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ApplicantPro At A Glance

Good: New communication inbox feature for texting candidates, no contracts or additional fees, single-click posting to over 5,000 job boards and sites.
Bad: ApplicantPro doesn't integrate with CRM solutions.
Bottom Line: All-in-one recruiting software with innovative features to help companies better manage their hiring processes.

Product Overview

ApplicantPro is an all-in-one recruiting software designed to keep track of the hiring process, from posting a job to onboarding a new hire. The vendor offers the following modules in its integrated solution:

  • Applicant tracking
  • Video interviewing
  • Assessments
  • Background checks
  • Onboarding
  • Continuous monitoring

ApplicantPro has several benefits, such as:

  • Affordability (with no contracts, or setup or support fees)
  • Reduced time to fill an open position
  • Lower cost to hire
  • Accessible to everyone on the hiring team (including unlimited manager logins)
  • Better quality for hiring processes with skill assessments and video interviewing

We’ll discuss the key functions of ApplicantPro in our Features section below. However, we want to briefly mention its communication inbox feature. This feature allows recruiters and hiring managers to send text messages to candidates. Replies are stored and tracked within ApplicantPro, and candidates can’t see any phone numbers or personal information. The first 50 texts are free each month. There’s a small fee if more texts are needed.

And finally, ApplicantPro now integrates with many human resource management systems (HRMS) and payroll solutions.


Here are the key features of each ApplicantPro product:

Applicant tracking 

  • Single-click postings to 5,000 job boards, including paid job boards, social media sites and search engines
  • Parsing job seekers’ resumes to auto-populate online application
  • Career pages that include online applications, along with company-branded logos and colors
  • Mobile-recruiting functionality
  • Job alerts on career page to attract passive candidates
  • Customizable templates for rejection letters and automated application confirmation messages
  • Employee referrals portal so current employees can share job openings with their networks
  • Customized job questions and qualifications with automatic disqualifiers for candidates
  • Ability for hiring managers to review resumes and applications, and make notes on each candidate
  • Five-star ranking system to rate candidates on resumes, qualifications, interviewing skills, etc.
  • Reference checks by email or phone
  • Built-in and customized reporting tools on various elements of the hiring process, such as application process results, time to fill positions, career-site traffic, job sources and compliance with federal regulations

Video interviewing – The video interviewing module is beneficial for recruiters, hiring managers and candidates, as it makes interviewing convenient. ApplicantPro sets up a company-branded interview portal that can include videos about the company. The interviewer can then set up a video job interview with either customized or built-in interview question templates. The interview is sent to the candidate, and the person can record it from any device. Once the interview is finished and submitted, the interviewer and hiring team can review it at any time.

Assessments – ApplicantPro offers pre-employment assessment in skills, cognitive and behavioral factors. It also integrates with third-party assessment systems, such as Skill Survey, Talent+, Selective Hiring and The Predictive Index.

Background checks – ApplicantPro has tools for conducting employment, education and criminal background checks. Companies can run criminal background checks not only in a candidate’s current county of residence, but in all jurisdictions where the person lived during the past seven to 10 years. The criminal background check can include any federal offenses committed.

The tool also verifies professional licenses and certifications. For Department of Transportation (DOT) agencies, ApplicantPro offers various services such as pre-employment safety performance reviews, drug and alcohol testing, and motor vehicle records requests (both before and annually during employment).

And finally, ApplicantPro finds, schedules and sends results of drug tests.

Onboarding – Employers can customize their paperless onboarding process with ApplicantPro. New hires can complete both standard and customized employment forms (e.g., W-4s, I-9s, benefits enrollment forms) at any time. They only need to enter data once, and it’s automatically populated in the relevant fields. ApplicantPro also has a remote I-9 option that guides new hires in filling out the I-9 form remotely. The onboarding integrates with the E-Verify system to ensure federal hiring compliance.

For companies that want to take advantage of any federal or state tax credits for hiring, ApplicantPro collects the required data and sends it to the appropriate agencies.

Offer letters – ApplicantPro’s offer letters feature helps HR and hiring managers create, send, and track responses to offers and even provides templates to save them the time and effort required to create their own. Electronically accepted or rejected job offer letter histories are also saved in the system for future retrieval.

Continuous monitoring – While the background checks module is intended for pre-hire, the continuous monitoring module tracks post-hire criminal risk behavior, especially in employees that interact with customers or work with company money. It provides real-time incarceration alerts, so businesses can proactively prevent risks and improve safety (e.g., firing the employee).

Target Market

ApplicantPro serves over 9,000 companies of all sizes in all industries from finance to retail. We’ve listed 10 of its clients below:

  • Bank of Utah
  • Blender Bottle
  • Costa Vida
  • Forms + Surfaces
  • Kneaders Bakery and Cafe
  • Thanksgiving Point
  • Welch's
  • YMCA of Greater Richmond
  • ZAGG
  • Zeal Credit Union

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Clients start with a 30-day free trial that allows them to use live data to post jobs and generate applicants. Some implementation processes, such as creating career-branded sites, take place during the free trial. ApplicantPro sets up the career-branded site within 48 hours.

ApplicantPro doesn’t ask for credit card or other billing information until after the free trial ends.

Customer Service & Support

Users can contact support via phone and live chat. They can also submit a help ticket. Additionally, there’s a Help Center with articles, user-specific guides, videos and webinars.

Each client has access to a dedicated client success manager for more personalized service.


ApplicantPro’s pricing strategy is based on company size and any modules purchased (e.g., onboarding, video interviewing). There are no implementation, training and support fees.

Prospective clients will need to get a specific price quote from ApplicantPro, but here’s a general range of prices:

  • One to 20 employees – $60-$150 a month
  • 21-50 employees – $75-$250 a month
  • 51-100 employees – $100-$350 a month
  • 101-250 employees – $150-$400 a month
  • 251-500 employees – $150-$450 a month
  • 500-1,000 employees – $200-$500 a month
  • Over 1,000 employees – Contact ApplicantPro for pricing


ApplicantPro doesn’t integrate with a customer relationship management (CRM) solution, however, they plan to offer this in the future.

It also doesn’t have an open API for exporting data.

And finally, clients cannot integrate ApplicantPro with other background check systems as ApplicantPro sells its own module.


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Founded in 2007, ApplicantPro’s mission is to provide clients with an easy-to-use software solution to better optimize hiring processes. Its main solution was originally an applicant tracking system. It’s grown to include background checks, pre-employment assessments, onboarding and video interviewing.

Not only does ApplicantPro serve over 9,000 companies, it currently has over 55,000 active job openings and helps over 1.5 million applicants find jobs.

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