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DecisionPoint At A Glance

Good: Accommodates both small and big data, ability to view dashboards (even offline), ability to create dashboards from over 50 components.
Bad: User administration when rolling out to larger audiences could be easier, not enough out-of-the-box dashboard themes.
Bottom Line: DecisionPoint helps business professionals get immediate answers for important decisions easily and efficiently.

Product Overview

Disclaimer: The majority of the review was accurate at the time of its 2017 publication. Since then, Antivia was acquired by insightsoftware and DecisionPoint was rolled into insightsoftware’s current BI offerings.

DecisionPoint is a business intelligence (BI) solution designed for BI specialists who don’t need coding skills and front-line decision makers who need immediate access to data to answer questions and make better decisions. These professionals typically don’t want to spend hours going through raw data or rely on their IT staff to create queries and reports.

To make data even more accessible, the solution has an easy interface for users accustomed to working with Excel or PowerPoint.

DecisionPoint operates on three key principles: Connect, Create and Share. DecisionPoint can connect with existing data sources (e.g., data warehouses, operational systems) and even merge multiple data sources. Users can also customize their dashboards by choosing from more than 50 components (e.g., graphs, charts) via a drag-and-drop interface. In addition, users can share dashboards via email, on the web or by uploading them to the DecisionPoint Server.

There are two DecisionPoint products: DecisionPoint Designer (formerly DecisionPoint for Excel) and DecisionPoint Server (formerly DecisionPoint Enterprise). DecisionPoint Designer allows users to connect to Excel, CSV and Salesforce data of up to 10,000 rows, while DecisionPoint Server accommodates larger data volumes (big data) and connects to other data sources.

We’ll discuss the differences between DecisionPoint Designer and DecisionPoint Server in our Features section below.


Here are some of the key features of DecisionPoint Designer:

  • Ability to connect to data in Excel, CSV files, Salesforce and Sage Live
  • Ability to add metadata
  • Ability to create an unlimited number of dashboards
  • Freeform dashboard layouts
  • Custom columns, calculations and dynamic labels
  • Ability to drill down into the dashboard to access additional data
  • Ability to embed URLs and other external content into the dashboard
  • Color-coded alerts for graphs, maps and grids
  • Dashboards with multiple data sets, pages and dialogs
  • Ability to perform “what-if” analyses
  • LivePreview feature to preview dashboard layout on desktop and mobile devices
  • Sharable dashboards that are easy to understand and answer multiple questions
  • Ability to share dashboards via email, websites and portals
  • Ability to view dashboards on web browsers and via mobile apps on Windows Live, Android and iPhone/iPad, as well as offline

DecisionPoint Server includes all the features of DecisionPoint Designer. However, it accommodates larger amounts of data from a variety of data sources. Here are some of its features:

  • Ability to connect to SQL and OLAP databases, SAP Business Warehouse, SAP BusinessObjects and other cloud data sources
  • Big data functionality
  • Ability to schedule data set refresh and on-demand dashboard refresh
  • Ability to merge multiple data sources
  • Ability to create custom columns on the server using expressions created from a raft of math, date and text functions to share across dashboards
  • Ability to share data sets and metadata across various dashboards
  • Ability to export dashboards to Excel
  • Ability to link from one dashboard to another and pass parameters to retain context
  • LivePreview feature to collect and add feedback on dashboards from other users
  • Custom company branding for dashboards, web portals and mobile apps
  • Integration with CMaps Analytics for mapping functionality
  • Ability to upload mutliple dashboards to server and take multiple dashboards offline
  • Ability to save filter settings for future dashboard viewings
  • Integration with existing authentication systems (e.g., LDAP or Microsoft Active Directory)

Target Market

DecisionPoint is intended for all company sizes, job roles and industries, including finance, human resources, sales and marketing, health care, manufacturing and retail.

Below, we’ve listed 10 companies that use DecisionPoint:

  • Baystate Health
  • Cochlear
  • Columbia University
  • Fifth Third Bank
  • Gibson Consulting Group
  • NC State University
  • University of Pennsylvania
  • Royal Canin
  • Together Housing Group
  • Vodafone

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Note – Antivia has been acquired by insightsoftware, so this information may no longer be accurate.

Antivia offers QuickStart services to help customers get up and running and to train them on the solution. Depending on the size of the project, customers will usually need between three and 10 days of QuickStart, which can be delivered remotely through a web meeting in one-hour blocks or provided onsite.

Installation and configuration of the on-premise DecisionPoint Server is typically complete within an hour.

Antivia prefers to work using an agile implementation process that delivers results quickly. The vendor works closely with business teams to create objectives, understand requirements, and mock-up wireframes to refine and clarify requirements. At the same time, Antivia identifies any required data sources and generates the queries necessary to support the dashboards/performance apps the client needs.

Armed with the right data and clear parameters, creating a dashboard or performance app is usually a fast process. For some customers, this can happen in a few hours. But more often, complete configuration takes a couple of days.

Customer Service & Support

The DecisionPoint Help Center includes documentation and how-to videos about basic, intermediate and advanced features. Users can also log into the Help Desk for further support.


Insightsoftware doesn’t publicly display its pricing information, so please contact the vendor directly for a quote.


Some customers have commented that user administration could be easier when rolling out the solution to larger audiences. Currently, most of the vendor’s larger customers overcome this issue by integrating the solution with existing Active Director or LDAP services.

In addition, Antivia allows clients to customize their dashboards using built-in themes that function similarly to PowerPoint templates. Some users have said Antivia doesn’t provide enough custom dashboard themes out of the box. However, many clients prefer to have their own custom theme, complete with company branding, which Antivia help them create during implementation.


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Insightsoftware is a leading provider of financial reporting and enterprise performance management software. It enables CFOs and finance teams to connect to and make sense of their enterprise data in real time so they can proactively drive greater financial intelligence across their organization. Over 30,000 organizations worldwide rely on insightsoftware’s portfolio of best-in-class reporting, analytics, budgeting, forecasting, consolidation, and tax solutions to provide them with increased productivity, visibility, accuracy, and compliance.

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