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Chairlift At A Glance

Good: Variety of performance review options (e.g., 360-degree feedback, rankings and 9-box grids), recruiting module, online employee-recognition functionality.
Bad: Doesn't offer onboarding, learning management, succession planning or compensation management.
Bottom Line: Talent-management solution that provides an innovative way to improve performance management and employee recognition.

Product Overview

Chairlift is a talent-management solution that places a key focus on employee performance. Unlike traditional performance reviews that only take place yearly, Chairlift believes in providing employees with continuous feedback – not just from their managers, but from other colleagues.

Performance reviews tend to be tedious. Chairlift makes them easier by allowing administrators to customize their own review process.

Administrators can choose from different types of questions and formats for each performance review, such as rankings, 9-box grids and open-ended questions. Peer reviews and self-evaluation options are also available.

In addition, Chairlift includes 360-degree feedback functionality. 360-degree reviews can be conducted on anyone and can be done frequently.

Executives can also set objectives for employees with Chairlift’s Objectives and Key Results (OKRs). Those objectives can be long-term or short-term, or even just based on specific projects. Employees can check in on their goals to see if they’ve been achieved, and managers can use those individual goals to review employee performance.

Chairlift also offers a Recruiting module to help employers hire better talent. The module allows recruiters to source prospects from different job boards, such as Indeed, Glassdoor, LinkedIn and CareerBuilder.

There’s also an interview kit to help hiring managers conduct interviews. The kit contains specific interview questions, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) guidelines, candidates’ resumes and a Scorecards feature. The Scorecards feature helps recruiters and hiring managers evaluate job candidates based on their personalities, skills and other attributes. Recruiters can also compare one candidate against others with the Candidate Comparison feature.

More details on Chairlift’s other features are in our Features section below.


In addition to boosting employee performance and setting goals, Chairlift also focuses on improving employee engagement with recognition.

Similar to providing feedback, employee recognition should be done continuously and not just on a formal basis. Chairlift’s Online Recognition Feature allows managers and executives to award employees with badges of recognition for their hard work. Users have the choice of either choosing from different built-in badges or creating their own badges.

The Analytics and Reporting feature is useful for companies that need to measure how employee performance affects business goals. Managers and executives can see whether feedback was given frequently or not. They can then create actionable items based on the data.

Another unique feature is the Mobile Company Directory. This app helps employees search for and connect with other employees by name, job title and other parameters.

Finally, Chairlift can be integrated with other software. Users can sign on to all programs at once rather than individually sign into different solutions.

  • Compensation Management?
  • Learning Management?
  • Onboarding?
  • People Analytics?
  • Performance Tracking?
  • Recruiting Management?
  • Social Integration?
  • Succession Planning?

Target Market

Chairlift is targeted at all company sizes in all industries.

We’ve listed 10 of its customers below:

  • BuzzFeed
  • CiCPlus+
  • Crimson
  • Eligo Energy
  • GoAnimate
  • iCanvas
  • iControl
  • Jaguar
  • NextCapital
  • SparkGrowth

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As Chairlift is based in the cloud, companies receive a link to the site to begin using the solution. Chairlift takes care of uploading initial employee data. Users with administrative rights (e.g., HR) will have access to additional features within the system, such as creating a review cycle, managing the employee database or customizing email notifications.

There is no formal training process. However, Chairlift uses Intercom, which allows any user to ask questions and troubleshoot in real time. Because the solution is very intuitive, Chairlift feels users should be able to adapt to it with minimal training.

Customer Service & Support

Chairlift offers Premium Support, which is available 24 hours a day from Monday at 7 a.m. to Friday at 9 p.m. Users can contact support via email.

Chairlift classifies support requests based on severity of the issue and priority. Priority 1 is any urgent issues, such as if the platform isn’t operational. Priority 2 is critical. Priority 3 is important, and Priority 4 is minor. The lowest-level priority is Priority 5, which is used for requests for new features.

Urgent and critical issues are taken care of within one to four hours, depending on the support package the company purchased.


Chairlift provides three pricing tiers.

  • Professional (Employee Opinion Survey): The Professional plan is priced at $2 per user per month. It includes all features of the Employee Opinion Survey solution as well as reporting and analytics features. There is also a choice of month-to-month or annual contracts. Real-time customer support is also included.
  • Professional (Performance Management): At $6 per user per month, this tier includes one-on-one feedback, 360-degree feedback, objectives and key results, employee directory, employee recognition and reporting and analytics features. Real-time customer support is also included.
  • Enterprise (Performance Management): This plan includes all features of the Professional Performance Management plan plus adds enterprise-level customer support, advanced integration to HR systems and customization to fit an organization’s needs. Please contact Chairlift for a quote.


Chairlift doesn’t include learning management, onboarding or compensation management features.

Businesses that require those features can check out other reviews, such as Lumesse Software or IBM Kenexa.


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Chairlift was founded in 2013 when its parent company, Sphere Consulting, needed an easy-to-use cloud-based system for employee performance management and recognition. It then recognized that other companies were also looking for more automated ways to set objectives, exchange continuous feedback and recognize employees.

Chairlift was designed specifically for the needs of the largest segment of the workforce, the Millennials, as they have different expectations of talent management than other generations.

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