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Globoforce At A Glance

Good: Focuses on employee engagement based on praise.
Bad: Does not include many core features.
Bottom Line: Unique performance appraisal solution for enhancing employee retention.

Product Overview

According to a 2009 McKinsey Global Survey, 67% of employees interviewed feel they are more motivated by praise from their manager.  And almost no recognition can lead to employee turnover. Good employees help drive a company’s success, so it is very critical for the company to retain them. And one of the ways of improving employee retention is to recognize the employees for their years of service and all their hard work.

The benefit of Globoforce’s SaaS solution is to help companies with ways of recognizing their employees and increasing employee engagement. Its platform has these following attributes all included:

Strategic Recognition – Globoforce takes a global approach in recognizing employees by giving the employees the choice in types of rewards- be it a vacation, gift cards to restaurants and store, or even donation to a favorite charity. The rewards can be redeemed anywhere, based on the employee’s preference.

Years of service programs – Globoforce’s Service Timelines is a tool that acknowledges employees’ anniversaries with technology. Its anayltics functionality allows for storing data of employees’ past achievements, as well as encourage congratulations and remembrances from co-workers, as well as managers.

Wellness – Globoforce’s wellness program helps reward employees that participates in health & wellness activities.

Sales incentives – Sales and customer service employees need to reach quotas, and may need help in getting that motivation. Globoforce helps employers provide incentives and small rewards for sales and customer service folks that reach their quotas.

Safety – Safety is important in every workplace – and it is critical that employers periodically remind their employees of it.  Also important is recognizing employees for proactive safety precautions and notifying the company of safety incidents.


We’ve indicated below a few of Globoforce’s features. However, we want to briefly discuss its social recognition and mobile recognition functionalities.

As social media is a part of all aspects of a business, it is no surprise that Globoforce includes it in some way. With the Social Recognition feature, the employee’s recognition is shared with everyone in the company via the recognition feed. Employees can acknowledge the recognition by commenting on the feed.

Globoforce’s Mobile Recognition feature allows companies to access all recognition features via mobile devices. Employees can access and comment on the recognition feeds and even redeem their rewards straight from their devices.

Another feature of Globoforce is its Talent Maps.  Talent Maps allows managers to identify their top performers for reward and development. It is also useful in performance reviews – as an employee’s review data can be contributed by their peers and other managers.

Target Market

Globoforce’s customers ranged from industries such as healthcare to technology to manufacturing and travel & hospitality. We’ve listed several of their customers below:

  • Biogen Idec
  • Celestica
  • Discovery Channel
  • DHL
  • Intuit
  • JetBlue Airways
  • Orbitz
  • P&G
  • Thomson Reuters
  • Symantec

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Globoforce’s platform provide the same scalability and flexibility for any company, regardless of the number of its employees. As it is a cloud-based platform, companies won’t have to worry about software maintenance, and can begin using it in a short time. Globoforce can also be integrated into existing HR systems. The platform can also be deployed in more than 30 languages.

Customer Service & Support

Unlike other recognition service vendors, Globoforce has in-house customer support, especially when issues arise in redeeming rewards. Customer support is available 24/7 by email or phone.


Globoforce doesn’t publicly release pricing information. Please contact them directly for a price quote.


As Globoforce focuses on talent management and recognition, companies looking for Core HR functionalities (payroll, etc) will have to consider other solutions.  Also, Globoforce’s platform has been used mainly by larger companies, so it may not be a fit for small businesses.


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Founded in 1999, Globoforce is a big player in the employee recognition market. It realizes that employee engagement and recognition are very important and set out to create recognition programs that ties to a company’s values and goals. It empowers employers to take a strategic, rather than tactical, approach to employee engagement.

Globoforce has two headquarters, one in Dublin, Ireland and the other in Southborough, MA. It has received numerous awards over the years, including the #1 Recognition Provider in Human Resource Outsourcing Magazine’s Baker’s Dozen awards in 2014.

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