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Bigfoot CMMS At A Glance

Good: Short implementation process, available in two versions, integration with ERP and active directory for ease of use.
Bad: No GIS integration, no space management functionality offered.
Bottom Line: Scalable and flexible cloud-based architecture that allows customers to go live with the software within days.

Product Overview

The Bigfoot CMMS comes in two editions: Bigfoot CMMS Enterprise and Bigfoot CMMS Enterprise+.

Bigfoot CMMS Enterprise – This version includes all of the standard functions mentioned in the Features section below, plus these other features: maintenance request management, cost tracking and repair history, purchasing/requisition management, user/vendor tracking and certifications, multi-site management, security controls based on user, role, region, and global, document management, ability to print and export to Excel and PDF.

Bigfoot CMMS Enterprise+ –  This version includes all of the features found in Enterprise, plus:  data import wizard, advanced email template builder and notifications, advanced query builder, advanced custom fields, multi-language localization, advanced workflow management, native report designer, audit trails/log tracking, key performance indicators (KPI), budget management, and facility and asset mapping.

We also want to note that Bigfoot CMMS offers additional integrated solutions for its customers:

CMMS for Occupational Safety & Health – This solution (standard on the Enterprise + version) allows users to create and monitor safety programs (i.e. drills, evacuation, safety training, Materials Safety Data Sheets (MSDS), etc) . Companies’ maintenance and safety programs are centralized in one location, reducing need for multiple data entry and easily accessible data.

Active directory integration –  This add-on provides a single repository for all log-in and password information for ease of not having to remember passwords – users will only have to remember company log-in credentials.

Integration with ERP systems – It allows companies to integrate Bigfoot CMMS with their existing ERP systems in order to combine all of their business functions in one system. One of the main benefits is less time is spent on administrative tasks (such as data entry).

Inventory Management Self-checkout (Parts Express) – Ability for users to quickly grab their spare parts via a check-in/check-out process. Barcode technology can also be implemented for even faster check-out.

Web Services Tool Kit – An API that allows users to develop custom interfaces or extract purchase orders that were created in Bigfoot CMMS.

Other add-ons include Bigfoot OPC interface and SQL Data Views (for Business Intelligence).


Most of Bigfoot’s standard features are indicated below. Other features include location-based work order management, pre-defined reporting and analytics, automatic email alerts of maintenance events, project management, multiple language capabilities, the ability to locate assets and work orders within multiple sites with Bing mapping, stacking multiple preventive maintenance schedules for a single asset, and spare parts reservations.

We also want to mention that there is a budget management feature in the Enterprise+ version. Templates can be created (in yearly, quarterly, or monthly forms) to show budgeting based on the entire company, region, site, or even specific assets.

In June 2015, Smartware Group has announced enhancements to the Bigfoot Enterprise and Enterprise+ versions. Some of the upgrades include:

  • A Job Planner feature that help companies manage labor, such as reviewing work load priority and employee assignment. Users can view the schedule of works orders and employees that are assigned to them on a specific day.
  • The Work-Order-to-Purchase-Order feature that enables users to create a purchase order within a work order for a specific part(s) needed.
  • Templates for work orders and purchasing orders that a user can customize to display and hide certain fields. They can also enable specific fields to be required so that data entry is needed.
  • Display of last date and time a user accessed Bigfoot  – this benefits managers for employee auditing and reporting purposes.
  • New physical count feature to help users track any discrepancies of any spare parts in stock.

  • Asset Management?
  • Inventory Administration?
  • Mobile Access?
  • Predictive Maintenance?
  • Preventative Maintenance?
  • Scheduling?
  • Work Order Management?

Target Market

Bigfoot CMMS is targeted to users in a variety of industries from manufacturing to hospitality and tourism. We’ve indicated several of its customers below:

  • Bradley Pacific Aviation
  • Catalyst Development
  • Gilpin County, Colorado
  • Guthrie Theater
  • John Deere
  • Praxis Pharmaceutical
  • Midland Metal Products
  • Romark Logistics
  • SMG - Worldwide Entertainment & Convention Venue Mgmt.
  • Snow Island

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With the Bigfoot CMMS Jumpstart Consulting Services, companies are assigned a dedicated Smartware Group consultant to work with them on their software implementation. This is typically done over four meeting sessions where the consultant assess project requirements, provide recommendations on software implementation, and verify if the implementation is successfully completed.

Jumpstart Consulting Services’ implementation process is typically about eight steps (please note that some of the steps may be skipped, depending on companies’ customized requirements):

* Welcome

* Kickoff Meeting

* Virtual Training

* Goals & Objectives Meeting

* Client Testing

* Planning Meeting

* Follow-up Meeting

* Operational

Customer Service & Support

Smartware Group’s Help Desk Support allows customers to reach them by phone, email, video, or shared screen.  Customers will also receive frequent software updates as soon as they’re available.


Bigfoot CMMS does not offer GIS (geographic information system) integration. They also do not offer space management.


Smartware Group, Inc. Screenshot 1
Smartware Group, Inc. Screenshot 2
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Smartware Group, Inc., which produces Bigfoot CMMS, has helped more than 10,000 users worldwide improve facility and equipment maintenance since 2002.  Their mission is to provide simple yet powerful solutions, so users can learn them quickly, for quicker results.

Smartware Group has received accolades over the years, such as the Software 500 list in both 2013 and 2014, BUILDINGS magazine Money-Saving Product (2014), and the 2013 New Hampshire Excellence Award.

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