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Thought Industries At A Glance

Good: Ability to quickly build custom microsites and interactive learning courses all from within one cloud-based platform, integrates with third-party business systems, provides eCommerce functionality out of the box.
Bad: Not geared for companies needing internal corporate training.
Bottom Line: Consolidated platform of easy-to-use tools for companies looking to deliver or sell online learning to consumers, professionals and the extended enterprise.

Product Overview

Thought Industries’ TI Enterprise Learning Cloud is geared toward companies who provide for-profit online learning for consumers or professionals. The platform is also well suited for organizations who need to quickly and easily train and educate extended enterprise learners, such as partners, resellers and dealers. It integrates with Thought Industries’ “headless” solution, Helium, that allows developers to fully customize and deploy a learning platform by using a front-end software framework.

With Thought Industries, customers can create, distribute, and even monetize content. The platform offers drag-and-drop course authoring, eCommerce functionality, and the ability to build custom microsites and pages from within the platform. Also featured is learner management capabilities, social and mobile learning, and in-depth reporting and analytics.

Thought Industries offers customers multiple business models including:

  • Direct-to-customer for offering online learning directly to a client’s end users
  • Bulk-seat licensing for providing education, training, and certifications to large departments and organizations
  • Platform licensing to resell content and branded instances for clients in need of subject-matter expertise

Thought Industries offers an open backend which enables integration with third-party systems, such as marketing automation tools, customer relationship management (CRM) systems, and other eCommerce providers. The platform also offers single-sign-on capabilities so users don’t have to log into each system, and instead can be passed through seamlessly from one domain to a Thought Industries’ learner experience. The platform can also be available on multiple channels: web, mobile, within an existing software application, virtual reality and augmented reality.


Using Thought Industries, clients can build online training, education and learning sites, create customized content and learner experiences, and sell courses via a variety of monetization options such as a la carte or subscriptions. Learning sites can be created via a drag-and-drop functionality and customized using CSS or HTML tools.

Once the learning site is built, clients can create each course with interactive authoring tools choosing from a variety of learning types, such as quizzes, assessments, matching, video, surveys, and more. Learners can also engage in social learning by way of discussion boards, instructor-led training, social interactions, as well as receive badges and certificates. Clients have the option of setting up single courses or an entire curriculum with optional course prerequisites.

Clients can leverage powerful analytics and reporting which measure the success of each learning program, track the engagement of the learner, all via a variety of dashboards with real-time data. They can also track many variables, such as user behavior within a course, users’ success within specific learning programs and general financials, such as reoccurring revenue and courses purchases.

Target Market

Thought Industries targets companies which provides online learning for profit to both consumers and professionals, or are looking to improve product education and training to extended enterprise learners across a variety of industries, such as healthcare, tech and manufacturing organizations.

We’ve listed 10 of Thought Industries’ customers below:

  • 1105 Media
  • Active Interest Media
  • Bio-Therapeutic
  • F+W Media
  • Innovative Educators
  • IPG
  • Lamaze International
  • Northstar Travel Media
  • Penton Media
  • Zumba

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Thought Industries offers a variety of implementation, data migration, and onboarding programs with timelines to launch ranging from two to 12 weeks. Clients also have the option of a leveraging the professional services team which can assist with course creation, customized web experiences and new features request.

  • Basic: The Basic Program is for companies which only need simple onboarding services and training. The client is assigned an onboarding specialist who can assist with getting up and running.
  • Plus: The Plus Program includes all of the Basic program services, but adds in instructional design reviews and check-ins, along with a quality-assurance review of the client’s site before it goes live.
  • Premium: The Premium Program includes all services of the Plus plan, along with full access to the Thought Industries project team, course building features, an online learning framework and graphic design services.

Customer Service & Support

With each implementation program, Thought Industries includes priority access to customer support.


As Thought Industries offer customized pricing structures based on a company’s needs, they don’t publicly release specific prices. Please contact them directly for a price quote.


Thought Industries’ platform is mostly intended for consumer, professional, and extended enterprise learning. Organizations looking for pure corporate compliance training and human capital management systems should check out our other learning management systems reviews.


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Thought Industries was founded in 2014 to help companies provide engaging and easy-to-build online learning programs to a variety of business and consumer audiences. It has over 100 customers ranging from small businesses to large enterprises.

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