Why Recruiting CRM Software is Essential for the Hiring Experience in COVID-19 Era

We live in extraordinary times that keep challenging the workplace and hiring process that demands exceptional strategy and innovative resolutions. Due to COVID-19-induced layoffs and a sudden necessity for additional workers, employers need a secure and comprehensive tool that will help them navigate this altered hiring experience.

Recruiting CRM software provides you with a system that mitigates COVID-19 consequences on the recruitment process. In this fast-changing world where responsiveness is crucial, your company requires an improved and steady search for candidates. Thanks to its high-quality staffing system, recruiting CRM software can ease and enhance hiring for your HR team. But how exactly do this software’s characteristics correlate with the recruitment needs that the pandemic is creating?

Easy and Fast Search

Businesses are already dealing with uncertainty and unexpected changes, which leaves no place for mistakes. Although you need to react quickly and find new employees, you also need to act wisely. Recruiting CRM software allows you to improve the pace of search without affecting the quality of your hire. It is a straightforward system that allows candidates an easy way to apply through the self-service portal.

It also works in the opposite direction by giving the client a platform for tracking and communication with potential employees. These characteristics can alleviate the usual intricate recruitment procedure, and the pandemic isn’t generous with giving you too much time to think.

Recruiting CRM software shortens your time because you don’t have to post your offer on a myriad of websites or manually research the talent pool. With this system, you can follow all activities and steps in one place, including shortlisting candidates and scheduling interviews.

Compatible and Reliable Candidates

Transformative times demand qualified workers you can lean on and trust them with your ideas and vision. Your business needs motivated hires who can identify with the organization culture, which enhances their productivity and prevents fast turnover. That is why you need a comprehensive platform that provides you with screening options and advanced search techniques.

But you don’t have to engage in an extensive and time-consuming pursuit with recruiting CRM software. Instead, you’ll find a tailored pipeline that directs your search towards the needs of your organization. If the coronavirus is causing you to struggle because you suddenly need an employee that will fit fast into the workplace and give efficient results, this system will help you find what your company needs.

Recruiting CRM software uses AI-based matching in screening to provide you with candidates who fulfill specific and distinctive requirements. When there is a dangerous virus among us, it’s hard to focus on thoroughly going through each resume. Using this system, you can expect that the AI will identify those skills that fit the position in a short time.

Customization and Visualization

One of the main benefits of recruiting software is its customization capacity. When managing the hiring process during the whirlwind of a pandemic, you need to have coherent demands and high standards.

To survive these turbulent moments and come out stronger, your company requires unity and employees who believe in the cause of their workplace. Using a recruiting CRM system allows you to customize the pipeline so that you get a personalized recruiting experience.

To get adequate experience and provide the same for the candidate, you can customize the workflow, forms, and skills, or tweak settings. Therefore, you can configure colors to achieve better readability and tracking, set up automatic push notifications or emails, or organize the order of fields to show the most relevant.

Sometimes you’ll have to make a quick decision, which demands a clear and easy to navigate pipeline. Recruitment software can help HR with a visual pipeline that filters all the candidates according to the recruiting stage and verifies all received applications.

Improved Candidate Experience

Recruiting CRM software makes the whole hiring experience easier for the candidates, but it also allows you to work freely with the freelancers. Other parties can sync up through this software, which facilitates information sharing with vendors, freelancers, and clients. If your company needs to find additional staff beyond the regular job boards, this pipeline will give you the means to do so. COVID-19 is surely creating the necessity for the talents and skills we didn’t expect our companies will need, and CRM software ensures that you detect them.

But the stress of current upheaval is equally affecting both parties, which is why it’s essential to provide your candidates with an improved experience. Many people are struggling with a lack of a source of income, and they need a system that won’t create additional complexities while searching for a job. Thankfully, the self-service portal gives an extended power to the candidates, allowing them to track their application and interview status. They won’t have to wonder if there is something wrong and if their application was received.

Integration and Availability

When seeking the right candidate, you should have an easy way of tracking all the candidates, which can be tiring when they are scattered all over. Having one pipeline that connects your email, social media, and websites will ease that struggle by collecting all your candidates in one place.

Recruiting CRM software integrates with your social media accounts and your website. The Chrome extension allows you to import candidate profiles from LinkedIn and other relevant job boards. The software is mobile and tablet friendly, which makes all applications and candidates more accessible to help in finding your way through these transformative moments.

The upheaval of COVID-19 forces us to think and act fast or risk losing more than we already did. But you can’t allow it to affect the quality of your hiring workflows. You can embrace this new era and use this new technology that will help you strengthen your brand and company. You will find that a system such as recruiting CRM software has the power to expand your outreach and reveal itself as an essential ingredient of the hiring experience.

Author Bio: Amit Ghodasara is an experienced human resource technologist, and researcher of the largest industry containing only humans. He has been serving his technology tool to the people for the last 7 years. His goal includes making recruiting more easier and effective with the best possible results that can drive more advantages to the organization in the near future.


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