Sharp MX-M6051 Essentials Series Review

Good: Amazon Alexa voice interaction, flexible finishing options, cloud printing and scanning capability.
Bad: Standard paper capacity is low, but companies can add additional paper options for a maximum capacity of 6,300 sheets.
Bottom Line: New line of black-and-white MFPs that include upgraded security and other innovative features.
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MX-M6051 Series
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26 ppm-40 ppm
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1.4 GHz
5 GB
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Product Overview

The new MX-M6051 Essentials Series is part of a refresh of Sharp’s Advanced and Essential Series of black-and-white MFPs. These Essential Series are built on the same platform as the Advanced Series but are lower cost and designed for customers that require multifunction capability, but don’t need advanced workflow features.

The MX-M6051 Series include newer features, such as the MFP Voice feature, cloud integration and upgraded security. The MFP Voice feature lets users give verbal, hands-free commands to Amazon Alexa. For instance, they can ask Alexa to scan a page or make copies.

This series consist of six devices:

  • MX-M2651 ($6,275 and prints and copies at up to 26 ppm)
  • MX-M3051 ($7,700 and prints/copies at up to 30 ppm)
  • MX-M3551 ($9,500 and prints/copies at up to 35 ppm)
  • MX-M4051 ($10,000 and prints and copies at up to 40 ppm)
  • MX-M5051 ($10,750 and prints and copies at up to 50 ppm)
  • MX-M6051 ($12,500 and prints and copies at up to 60 ppm)

Copying, printing and scanning features are all standard. Fax is optional. These devices have a 1.4 GHz processor, 5 GB of memory and a 500 GB hard drive. Sharp also includes a built-in retractable keyboard for entering email addresses, messages in the body and other pertinent data when scanning documents.

Warm-up time is 27 seconds or less. There’s a 10.1″ customizable touchscreen with a cleaner, easy-to-read design. Users can access commonly-used workflows, such as one-button scanning and copying, address book and Sharp Cloud Portal Office.

More information on these devices is in our Features section below.

The MX-M6051 Essentials Series provides strong and scalable features for all offices to help them improve their productivity.


Paper handling: Paper input starts with a 550-sheet tray and a 100-sheet bypass for 650 sheets. There are many options to bring the maximum capacity to 6,300 sheets. Users can purchase a single 550-sheet drawer ($885), two 550-sheet drawers ($1,130) or three 550-sheet drawers ($1,570). There is also a split tandem paper drawer option ($2,000) that consists of three drawer, with one drawer at 550 sheets and the split tandem paper drawers that hold 2,100 sheets. Finally, there’s the 3,000-sheet large capacity tray ($1,570) that requires purchase of any of the 550-sheet drawers.

There’s a standard reversing single-pass duplexing document feeder. It has a 100-sheet capacity and can scan paper up to 80 ipm.

Aside from the standard 250-sheet exit tray, the machines offer optional finishers. There’s an inner finisher that staples up to 50 sheets ($2,000). Then, there’s a 50-sheet stapling finisher with a 1,000-sheet tray ($2,600). In addition, there’s a 50-sheet saddle-stitching finisher with a 1,000-sheet tray for $3,050.

Sharp also offers a finisher that stacks up to 3,000 sheets and staples up to 65 sheets for $3,050. Companies can also purchase a saddle-stitching finisher ($6,000) that stacks up to 3,000 sheets and staples up to 65 sheets. A three-hole punch unit is available for each finisher.

There’s also a 100-sheet job separator ($55) and a 100-sheet right-side exit tray ($160).

MFP Features: PCL is standard, but PostScipt is optional. USB, Ethernet and wireless connectivity are standard. Mobile printing and scanning are supported via the Sharpdesk Mobile App.

The models offer standard network scanning as well as optional PC fax and Internet fax. The scan function includes both LDAP support and network authentication. File formats include TIFF, PDF, XPS, PDF/A and encrypted PDF.

There’s a compact PDF feature that can reduce the size of scanned color documents, making it more manageable to scan and save those documents.

There’s also Sharp Cloud Portal Office for storing and sharing documents in the cloud. Users can also access cloud apps such as Microsoft OneDrive for Business, SharePoint Online, Box, Dropbox and Google Drive.

Sharp’ new Application Portal lets administrators add or update apps from the MFP.

Finally, the devices include the multi-layered security features, such as the Firmware Attack Prevention and Recovery (identifying malicious attacks and restoring machine firmware), whitelisting (denies access if source data is not on a white list), authority groups (for restricting copying, printing and scanning features) and confidential printing.

  • Automatic Document Feeder?
  • Duplexing?
  • Ethernet Connectivity?
  • Wireless Connectivity?
  • Mobile Printing/Scanning?
  • Finishers?


The standard paper capacity tends to be low since each device comes with one 550-sheet paper tray and a 100-sheet bypass tray (650 sheets). However, companies can scale up to the maximum capacity of 6,300 sheets by including additional paper options. The pricing for each paper option remains competitive.


Sharp Imaging and information Company of America, a division of Sharp Electronics Corporation, markets Sharp’s business products, including the advanced MX Series multifunction printer (MFP), that help companies manage workflow efficiently and increase productivity.

As a leader within the MFP industry, Sharp MFPs feature the Sharp OSA® development platform, which seamlessly integrates network applications to create a personalized MFP that can meet virtually any business need, and Scan2 technology, which scans two-sided documents in a single pass to enhance scanning reliability and preserve document integrity.

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