Cloud-Based Recruiting Software and Why it Works for Businesses of All Sizes

Every business knows how crucial it is to recruit the right person for the various job roles present in their organization, which is why businesses these days are continually looking to optimize their recruitment function. This is where the concept of cloud recruiting comes in.

Cloud recruitment makes for the perfect solution due to its ability to provide data anywhere, anytime at speed. But what exactly does cloud recruiting comprise?

In simple words, cloud recruitment uses an e-recruitment tool that offers a network-based application that can be accessed anywhere by using a mobile device with internet access. This allows recruiters to carry out their hiring process uninterrupted. The benefit of such a network-based application is that it reduces the hassle of having to install software to access the data. This makes cloud-based applicant tracking software the preferred recruitment system.

Advantages of Cloud Recruiting

With advancements in technology and the emerging job market, hiring will get more competitive and social. In order to stay ahead, conventional and rigid consumer oriented processes will have to take a backseat to give way for flexibility, speed and accuracy. This makes it essential to innovate applicant tracking systems (ATSs) in order to address the needs of the dynamic world of recruitment. And the best way to go forward is through cloud-based recruiting. Here’s five ways cloud-based recruiting software is beneficial for your company:

  1. Helps you gain a competitive edge by accelerating your recruitment process
  2. Allows for easy sorting and evaluation of resumes through its algorithm based procedure
  3. Allows you to preset and automatically share the necessary information and details related to the hiring process with your candidates during the hiring process
  4. Saves time by allowing recruiters to access all candidate related data in one place, thereby making reference checks easier.
  5. Relatively lower demands in terms of maintenance activities and also auto-upgrades itself when required, avoiding unnecessary downtime.

Modernizing Recruitment

With such benefits, cloud computing will revolutionize the world of hiring by modernizing and simplifying the process of recruitment. Here’s how cloud-based recruiting can transform the world of recruitment as we know it:

Ease of Implementation

Cloud-based software is easier to implement than SAAS and other similar software as they do not have any specific system requirements. Cloud-based software also doesn’t require any extra training in terms of set up or usage. This is because these systems are made available on a subscription basis, according to the company’s requirements. Additionally, it doesn’t require a traditional software model setup which saves a lot of time and effort that otherwise would’ve gone into procuring licenses setting up servers, training a team to handle it, etc.

Streamline Workflows

The HR process is generally long because of its complex nature and the number of parties involved in each step. Cloud-based technology, on the other hand, it simplifies HR process as it significantly cuts out the need to coordinate communication between various levels and personnel as well as the applicants during the various stages of the recruitment process, without disturbing the business operation and saves time as well.

Enhance Security Systems

More often than not, recruiters have to deal with highly confidential information, ranging from pay rolls, to employee and candidate data amongst other things. Cloud-based HR solutions come with highly advanced security systems that allow recruiters to limit access to sensitive information.

Cost Effective Solution

Unlike various other recruiting software, cloud technology doesn’t require purchasing of costly licenses or charge fees depending on the number of users. Another advantage is that it doesn’t require any additional server set-up or a specialized IT technician to constantly maintain and update the software, significantly cutting costs.

Modification and Customization

Since cloud technology comes with an open application programming interface code, it allows recruiters to customize software widgets and dashboards as per their needs. They can personalize them and chose the flow of information as they would like, prioritize the order of the information and oversee whether automate tasks are being carried out, thereby facilitating communication among the various channels.can also be displayed on the dashboard for quick reviews.

Make the Shift

With the kind of impact cloud-based technology provides in day-to -day operations, it proves to be beneficial to businesses of all sizes. Where large companies gain from simplification of tiresome processes, smaller and medium sized companies receive a well-prepared standard to adhere to and can start with hiring right away as opposed to developing standards and procedures, testing them out and then finding out which works best. It also allows for easy scaling depending on the needs of the company and does so seamlessly. So, if you are considering a cloud based recruitment software, now is the time to make the shift!

Author Bio: Kelly Barcelos is a progressive digital marketing manager specializing in HR and is responsible for leading Jobsoid’s content and social media team. When Kelly is not building campaigns, she is busy creating content and preparing PR topics. She started with Jobsoid as a social media strategist and eventually took over the entire digital marketing team with her innovative approach and technical expertise.