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Dossier Software At A Glance

Good: Two scalable editions to choose from, daily reminder dashboard to keep track of fleet and vehicles, simple warranty management.
Bad: Focused mainly on fleet management.
Bottom Line: Dossier allows companies to keep track of fleet assets for real-time insight through clear and simple record keeping.

Product Overview

Dossier was founded by fleet management experts over 40 years ago and has provided a continual focus on fleet maintenance management over the years.

Dossier’s products allow any client in need of fleet maintenance to operate the system, whether the user is entirely new to CMMS software, or needing a system that can integrate with legacy data from a past system. The equipment may be maintained by a dealership, leased out to others, or privately held and operated within a shop, and Dossier will allow accurate record keeping for checking an asset’s up-time, mileage, warranty dates, and more on the fly.

The system incorporates a wide range of features within its two editions:

  1. Essentials – For control over standard fleet elements and users who don’t need inventory management, personnel management, or vendor management.
  2. Professional – For complete detailed reporting on all assets, building on features offered in Essentials.


Dossier’s product features include many advanced technologies for saving time and improving accuracy on keeping track of fleet assets. Its solution is broken down into 10 standard features, three of which are optional in Essentials:

Daily Reminder Dashboard – “Your Virtual Fleet Assistant” gives real-time insight on fleet assets including open and pending repairs, the status of ordered parts, employee driver information such as licenses and physicals, equipment information such as permits and other items needing renewal, and tire management for checking air pressure and tread issues.

Predictive Scheduling & Maintenance – Dossier’s PM service and additional inspection scheduling strives to become 80% of all work performed. Instant Recall is a feature that allows maintenance personnel to check the history of each asset before taking action.

Fuel Usage, Vehicle Tracking, and Performance Analysis – Linked with the Dossier Dashboard, users are able to track fuel consumption, costs, and efficiency trends for identifying vehicles and drivers with low fuel efficiency.

Management and Control of Warranty Costs – Dossier simplifies warranty management for keeping track of renewals and costs. As the warranties incur, Dossier automates reporting on costs to reduce manual entry.

DOT and OSHA Compliance – Stay compliant with DOT and OSHA regulations by automatically scheduling drivers license renewals, CDL certificates and renewals, and tracking mechanic certifications.

VMRS Coding – With 9 digit VMRS codes, use one code for communicating between maintenance personnel, your database, and management to keep track of labor, parts ordered, quotes, authorizations, and create Technician Fail Codes for analyzing buying decisions.

Reports – Dossier offers 150 templates for reports on operational, management, and executive processes as well as customizable options.

The following three are optional in Essentials:

Inventory Management – Accurately track inventory control and reduce obsolete, on-hand, and duplicate parts. Dossier’s Inventory Management allows users to track, report, measure costs, count cycles, and automatically re-order parts.

Personnel Management – Finely track details on personnel tied to your fleet with fields such as files, records, photos, productivity data, repair history and costs, CDL license, physician exams, and more.

Vendor Management – Automate tracking on contract terms, contacts, and purchases with vendors. Gain the ability to negotiate prices and hold vendors accountable for their services with informed decision making.

Other notable features include advanced technologies such as Parts Bar Coding for utilizing a bar code when adding information, and Pocket Dossier for accessing the system through a mobile device.

Target Market

Dossier supports all types and sizes of fleets and material handling assets, from single users with single locations up to large, multi-location fleets with tens of thousands of vehicles/assets.

Dossier is suited for industries with managed fleets, such as in:

  • Trucking and Intermodal
  • Food and Beverage
  • Waste and Recycling
  • Government and Emergency
  • Utilities, Infrastructure and Construction
  • Transit, School and Motor Coach
  • Private fleets

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Dossier offers several services for a fast and thorough implementation period. These services include:

  • Pre-Deployment Design for identifying your business practices and workflow,
  • System Integration for linking with accounting or dispatch if necessary,
  • System Data Auditing for analyzing fleet data once the software has been launched for recommending effective uses,
  • Data Conversion for migrating legacy data from a past system if possible,
  • Fast Start Services for pre-loading fleet data, and
  • System Configuration for setting up the software to meet user needs.

Customer Service & Support

Dossier offers training programs for End-User Training, Fleet Manager Training, Train the Trainer, and Executive Training – both on-site and at company headquarters.

Technical support services are offered by phone, email, interactive online, and through Dossier’s Knowledge Base.

The Dossier Users Group is an online community of Dossier users for accessing useful information such as Tech Tips, Dossier Documentation, industry FAQS, and other information concerning the yearly Dossier Users Group Summit Meeting.


Dossier Systems Inc. doesn’t publicly release its pricing information. Please contact them directly for a quote.


The software is fully focused on fleet maintenance and is not a complete solution for managing all of a company’s equipment assets.


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Founded in 1979, Arsenualt Associates rebranded in 2014 as Dossier Systems. The company prides itself in beginning as experienced fleet experts who understood the industry before launching its solutions.

The company continues to enhance its products, promising never to provide obsolete technology  through customer driven developments.

Dossier Systems is also known for its partners and sponsorships including the Drexel University Student Co-op program, the West Chester University Student Co-op program, and the Environmental Research and Education Foundation (EREF).

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