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Lumesse At A Glance

Good: Includes self-service and 360 feedback.
Bad: There is no auto-populating function, so that the same information will often have to be re-entered.
Bottom Line: An integrated talent management solution that specializes in applicant tracking technology.

Product Overview

Lumesse’s comprehensive, integrated talent management system includes capabilities such as onboarding, Core HR, learning, performance, skills and competency, HR analytics, career and succession, 360 feedback, and compensation.

Lumesse’s talent management software is highlighted by TalentLink, an applicant tracking system that gives companies a talent acquisition advantage by helping them attract high-level employees before the competition.

The tool is quick and easy to use: a powerful and intuitive app-based technology speeds up the recruitment process and helps users make better decisions. Managers will be able to co-ordinate and accelerate hiring manager tasks, while HR’s time will be freed up to add value elsewhere.

Greater control is provided to users by bringing together all the direct and indirect elements of their talent attraction and talent sourcing activities in one secure online space, with all the advantages of the cloud.

The best channels to advertise job postings on can be identified using TalentLink. Whether your company finds talent through social media channels, such as Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn, or preferred-supplier recruitment agencies, job boards or outsourcing companies, Lumesse makes businesses more effective, generating detailed reports that lets users see which sources are most effective.

Lumesse includes a personalized workspace functionality with dedicated web portals to make the job of users easier and limit their reliance on external recruiters, reducing recruitment costs.

Finally, life is simply made easier for hiring managers by automating processes and providing valuable reporting and analytics, all of which raise HR’s profile and demonstrate the department’s ability to contribute to overall strategy.


Sourcing & Screening Features

  • Candidate Database
  • Career Page Widget
  • Custom Application Forms
  • Post to External Job Sites
  • Resume Parser
  • Self Service Career Page
  • Social Recruiting Tools

Interview & Workflow Features

  • Candidate Dashboard
  • Custom Workflows
  • Email Record in App

Tracking & Reporting Features

  • Custom Reports
  • Employer Tracking (Recruiters)
  • Time and Expense Tracking (Recruiters)

Integration Options

  • API Available
  • Facebook
  • Free Job Boards
  • GMail
  • LinkedIn
  • Paid Job Boards
  • Social Media

Job Boards

  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook

Support Features

  • 24/7
  • Blog
  • Email
  • FAQ
  • Normal business hours
  • On-site
  • Phone
  • Request form

  • Compensation Management?
  • Learning Management?
  • Onboarding?
  • People Analytics?
  • Performance Tracking?
  • Recruiting Management?
  • Social Integration?
  • Succession Planning?

Target Market

Lumesse works with businesses from all sizes and all industries. It has the distinction of serving many of the largest corporations in the United Kingdom. Below are listed several of their clients:

  • Heineken
  • Tommy Hilfiger
  • France Telecom
  • Arnecom
  • BBC
  • British Airways
  • Ramboll
  • Luvata
  • Checkpoint Systems
  • Royal Mail

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Lumesse’s online Knowledge Center assists customer implementation by sharing expertise and market insights along with opinions and predictions.

Their insight library includes insights from their own experts and leading analysts. From social recruiting through to how you build a business plan for performance management, there’s a host of interesting topics. Visitors can also learn from the experiences of other companies and track some of the trends Lumesse sees in specific industries.

HR Insight Tools is a feature to assess a company’s current position and it compares with other organizations. 
In addition, Lumesse hosts events and webinars to share their thinking with users, and hear some insights from the user perspective as well.
On-demand webinars are run live, in both English and local language. For users that are unable to attend live sessions, past sessions are archived here. 
Finally, the Lumesse blog offers top tips of best practices and insights on the latest industry innovations.

Customer Service & Support

Lumesse offers a 3 step services approach, which begins at the Prepare stage. Here Lumesse shares research and information with users, to help them in the decision-making process as they begin their journey with talent management software.

The next step, partially covered above, is implementation. Once a product has been chosen, Lumesse’s ideal implementation approach ensures the product goes live both on-time and on-budget. Experienced consultants are there to help guide users through the entire process.

Finally, the optimization step is an umbrella term for the range of post-implementation services provided by Lumesse. Customer support throughout the world, Lumesse Academy, and various other additional resources highlight a robust support system.


Lumesse doesn’t publicly release pricing information. Please contact them directly for a price quote.


Some users have noted that the reporting function is not up to par, and that the graph that it produces is dismal and not very attractive.

Others have found it time consuming to post resumes directly to a website, because there are so many clicks needed to actually view each candidates resume and change their application status.

Functions can be inconsistent on Lumesse, meaning that on one page, a user may be able to scroll down, but on the other, the user has to click a down arrow.

There is no auto-populating function, so that the same information will often have to be re-entered numerous times.


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Formerly known as StepStone Solutions when it was founded in 2003, Lumesse has grown to serve over 70 countries and operate in over 50 langauges. Purchased by Hg Capital in 2010, Lumesse is a talent management system vendor that specializes in applicant tracking features. The basis of TalentLink, their most popular software, was the acquistion of MrTed in 2010, a highly-rated, apps-based product. They are headquatered in Luton, Bedfordshire in the United Kingdom.

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