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ManagerPlus At A Glance

Good: Business intelligence features, a dedicated vendor management portal, unlimited support.
Bad: Too robust for companies that only need a simple CMMS solution.
Bottom Line: Enterprise asset management solution that helps companies eliminate errors and maximize visibility.

Product Overview

ManagerPlus is a cloud-based enterprise asset management software that enables managers and technicians to track inspections, work orders, inventory and other tasks from one platform. Technicians can access it from any device, and managers can schedule maintenance tasks, access important information on an access and analyze trends that can affect their operations. ManagerPlus has built-in Connectors and open API, so companies can integrate it with their existing business system.

ManagerPlus has many benefits, such as:

  • Robust functionality and configuration
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Streamlined manual processes
  • Reduced downtime


Here are some of the key features of ManagerPlus:

Inspections management – Drivers and technicians can perform vehicle and asset inspections via the mobile app. The software includes customizable checklists that’s tailored to asset type, and it has Pass/Fail buttons to verify inspection status. If an inspection fails, the technician can create a new work order, so corrective action is taken quickly. The data is stored within the software to satisfy compliance requirements.

Work order management – Managers can create, assign, schedule and prioritize preventative and on-demand work orders. They can track everything within a work order, such as dates, technician, parts and checklists.

Preventative maintenance – Managers can set up maintenance schedules on each asset, including turning on notifications/reminders for upcoming service. Using this feature comes with benefits, such as eliminating spreadsheets, promoting transparency, staying in compliance and easier tracking of large amounts of assets.

Asset management – With this feature, managers can track all of their assets, such as buildings, vehicles, equipment and more, via an asset registry.

Inventory management – Several of the inventory management features include parts lists, inventory transfers, inventory counts, warranty, multi-site tracking and barcode tracking. If a part is used for a work order, it’s automatically subtracted from the inventory, and users can receive alerts if an item is low on stock. While users can create a purchase order in ManagerPlus, the software can also integrate with purchasing systems for additional functionality.

Vendor management – For companies that outsource maintenance services, ManagerPlus has a dedicated portal for vendors to track their work orders. Users can create a work order, choose their external vendor, fill in required information in a template, and then send the link to the work order to the vendor after they accept the job. The vendor can track the job, sign off on it, and send back photos of the job, along with an invoice, once the job’s complete.

Business intelligence – Users can analyze data with custom charts, graphs and other visualizations. They can also see important metrics at a glance via the dashboard for better decision making.

Target Market

ManagerPlus offers its products to a variety of industries and company sizes, such as manufacturing, construction, government, facilities, hospitality, and agriculture. We’ve listed several of its customers below.

  • Bloomberg
  • Cabela's
  • ExxonMobil
  • Kal Tire
  • Kaiser Permanente
  • Nexteer Automative
  • Pepsi
  • Tabasco
  • Whole Foods
  • Xerox

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ManagerPlus offers three onboarding packages: Standard, Advanced and Premier. We take a quick look at each:

Standard Onboarding – Standard Onboarding is included for 30 days and contains a kickoff and discovery call and help with data configuration and setup.

Advanced Onboarding – This package is included for 60 days and has all of the features of the Standard Onboarding package, plus prelaunch data review, data configuration and setup.

Premier Onboarding – This package is included for 90 days and has all of the services in the Advanced Onboarding package, plus customized data importing.

Customer Service & Support

Users can access the Learning Center Portal to browse articles, participate in webinars, watch training videos and more. They can also contact support by phone or email during normal business hours.


ManagerPlus has two pricing plans:

  • Advance – This plan includes many features, such as asset management, inspection management, request management (with unlimited requestors), business intelligence, barcode printing, a parts list, inventory counts and access to a self-paced learning center.
  • Power – This plan includes all of the features of the Advance plan, plus advanced asset management (e.g., asset downtime, labor codes, clock-in/clock-out, parent/child assets, vendor work order portal), advanced inventory management features (e.g., inventory transfers, warranty, invoicing), API access, out-of-the-box integration, feature marketplace, connectors, multi-site toolkit, a planning and assignment board, a sandbox for testing and unlimited parts storage location.

Note that each plan accommodates a single technician and up to five operators. Pricing is based on a per-user, per-month strategy and is available as a custom quote. And if a company wants to include more users to its account, ManagerPlus offers additional licensing options for named users, mobile users and operators.


ManagerPlus’s EAM may be too robust for companies that only need a simple CMMS solution. Those companies can check out our other CMMS reviews, such as Hippo CMMS.


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Since 1992, ManagerPlus’ vision is to provide businesses with a software that helps them to manage, track, and maintain their equipment and other assets. By using ManagerPlus, companies increases visibility into their business, which allows for streamlined operations, better planning and forecasting, decreased equipment downtime, and increased revenue – companies can share and access their data throughout the organization, regardless of many locations and assets.

ManagerPlus is now a parent company of iOffice.

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