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FaciliWorks At A Glance

Good: Flexible deployment options, strong security, customizable dashboard/reporting functionality.
Bad: Desktop version is not compatible with Macs.
Bottom Line: CMMS solution that helps companies maintain assets and facilities, track employees and adhere to regulatory compliance.

Product Overview

CyberMetrics’ FaciliWorks solution provides the following benefits – reduces costly errors and improves worker productivity, maximizes asset performance, gives users the ability to manage assets across multiple locations, and assures standards compliance. It is also scalable and customizable based on the company’s needs.

FaciliWorks CMMS software is available in on-site server, hosted (Cloud), mobile and desktop versions and is available in English and Spanish.

More details on each solution can be found in our Features section below.


FaciliWorks 8i is available in two editions: Professional Edition and Enterprise Edition. The Professional Edition includes standard features, such as work order requests, preventative maintenance, inventory management, and asset tracking.

Other features of the Professional Edition includes:

Inventory Management:

  • Establish and manage a supplier list
  • Alternative part management
  • Track and update part quantities in stock and establish reorder points and minimum quantities in stock
  • Assign parts to multiple warehouses
  • Receive and use parts on the fly
  • Create and manage purchase orders and include non-stocked parts (when necessary) on purchase orders
  • File attachments
  • Maintain and optimize inventory with EOQ analysis: Weighted Average, FIFO or LIFO

Data Entry – Users can easily enter data, attach documents for specific records, and use barcode to input data. However, they also offer a customizable dashboard, where users can see a summary of items that need their attention, navigate any features of the software, and create shortcuts.

Dashboard and Reporting – Users can work with customizable dashboards – and when the asset grouping feature is used (available on the Enterprise edition only), the dashboard can display only assets that are pertinent to the user/location. Users can also create custom reports with FaciliWorks’ integrated reports or custom report writer. Reports can also be annotated with the company’s name or logo and can be exported via email. The software also is available in multiple languages (English, Spanish, French).

Compliance and Security – FaciliWorks also adheres to the following standards: ISO, TS, AS, ANSI, and FDA, and has extensive data security (data access can be set as either application login or by active directory).

The Enterprise Edition includes all of the features of the Professional Edition, but also includes the ability to:

  • multi-task work orders,
  • provide free mobile licensing
  • provide asset grouping,
  • multitask work orders and route preventative maintenance,
  • key performance indicators (KPIs) including MTBF (mean time between failures),
  • drag & drop scheduler, and
  • create custom workflow trigger and event routines.

Mobile Licensing – Available on the Enterprise Edition, users can create, access, or edit work orders, create and edit preventative work orders, and update meter readings from an asset location via their mobile devices. Asset grouping functionality is also supported. Mobile has extensive security features, including, login security, user permissions, digital signatures and advanced audit log. Users can access mobile features from any Web browser or mobile device.

FaciliWorks Desktop accommodates both a single PC or multiple users on a local area network (LAN). It includes automatic email notifications and a workload calendar, as well as a customized dashboard and user interface. CybeMetrics offers the opportunity for FaciliWorks Desktop users to scale up to FaciliWorks 8i if they choose to.

CyberMetrics offers these add-on options to the FaciliWorks software:

Maintenance Label Kit – Ability to print laminated maintenance labels in a variety of sizes and colors

Web Service Requests – Ability to add unlimited amount of users in any locations for creating and submitting service requests to a central maintenance database

FaciliWorks 8i Validation Kit – For 8i users that need to establish compliance with FDA 21 CFR Part 11

TaskPro – Includes a comprehensive database of step-by-step maintenance procedures that covers over 250 maintenance topics.

SafetyPro – OSHA-compliant safety checklist database that covers 40 different safety topics

FaciliWorks 8i can include a calibration management module for users who want to monitor gage records, parts, and history, perform gage traceability, and perform and manage calibration request and schedules.

CyberMetrics has added two new features in the FaciliWorks 8i: a drag-and-drop calendar and KPIs.

Within the FaciliWorks 8i calendar are two tabs: Calendar and Scheduler. The Scheduler tab displays all basic created work orders and PMs. Users can estimate time to complete the PM/WO and assign/ reassign PM and WO events to any staff member on any day in an effort to balance workload among the group. Reassign the date by simply clicking and dragging the PM or WO and dropping it into a new date. The Calendar tab allows users to view basic PMs that are open or are considered to be future iterations, based on the projected due dates (per the frequency of the PM task). This allows you to plan on when PMs should come due based on iterative PM projections, thus decreasing the likelihood of a week that is overloaded with too many PMs.

FaciliWorks 8i provides four KPI graphs: Mean Time between Failures, Assets with Highest Downtime for WOs, Top 10 Assets with Most Work Orders and Percent PMs Completed On Time vs. Completed Late. Each KPI graph provides the user with access to a filter, which will allow the user to filter by date range, Asset Type, Priority and specific asset ID(s), depending on the graph. You can expand the view of a KPI, print the KPI, export the raw data that was used to calculate the KPI and rearrange the display of the four KPIs. All of these functions are accessible via the set of icons in the upper right portion of each graph.

  • Asset Management?
  • Inventory Administration?
  • Mobile Access?
  • Predictive Maintenance?
  • Preventative Maintenance?
  • Scheduling?
  • Work Order Management?

Target Market

CyberMetrics has sold its solutions to over 12,000 companies worldwide in a variety of industries. We’ve listed several of its customers below:

  • Cardinal Health
  • Columbia Sportswear
  • Eaton Corporation
  • Herbalife
  • Kaiser Permanente
  • L3 Communications
  • Nebraska Furniture Mart
  • Pratt & Whitney
  • Rockwell Automation
  • US Customs and Border Protection

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New customers will meet with a dedicated Client Solutions Manager, who is responsible for assessing the customer’s maintenance management program, establishing goals of the implementation, and defining project roles and responsibilities. The action implementation plan, developed based on software assessment, is customized based on the company’s requirements and goals and includes these following steps: installation, configuration, data services, integration, custom reports, validation, training, and go live.

CyberMetrics offers three training options: onsite training, a two-day regional training, and Web training. There is also ongoing training for companies that want to familiarize themselves with new areas of FaciliWorks.

Customer Service & Support

The FaciliWorks tech support team is located at CyberMetrics’ Phoenix headquarters and is available by phone, Web, and email. Users can also access the Support page to access software updates and user guides, and put in a Features Request.

There is a help system within the software that opens in a separate browser window, allowing users to reference help while simultaneously using the software.


FaciliWorks Desktop is priced at $495 for single-user license. However, pricing for FaciliWorks server and web deployment aren’t publicly available so please contact CyberMetrics for a quote.


FaciliWorks Desktop is only compatible with Windows, so unfortunately it cannot be used on Macs.



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Founded in 1988, CyberMetrics’ mission is to deliver world-class CMMS maintenance and calibration management software designed to meet the demands of all companies – and is scalable and easy to implement and use.

In addition to FaciliWorks, CyberMetrics also offers its GAGEtrak calibration management solution and SUPPLIERtrak, a solution that allows users to manage all of their suppliers in a central database.

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