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HireScore At A Glance

Good: Reduced employee turnover due to finding high-quality candidates, improved workplace safety, customizable for all company sizes and industries.
Bad: Companies that traditionally rely on resumes as part of the hiring process may struggle with using HireScore.
Bottom Line: Talent portal that uses custom learning algorithms to predict candidate success on the job.

Product Overview

Stang Decisions Systems’ (SDS) HireScore Talent Portal is an applicant ranking tool that’s more than just screening resumes. Instead of sending a resume, prospective candidates fill out an application via the HireScore portal and complete a set of custom assessments that test the skills needed for the job.

Based on the candidate’s answers, HireScore uses custom learning algorithms to give a score that accurately predicts the success of the candidate in the role. The scores of all candidates are sent to a hiring manager, who is able to view and take action on the rank-ordered list of applicants.

This predictive accuracy is what sets HireScore apart from other applicant tracking systems. The more data that’s added to the algorithm, the better the predictive accuracy gets.

HireScore is intended for all company sizes, regardless of whether they’re hiring a single employee or filling multiple positions. The portal can be customized to fit the client’s needs.

HireScore has three main benefits, which are:

  • Reduced employee turnover as clients will be able to find high-quality candidates
  • Improved workplace safety due to safety-focused hiring assessments
  • Improved productivity due to a streamlined hiring process

HireScore also supports an unlimited number of jobs and applicants. There are no extra fees for applicants to use the software, and they don’t need to create their own account.


HireScore provides a branded careers page either as a stand-alone site or integrated into the company’s website. It offers job postings to free job boards and discounted premium listings. Social recruiting functionality is also supported.

HireScore includes integrated assessments that companies can use for job applicants, such as personality fit, situational judgement, job knowledge, problem solving and work demonstration exercises. SDS’s team of Industrial and Organizational psychologists can build custom assessments for the client, if needed.

There’s a dashboard within HireScore that lists each score of the applicant’s assessments. The software uses an integrated statistically-optimal composite scoring/ranking system that combines the candidate’s assessment results into a single score, ranging from 0 to 100 (known as the Baseline score).  Higher Baseline scores mean the software recommends the candidate for hire, which is indicated in green.

The hiring manager can sort the rankings, leave notes, flag specific candidates and make bulk edits within the dashboard.

Other applicant tracking features include one-click to apply, email templates, Equal Employment Opportunity reports, background checks, ability to send messages to candidates, candidate scheduling and multi-language functionality. The software is mobile optimized.

Finally, there’s an online TestPrep program for applicants, as well as a SkillBuilder developmental program for new hires.

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Target Market

HireScore targets companies that want to attract, screen and rank candidates using custom assessments that precisely fit the job. We’ve listed 10 clients below:

  • Marathon Petroleum
  • Andeavor
  • Zeon Chemicals
  • mBank
  • Audi
  • Chevron
  • Lundin Mining
  • Trimedia Environmental & Engineering
  • Northern Michigan University

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After subscribing to HireScore, most clients have a job running live within 48 hours of sign-up. Additional jobs typically require one business day to set up and validate before going live (15 minutes of client time).

Training is done in real time on an as needed or structured rollout basis. Each client has at least one dedicated project manager who learns that client’s business and provides intense process customization at the job level. Essentially, project managers act as an extension of the internal hiring team and provide as much or as little support as needed to ensure all roles are filled successfully.

In cases where SDS is transferring legacy data, an implementation process is planned with its consultants on a case-by-case basis.

HireScore integrates to Human Resource Management Systems (HRMS) and older applicant tracking systems.

Customer Service & Support

Clients get live day-to-day support from a dedicated project manager along with a full team of Ph.D. level consultants, programmers and administrative support personnel. Communication channels vary by client but include phone, email, chat, wiki, Slack, shared documents (e.g., Dropbox, Google Drive) and in-person assistance.


Default subscription pricing is by user starting at $600 per month for one user, plus $200 for each additional user. Annual subscriptions are available at $6,000 per year for one user, plus $2,000 for each additional user. Additional unsupported viewers may access HireScore for no charge.


By design, SDS recommends that clients do not use traditional resumes as part of the hiring process. This can cause people with the “We’ve always done it that way” mindset to struggle with the process. Its approach is unique and extremely effective, but it requires users to let go of practices that don’t work.


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Stang Decision Systems (SDS) started in 2001 by leveraging the Ph.D. research of its CEO, Spencer Stang. This research focused on how experts make decisions and how they could improve the accuracy of the decision-making process. Specifically, a methodology developed by Dr. Stang was used to create a system for predicting how well college players would perform after being drafted into the NFL. This technology was later adapted for large PetroChemical companies, and then other businesses, for predicting performance across a wide variety of jobs. That combination of methodology and technology is what it now known as the HireScore Talent Portal.

SDS is a full-service Industrial and Organizational Psychology firm with a core focus on integrated delivery of services through the HireScore Talent Portal. Its focus on advanced decision-making and risk analysis techniques allows the vendor to help organizations make better hiring and employee development decisions.

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