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EPAY Time & Labor At A Glance

Good: Variety of time-collection options, integrates with human capital management software for access to other HR tasks, flexibility for companies with unique pay rules.
Bad: Not intended for small businesses.
Bottom Line: Workforce management software that's intended for larger companies with shift-based or hourly employees.

Product Overview

EPAY has a Human Capital Management (HCM) solution that includes HR tasks, such as onboarding, applicant tracking, payroll and benefits. For the purpose of this review, we’ll focus on the EPAY Time and Labor Management solution.

EPAY Time and Labor Management (formerly BlueforceTM Workforce Management) is intended for companies with a large base of hourly employees. It provides a wide range of time-collection options, including biometric time clocks, Web time tracking, mobile time tracking and phone time tracking.

The many time-collection options are beneficial for companies that don’t want the hassle of manual time tracking, but still want to eliminate “buddy punching” and other wage theft issues.

Another benefit is that companies can process payroll straight from EPAY. EPAY offers a fully integrated payroll module (along with other HR modules such as applicant tracking, onboarding, and benefits), but it can also integrate with a client’s existing payroll or ERP system. Administrators can capture time worked on automated time sheets that can be automatically pulled into payroll for processing. Pay stubs can also be printed directly from EPAY’s human capital management platform.

EPAY Time and Labor helps companies reduce the risk of false workers’ comp claims, lawsuits and other compliance issues. There are several built-in compliance tools, such as on-demand audit reports, alerts for meals and other breaks, and violation flagging.

EPAY Time and Labor provides flexibility for companies with unique payroll requirements, such as multiple locations, multiple pay groups, union employees, shift differentials and other complex pay rules. It also provides real-time access to labor and budget data to help companies reduce labor costs and make better business decisions, even outside of the office.

Finally, as the Time and Labor solution integrates with EPAY’s HCM modules, companies can handle their other HR functions with one solution rather than paying for and maintaining separate software.


EPAY Time and Labor Management has several features, in addition to time tracking, that help companies reduce costs, provide better customer service and stay in compliance. They are:

Employee scheduling: Managers can create schedules or reuse a template of a previous schedule. They can also designate the best employees for a job by matching the qualifications and skills required for the positions. Managers can post schedules either online or within the specific time clock so employees can view and sign up for open shifts. EPAY sends an alert if an employee is approaching or has approached overtime pay for hours worked so the schedule can be revised.

Alerts and messaging: Managers can send messages to their employees via the time clock software so employees can see them when they clock in or out. Messages can be targeted to one employee, a specific group of employees (e.g., the customer service department) or the entire company. EPAY also sends warning alerts to managers for any of these reasons: employee is about to hit overtime for hours worked, employee misses a meal or other break, employee fails to clock in at the scheduled time, or a job site or project is about to go over budget.

Employee points: This is a customizable performance tracking feature that records things like the number of times an employee has been late. It can also measure other aspects of performance, whether positive or negative, such as praise or complaints from customers. Managers designate specific positive or negative criteria that trigger the points. With this points tracking system, managers can see who’s performing well or poorly and design an appropriate action plan.

Affordable Care Act toolkit: Because it’s important for companies to comply with the Affordable Care Act (ACA), this set of features and reports helps them meet ACA requirements. One tool is the premium affordability report that provides a guideline for an employee’s maximum health insurance charge (which is 9.5% of the employee’s income). The toolkit also tells companies which employees are approaching the 30-hour threshold to be counted as full-time employees and calculates the total number of full-time-equivalent employees.

We also want to briefly mention each optional time-tracking method:

Biometric time clock: Available in two configurations, the WalTerTM biometric clock is a plug-and-play clock that can be installed on a wall. It includes fingerprint recognition and a built-in camera to eliminate any buddy punching. Employees can access schedules, submit time-off requests and even print pay stubs.

Phone time tracking: The FonenTM time tracking system allows employees to log in and out via landlines or cell phones using Integrated Voice Response (IVR) technology. Employees call a registered phone number and follow prompts for clocking in or out. Similar to the other methods, Fonen provides a date and time stamp so there’s an audit trail.

Online time tracking: Intended for corporate and professional settings, the WebPunch system allows employees to clock in via a PC. They simply log in by entering an ID number. WebPunch tracks logins and logouts via IP addresses, and it flags unauthorized logging from unregistered PCs.

Mobile time tracking: EPAY’s Mobile Punch time-tracking app has a geotracking feature so managers can see the time stamp and exact location of an employee’s clock in and clock out. It can automatically clock out employees if they leave a designated work area or site. Not only can employees punch in and out via the app, they can also view work schedules and request time off. Mobile Punch is compatible with iOS and Android devices.

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Target Market

Even though it’s intended for many industries, EPAY Systems is specifically targeted to medium-to-large businesses that employ hourly workers.

We’ve listed 10 of its customers below:

  • ABM
  • Capital Building Services Group
  • Express Employment Professionals
  • Healthcare Services Group
  • Kelly Services
  • ISS Facility Services
  • U.S. Army
  • GDI Integrated Facility Services
  • Bergelectric
  • Nelson Staffing

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As EPAY is cloud-based, implementation is shorter than traditional on-premise solutions. There’s an all-inclusive monthly price with no fees for maintenance or upgrades.

Customer Service & Support

EPAY Systems provides customers with free tech support 24/7, as well as a dedicated client relationship manager. Users can contact EPAY Systems via phone, email or live chat. They can also submit support requests using a self-service portal.


EPAY Systems doesn’t publicly display pricing information. Please contact the vendor directly for a quote.


EPAY Systems is targeted mainly toward companies with hourly or shift-based employees. Also, it’s not intended for small businesses.


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EPAY Systems created its human capital management system with a unique focus on medium and large companies that have an hourly workforce.

The solution operates on two rules: making life easier on companies by creating a solution to reduce administrative work and providing a solution that’s robust.

In addition to its workforce management and HCM solutions, EPAY offers customers professional services such as payroll services and custom training.

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