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TimeIPS At A Glance

Good: Flexible scheduling features, a variety of optional hardware clocks offered, ability to run or export payroll data in a single click.
Bad: Interface has a slightly dated look; despite employees logging in via web-enabled smartphones, there's not a mobile app available.
Bottom Line: Time and attendance system with robust features for companies of all sizes and industries.

Product Overview

TimeIPS is a comprehensive time-and-attendance system accessible by a web-based interface. Employees can clock in/clock out via the web or from any optional hardware, such as barcode devices, phone or a desktop computer. Managers can view time data, track jobs and work orders, or approve/reject employee time-off requests.

TimeIPS offers a step-by-step instruction on how it works:

  • Employees clock in or out via employee identification device, desktop, phone or web
  • Time data is stored on TimeIPS’ server
  • Managers or administrators can access time data reports or other features via web browser
  • Time data is exported to payroll systems

There are a few benefits to using TimeIPS, such as:

  • Although it records attendance for hourly employees, salaried employees can track time for payroll or billing purposes
  • Flexibility in recording employee time with optional hardware time clocks
  • Ability to run payroll via TimeIPS or export payroll to another system with a single click
  • Companies with multiple locations can have those employees clock in remotely from their work sites

TimeIPS can be deployed either in the cloud or on-premise. The on-premise solution can be deployed either on a virtual server or preloaded on a server appliance.


TimeIPS features live, real-time reporting and can even alert a supervisor or administrator in real time if an employee clocks in too early, or is late, or before an employee goes into overtime. Other handy features include automated adjustments such as rounding and automatic lunch deductions, job and project tracking, department tracking and even piecework.

The software can track days off (both paid and unpaid). Users can track accruals and usage of PTO, vacation and sick days from within TimeIPS. There’s an option for employee to log into the self-service interface and request time off.

Other paid days off, such as holidays, can be set up and either applied manually or automatically. Administrators can define a holiday and set that to be a one-time holiday, or holidays that occur annually (e.g., Christmas, Thanksgiving) can be set to auto-apply years in advance.

There’s also a Divisions feature, where companies can separate records of employees by department or division. TimeIPS has a Site Tracking feature that lets administrators and managers track employee time within a certain work site.

In addition, employees can clock in and out of a particular job or work order so managers can better track labor for each job for billing purposes.

TimeIPS also has self-service functionality, so employees can view their vacation/sick leave balance and send time-off requests to their managers. The manager receives a notification to approve or reject these requests. Employees can view their time data via the My Work History feature.

Another feature is the reporting engine. Managers and administrators can take advantage of several reporting templates or create their own reports. Some of the reporting templates are attendance hours, tardiness, employee summary, approvals and break violations.

As noted above, TimeIPS provides optional time clocks, such as TimeIPS Server for local network, network time clocks with employee identification devices (numeric keypad, biometric, magnetic swipe, barcode or proximity), phone with voice-activated menus and relay controls.

  • Attendance Tracking?
  • Biometric?
  • Employee Scheduling?
  • Hardware?
  • Hourly Employee Tracking?
  • Mobile?
  • Salaried Employee Tracking?
  • Vacation/Sick/Leave Tracking?

Target Market

TimeIPS targets companies in all sizes and industries, such as education, government and non-profits. We’ve listed 10 of its customers below:

  • Conner Industries
  • City of Wadsworth (OH)
  • Valley State Bank
  • Iberville Parish (Louisiana)
  • Topper Industries, Inc
  • Webster City Custom Meats
  • Santa Cruz Biotechnology
  • Maui Economic Opportunity Incorporated
  • Welcome Dairy
  • Georgia Cumberland Academy

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The client begins by speaking with a TimeIPS’ sales rep about their needs and can elect to view an online software demonstration. Once the software license is purchased, TimeIPS ships the server within a few days. Once they receive the server, clients follow a seven-step installation and configuration process listed on TimeIPS’ FAQ site.

TimeIPS integrates with payroll (such as QuickBooks) and human resource management systems via an application programming interface (API).

Customer Service & Support

TimeIPS provides contextual help via the Help menu located in the top right-hand corner of each page. Users can also browse articles within the knowledge base and access videos on TimeIPS’ YouTube channel.

TimeIPS offers phone and email support during normal business hours.


TimeIPS’ pricing varies based on a company’s size and needs, so an exact quote is not publicly available. Please contact the vendor directly for pricing.


The interface has a slightly dated look, but users may not care as long as the software is functional. Also, while employees can clock in via a web browser on their smartphones, a mobile app with GPS functionality is not currently offered.


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In 2003, TimeIPS’ founders wanted a real-time automated time and attendance solution with specialized features for their manufacturing and distribution business. Unable to find an affordable software that matched their needs, the founders created their own time-tracking software called TimeIPS. Initially an in-house solution, TimeIPS’ founders decided to market the software at the request of their clients and suppliers.

Since its initial launch in 2004, TimeIPS has offered new features such as hardware clocks and cloud deployment. Its mission is to provide customers with the tools they need to effectively and accurately measure their employees’ time and attendance.

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