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Lumesse At A Glance

Good: Efficient recruiting and onboarding tools, robust learning management system, Innovation module that's dedicated for employees to provide new ideas for their company.
Bad: Too robust for smaller businesses.
Bottom Line: An integrated talent management solution that helps companies attract and engage their employees.

Product Overview

Lumesse provides two distinct solutions: ETWeb empower, a talent management suite, and Lumesse Talent Acquisition, a best-of-breed talent acquisition platform. The focus of our review will be on ETWeb empower.

Lumesse ETWeb empower is an integrated people-centric talent management suite that helps companies attract and engage their employees. It also empower employees to be more successful at their current job roles and on their career overall.

The suite includes eight core modules:

  • Core HR
  • Recruiting
  • Onboarding
  • Learning
  • Performance
  • Compensation
  • Career and succession planning
  • Idea management

We also want to briefly discuss Lumesse’s Talent Acquisition platform. This platform is accessible to not only recruiters and hiring managers, but executives and job applicants. It consists of eight modules: engage, source, video, distribute, recruit, check, onboard, and insight.


Here are some of the key features of each ETWeb empower module:

Core HR – The Core HR module includes a company chart that provides detailed reporting lines and information on each employee (such as email and phone number) in a single click. It also includes employee profiles that highlights an employee’s job role, skills and recognition. Other features include a self-service portal and reporting tools. The module also integrates with a company’s HRMS solution.

Recruiting – With the recruiting module, recruiters can manage requisitions with features, such as pre-populated fields and configurable approval workflows. They also can view all information on a candidate within a single screen. And finally, the module integrates with Microsoft Outlook and Gmail, so recruiters can schedule interviews with multiple attendees with a single click.

Onboard – The onboard module provides automated tools to help recruiters efficiently manage the new hire onboarding process. New hires can find our more about the company culture, as well as fill out the required paperwork straight from the platform.

Learning – The Lumesse Learn module is a dedicated learning management system that helps companies provide blended learning for employees with gaps in current performance or acquiring new skills. Employers can provide learning options, such as classroom-based learning, online courses, or articles and videos. The Learn module includes training catalogs, as well as a self-service learning portal so employees can participate in courses and track their learning progress.

Performance – The performance module supports continuous performance feedback rather than rigid evaluation timelines (for example, yearly performance reviews). Employees can create and monitor their personal objectives and goals. Managers and employees can also send and receive direct feedback straight from the module.

Compensation – This module provides configurable tools to help managers give transparent and fair merit-based bonuses and raises to employees. Managers can review compensation information on all of their employees in a single screen. Companies can also configure and display salary structure of different groups or locations. And finally, employers can use this tool to motivate employees by providing social recognition tools, such as trophies or badges.

Career and Succession – This module empowers employees with tools to manage their own development with a company. Employees use the career navigator to figure out which positions they’d like to advance to in the company; the navigator also displays what skills are needed for the particular roles and the names of the people who holds the current role. The module also provides tools to help companies plan possible succession scenarios, such as a grid to measure the performance and potential of possible successors to a role.

Idea management – The Innovation module allows employees to contribute to a company’s success by providing ideas on new tasks or projects and receiving feedback on them. Companies can provide awards, such as badges, to employees that comes up with ideas or projects. The module includes social collaboration tools so other employees can provide feedback.

Target Market

Lumesse works with businesses from all sizes and all industries. It has the distinction of serving many of the largest corporations in the United Kingdom. Below are listed several of their clients:

  • Heineken
  • Tommy Hilfiger
  • France Telecom
  • Arnecom
  • BBC
  • British Airways
  • Ramboll
  • Luvata
  • Checkpoint Systems
  • Royal Mail

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Lumesse’s online Knowledge Center assists customer implementation by sharing expertise and market insights along with opinions and predictions.

Their insight library includes insights from their own experts and leading analysts. From social recruiting through to how you build a business plan for performance management, there’s a host of interesting topics. Visitors can also learn from the experiences of other companies and track some of the trends Lumesse sees in specific industries.

HR Insight Tools is a feature to assess a company’s current position and it compares with other organizations.  In addition, Lumesse hosts events and webinars to share their thinking with users, and hear some insights from the user perspective as well. On-demand webinars are run live, in both English and local language. For users that are unable to attend live sessions, past sessions are archived on their site. Finally, the Lumesse blog offers top tips of best practices and insights on the latest industry innovations.

Customer Service & Support

Lumesse offers a 3-step services approach, which begins at the Prepare stage. Here, Lumesse shares research and information with users, to help them in the decision-making process as they begin their journey with talent management software.

The next step, partially covered above, is implementation. Once a product has been chosen, Lumesse’s ideal implementation approach ensures the product goes live both on time and on budget. Experienced consultants are there to help guide users through the entire process.

Finally, the optimization step is an umbrella term for the range of post-implementation services provided by Lumesse. Customer support throughout the world, Lumesse Academy, and various other additional resources highlight a robust support system.


Lumesse doesn’t publicly release pricing information. Please contact them directly for a price quote.


Although it’s intended for all company sizes, Lumesse may be too robust for small companies.


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Lumesse is an award-winning provider of recruitment and talent management software. They provide Talent Solutions to more than 1,500 organizations in over 70 countries enabling them to engage and nurture the best talent in an ever-changing and demanding global environment.

With their unique and highly adaptable Talent Solutions our customers are well prepared to capitalize on the fast evolution of new technologies and disruptive business conditions, while meeting all business needs locally and globally.

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