7 Marketing Automation Trends for 3Q 2018

Marketing automation (MA) is hot. Of all the trending software in the business market, few have been outpacing MA in terms of market growth and compounded annual growth rate.

Forrester fastens the exclamation point on the sector’s growth with the results of its first-ever forecast of marketing automation. The results? Forrester predicts a more-than-doubling in market size (from $11.4 billion to $25.4 billion) by 2023. That’s a CAGR of more than 14%.

Marketing automation trends blog post

While the debate will rage forever as to whether the product drives marketing or marketing drives the product, automating a large portion of marketing duties – from emails to survey generation, from customer engagement and sales tracking to statistical drill-down – has become essential for any company that fancies itself a savvy promoter – or just wants to increase the bottom line.

If it’s true, as playwright George Bernard Shaw claimed, that a truly intelligent person is moved by statistics, then there’s an abundance of geniuses populating marketing departments right now.

Check out this Business2Community infographic chock full of statistics! And then move to get aboard the marketing automation express.

And because trends need analysis, like statistics need dashboards, consider these additional five bulletins on what’s been happening in marketing automation:

1. More than sales increases! Other advantages of adopting Marketing Automation

Forbes Magazine Technology Council’s Antonio Altamirano discusses the marketing automation surge by citing its advantages in this recent article. If you’ve been reluctant to take your marketing digital, this article should convince you of its intrinsic benefits. Worth the read.

2. Businesses need to embrace Marketing Automation – Now!

And if you’re still going to be a johnny-come-lately who needs more convincing about the advantages of marketing automation, check out this InformationWeek article on how automation, driven by cloud, must be exploited asap by businesses (at least those with intelligent persons on staff).

3. Mike Morris, GetResponseUS head, holds forth on what’s driving MA’s upsurge in adoption

MarTechAdvisor interviews Mike Morris, lead of GetResponse US, for his tips and take on what’s driving this MA software evolution. Check his comments on applying a streamlined approach to MA, the challenges behind MA adoption and the role AI will play in next generation of MA solutions.

4. MA meet CRM. Now, here’s how to get along together

The natural alliance between MA and CRM lends itself to improved workflows, more conversions  and fatter bottom lines – if done correctly. Alessandra Ceresa covers some best practices for when you get to the point of implementing a CRM into your MA solution.

5. Marketing-as-a-Service? eTrigue launches its new MaaS product and disrupts MA axis

Like an eddy scuffling alongside a whirlpool, eTrigue has launched an all-in-one Marketing-as-a-Service product that fills a gap for businesses whose marketing resources are sufficient but not robust. Could this twist on a theme make MaaS the next big thing?

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