts Payables processors, etc.
  • HRMatrix provides a very comprehensive reporting module, including standard reports related to payroll, timesheets, time-off, expenses, by project, etc., but also strategic HR reports including, Compliance Rates for Timely Appraisals, Internal vs External Attrition and Staffing Yield, Total Compensation by Employee / Department
  • The HRMatrix system also provides an automated audit trail for Regulatory Compliance, Compensation History, Performance Reviews, etc.


Here are the features of HRMatrix:

Applicant Tracking System – This tool helps create and manage job postings. Once created in the system, job postings can be published on the company website , or shared on company social media sites, including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google Blogs, and Delicious, as well as other job posting boards, including Monster.com, Indeed, etc.  The Applicant Tracking System automates the process of managing hundreds of job applications; from submission, to internal review, to interview feedback, and finally disposition. And, if the candidate is hired, all the candidates’ data is converted to a New Employee Record at the click of a button.

Centralized Onboarding – HRMatrix automates the process of onboarding and welcoming new Employees through a centralized onboarding process. HR creates and assigns tasks to onboard Employee from the central portal, which shortens the time, and makes the process much more efficient within the organization, to onboard an employee.

Integrated Employee Data – Employee data is integrated with all modules in the system. Employees and Managers manage Profile Information, Skills, Emergency Contacts, Kudos, Trainings, Job Information, Benefits, Bonus Information, Employment related Documents, Assets (laptop, phone, purchasing card, etc.) and Performance Objectives, in a centralized place on the web.

Employee Self Service – Employee Self-Service gives the ability  for Employees to manage its data on the web.

Manager Self Service – Manager Self-Service gives the ability for an Manager to manage their associated job functions and Employee pool. Approval of timesheets, approval of expenses, time off, etc.

Expense Management – Employee can fill out their expense reports against projects and tasks. Comments and documents can be attached with expense reports.

Employee Directory – An Employee directory is available with Employee phone numbers, email address and other contact information, right at  their fingertips.

Organizational Chart – The system dynamically maintains an Organizational Chart as Employees and their employment roles and reporting structure is added or changed within the system, which frees up a lot of HR Personnel time from having to maintain an org chart.

Project Management – HRMatrix provides a flexible embedded project data management and reporting solution, where companies can track, manage and report project costs, budgets, and Employee time charged to each project. In addition, a company can track and report third-party Vendor costs associated with a project, all-in-one place.

Centralized File Management – HRMatrix provides a complete document management solution to manage company-wide HR related documents and files. Files are stored in a secure, centralized repository, which can be shared with Employees and Managers, based on their permission settings / role access.

Approvals – The system has an automated approval workflow process in place, for Managers to approve timesheets, expenses and time off.

Performance Management – Customized performance review templates and forms can be generated dynamically with few clicks. Performance reviews can be scheduled for Employees and Managers, to meet company performance review deadlines.

Training – Training programs can be created and tracked against each Employee, to facilitate training schedules and allow Managers to monitor Employee training progress within the organization.

Attendance – HRMatrix includes a “Clock-in” and “Clock-out” function, which Employees can use to process their work time, and assign such work time to projects and tasks, The Attendance capability is also built-in to the Timesheets function, where time can be track to projects and tasks.

Email Notifications and Alerts – Customized email alert notifications are available throughout the system, where the User can modify the content of the email on the fly. The emails are created and sent to certain Employees and/or Managers, based on the nature of the email notification or alert.

HRMatrix Mobility –HRMatrix has a built-in responsive mobility display function, where all of the functions and features of the application can be accessed on any device, using any operating system including, iOS, Android and Windows.

Reports –HRMatrix provides a complete set of report library with canned reports. Reports can be customized as desired to fit the organization needs.

  • Attendance Management?
  • Benefits Administration?
  • Employee Self-Service?
  • Learning Management System?
  • Mobile Access?
  • Payroll Management?
  • Performance Appraisal?
  • Recruiting Management?

Target Market

Orblogic’s HRMatrix is available for all company sizes in all industries.

We’ve listed some of its customers below:

  • Amirit Technologies
  • Argo Energy
  • M & D Construction
  • N/A
  • N/A
  • N/A
  • N/A
  • N/A
  • N/A
  • N/A

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HRMatrix can be deployed in just one business day.

Orblogic offers data migration. However, the length of time it takes to do so depends on an analysis of the data.

Orblogic also offers training on HRMatrix for end users, which is free.

Customer Service & Support

Users can contact customer support via email or phone.


Orblogic doesn’t publicly release their pricing information. Please contact them directly for a quote.


HRMatrix doesn’t include payroll built in, however, it can be integrated via a third-party vendor. For businesses looking for an HRMS with payroll built in, consider either TreenoHR or Workday.

HRMatrix does not include learning management functionality or integration with time clock devices. Orblogic plans to include those features in an upcoming release.



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Orblogic’s objectives in providing workforce management software are summed up by the three C’s: complete, concise and comprehensive. The company also strives to maintain agility, innovation and continuous improvement. Each solution undergoes quality-control testing before being put on the market.

In addition to HRMatrix, Orblogic also sells an enterprise social network (ORGBook), an enterprise asset-management software (AssetMatrix) and a fleet-management solution (FleetMatrix).

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