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NOVAtime 5000 At A Glance

Good: Dedicated self-service portals for administrators, supervisors and employees; add-on NOVApower Analytics module for drilling down into labor data; integration to over 300 payroll solutions.
Bad: On-premise deployment isn't offered.
Bottom Line: Flexible and scalable time and attendance solution that includes scheduling functionality and employee self-service, and integrates to a variety of time collection devices.

Product Overview

NOVAtime 5000, a cloud-based time and attendance solution, helps companies accurately capture employee time data and efficiently manage their labor. The system has a modular design, so companies can choose the modules that best fit their needs.

NOVAtime 5000 has several benefits, such as:

  • Access via web browser (no software installation is required)
  • Reduced cost of ownership since vendor takes care of upgrades and maintenance
  • Customizable and easy-to-use self-service portals for employees, managers and administrators
  • Robust and flexible reporting tools
  • Helps companies comply with federal, state and local laws with automated features
  • Integration to hundreds of third-party payroll, ERP, and HCM solutions

The solution includes the following modules (which are explained in more detail in our Features section below):

  • Administrator Web Services portal
  • Supervisor Web Services portal
  • Employee Web Services portal
  • Rule setup
  • Workflow approvals and notifications
  • Leave management
  • Compliance
  • Core scheduler
  • Advanced Schedule Manager
  • Expense manager
  • Pay-Per-Performance minimum wage calculations
  • Embedded Tips & Tokes calculations for Gaming, Resort and Retail Food establishments

NOVAtime also offers an add-on module called NOVApower Analytics for companies that want to visualize their workforce data. Users can generate and analyze interactive reports in a chart or graph format. Reports can be sent to others via email. The module includes a user-configured dashboard with full drill-down capabilities.


NOVAtime 5000 has several robust features, including:

  • Administrator Web Services portal – Through the Administrator Web Services portal, administrators have full access to all labor data. Administrators can enable or restrict employee and supervisor access to specific features, as well as configure pay codes, benefits accrual and other rules. They can also set up and monitor data exchange from NOVAtime to their payroll/HRMS solution via NOVAtime Enterprise Web Services. Payroll administrators can access this portal to review timesheets and run payroll reports.
  • Supervisor Web Services portal – This portal allows supervisors to create work schedules, view and edit employees’ timesheets, and approve or deny time-off requests in a few clicks. Supervisors can also review budget information, view employees’ attendance history and generate management reports. In addition, the portal includes a configurable dashboard so supervisors can see all relevant data on a single screen.
  • Employee Web Services portal – The Employee Web Services portal allows employees to clock in and out, complete their timesheets and request time off. They can also view current and past time and attendance data, as well as update their personal information. The portal has a built-in web clock that’s accessible on any browser with time data that’s tracked by IP address. There’s also the Attestation feature that allows employees to reject or approve their edited timesheet. Employees can add comments to the attested timesheet, which then goes to their supervisor for final approval.
  • Rule setup module – NOVAtime includes a rule setup module for configuring and tracking custom pay rules, such as shift rules, holiday rules, policy rules, leave accrual rules and point system rules. Clients can also customize the approval process for timesheet editing and other events.
  • Workflow approvals and notifications module – The workflow-approval engine gives users the capability to approve to up to 10 workflow steps, meaning companies can have specific workflows routed to up to 10 people for approval. Users can receive notifications of events they need to approve by text, email or phone.
  • Report generator – NOVAtime has a robust report generator that includes over 150 pre-installed report templates. It also supports custom reporting and multiple output file formats, such as Excel, PDF, HTML and CSV. Users can schedule reports at specific time intervals, including weekly, monthly or quarterly.
  • Leave management module – The leave management module automates leave management tasks, such as determining employee leave eligibility, and requesting and approving leave. The system supports an unlimited number of leave events, including vacation, sick, and Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) leave. Each leave event gets its own unique code for easier tracking.
  • Compliance modules – Compliance modules support various federal, state and local regulations, such as the Affordable Care Act (ACA), FMLA and sick leave that’s required by specific state or city laws. The module automatically calculates each employee’s full-time hours and other eligibility determinations for ACA compliance. It also tracks overtime and meal and break periods in compliance with the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). NOVAtime monitors the changing labor laws and updates compliance features as new laws are enacted or updated.
  • Core scheduler module – With the core scheduler module, supervisors can create daily, weekly or monthly schedules for employees’ shifts. The schedule can be created once and used as a template in the future. Supervisors can filter schedule data based on department, location or type of job. The module supports an unlimited number of schedule types, such as one-off scheduling and split shifts.
  • Advanced Schedule Manager – For companies with more complex scheduling needs, there’s the Advanced Schedule Manager. This module allows supervisors to schedule employees based on their qualifications, such as licenses, certifications or skills. For example, if a employee that’s certified to do a job requested advance time off for a specific shift, the module could text, email or call the next qualified and available employee. The supervisor can then accept or reject that employee’s shift availability. Other features of this module include automatic absence scheduling, scheduling preferences and limitations, and “schedule giveaways,” where an employee can swap shifts with another qualified employee.
  • Expense manager – The expense manager module allows employees to capture expense data, such as receipts, from the web or a mobile device. Employees can take a picture of the receipt with their phones and upload it to the solution, along with their expense report. The expense report is then routed through a user-defined workflow for approval. Other features include automatic calculations of mileage, unlimited user-defined expense categories and reporting tools for expense tracking.

  • Attendance Tracking?
  • Biometric?
  • Employee Scheduling?
  • Hardware?
  • Hourly Employee Tracking?
  • Mobile?
  • Salaried Employee Tracking?
  • Vacation/Sick/Leave Tracking?

Target Market

NOVAtime is intended for companies of all sizes in all industries. We’ve listed 10 of its clients below:

  • Bumble Bee
  • Carl's Jr
  • Chick-fil-A
  • Dole
  • Goodwill
  • Humana
  • San Antonio Independent School District
  • Shelby County Schools
  • Sun Chemical
  • YMCA

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Clients work with NOVAtime employees on implementation. The typical implementation timeline is 90 days. NOVAtime offers full migration, implementation and training services as part of its standard fixed-price implementation.

NOVAtime supports third-party integration to over 300 payroll systems, human resource management systems (HRMS) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems via NOVAtime Enterprise Web Services. This means clients can easily transfer time and attendance data without having to manually add it to their payroll solutions or other systems.

Customer Service & Support

NOVAtime offers web-based and onsite training courses for its solutions. In addition, users can also access demonstration videos and articles online.

Users can contact NOVAtime’s tech support staff by email.


NOVAtime’s subscription pricing is based on a per-employee, per-month strategy. It also offers a fixed-price implementation fee. NOVAtime doesn’t display pricing information publicly, so please contact the company directly for a quote.


The solution isn’t available as an on-premise deployment. Companies that wish to host their own data can check out our other time clock software reviews.


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NOVAtime is the world’s largest dedicated workforce management company. It’s had 18 years of debt-free double-digit growth with over 20,000 clients globally.

The company started in 1999 with a multi-tiered solution, and it currently offers one of the most robust solutions in the market. The vendor is Plynt Certified and is a Gold Certified Microsoft Partner.

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