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Infor EAM At A Glance

Good: Flexible deployment options, wide variety of maintenance features.
Bad: Mobile app tends to drain battery quickly due to taking up considerable amount of resource.
Bottom Line: Highly configurable EAM solution that helps companies to improve predictive maintenance and reduce energy usage.

Product Overview

Infor EAM is a comprehensive CMMS software tool with a wide variety of maintenance capabilities.

They are based on three main systems.

Infor EAM Enterprise helps companies improve asset performance, increase service life, and cut costs by providing complete configurability to address the most specialized and important asset management challenges.

Infor EAM Energy Performance Management helps users gain end-to-end control of emissions, energy usage, and carbon tracking for companies that need to improve sustainability.

Infor MP2 empowers companies to get up and running quickly with this easy-to-use client-server asset management solution for small and medium businesses. It allows users to locate your inventory 24×7, manage your equipment and work, and schedule preventive maintenance.


Some important features include:

  • Maintenance —Schedule preventive maintenance, and assign resources where they’ll do the most good.
  • Uptime—Find out where and why capital assets may fail, and plan alternatives.
  • Reliability/Risk Management—Predict equipment reliability problems so they can be prevented from happening.
  • Inventory/Warranty—Reduce inventory and purchasing costs, and collect on warranty-related claims.
  • Strategic Planning—Manage assets so companies can meet corporate performance goals.

Target Market

Infor EAM has a strong presence in many industries, such as energy, government, hospitality, manufacturing and healthcare. We’ve listed several of its clients below.

  • Auckland Transport
  • Bayer
  • CERN
  • Flint Hill Resources
  • First Transit
  • City of Greensboro
  • LA Metro
  • Veolia
  • WEPA
  • Tecnichapa

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Infor offers the following deployment options:

On-premise – With on-premise deployment, Infor runs on internal servers hosted at locations the client controls. Clients’ systems, processes and users are connected through internal infrastructure. Organizations often opt for on-premise deployment when they want to host their data internally, or if specific third parties or customers require it.

Cloud – In cloud ERP deployment, Infor’s suites are hosted by a cloud services provider, and the solution’s maintenance and daily operations are outsourced. Infor works with Amazon Web Services, known for its world-class cloud infrastructure. Companies choosing this implementation get the option to scale capability as needs change, which results in lower total cost of ownership (TCO).

Hybrid – With a hybrid implementation, some of the client’s software applications are hosted on-premise while others are deployed in the cloud. Some organizations prefer hosting applications (e.g., CRM) in the cloud, while deploying core systems, such as ERP, on-premise. Companies choose this strategy when they want to take a calculated approach to moving to the cloud or when they’re duty-bound to host specific forms of data internally.

Customer Service & Support

By dialing their local Infor support number, customers can get in touch with Infor’s trained support specialists, who offer personalized support on a daily basis.

Infor offers Elite Support to its dedicated customers. This option includes a designated Customer Success Manager who serves as the customer’s advocate. Success Managers have a deep understanding of Infor’s products.

Additionally, Infor has a support portal for its customers. It’s an all-in-one hub that gives users access to all support resources, from customer communities and service packs to software patches and more.

Infor’s Knowledge Base is updated daily, and it’s where customers can find the Infor Support Assistant – an innovative application that’s synced with their respective Infor applications to help Infor proactively manage their upgrades and issues.


Infor EAM doesn’t publicly release its pricing information. Please contact them directly for a quote.


Some customers have described Infor EAM has a niche player that in turn has difficulty maintaining relevance across all industries.

On Infor EAM’s mobile application, if it runs continuously, it uses up a lot of resources, and can tend to drain battery life quickly.


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Infor provides industry-specific suites and applications, designed for speed and built with innovative technology. With Infor CloudSuites, organizations can manage and monitor the maintenance, performance and deployment of company assets, as well as take advantage of the physical and financial features they need to control operating infrastructure.

Infor’s software products are primarily targeted toward small to midsize businesses and large enterprises in diverse industries, such as health care, the public sector, distribution, food and beverage, aerospace, manufacturing and hospitality. The ERP vendor endorses and sells its products through a direct sales force that includes resellers and system integrators.

Overall, the company offers its support capabilities and implementations to over 178 countries. Headquartered in New York City, Infor has 140 direct offices in more than 44 countries.

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