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iSpring Learn LMS At A Glance

Good: Robust course authoring tool (iSpring Suite), easy to use interface with no learning curve, new built-in course authoring tool.
Bad: Advanced social learning features are not offered.
Bottom Line: Intuitive and comprehensive LMS that helps companies automate their employee training and professional development.

Product Overview

iSpring Learn LMS is a comprehensive solution that automates the employee training process through both online learning and blended learning. Companies can use iSpring Learn for new employee onboarding, new product training, or ensuring their employees stay on top of recertification and compliance requirements.

The platform supports unlimited administrators who can assign users to specific roles. Administrators can customize their portal with their company’s brand by adding their logo or selecting a color scheme. They can send email invitations or a direct link to users, as well as import user data from a .CSV file.

iSpring Learn includes several notable benefits:

  • Training programs deployed quickly via an easy-to-use, integrated course authoring tool
  • Intuitive interface with a short learning curve
  • Interactive features that keep learners engaged (e.g., gamification, interactive assessments)
  • Mobile learning functionality, so learners can access training materials at their own convenience, even offline
  • Unlimited content storage space
  • Integration to HRMS, CRM and other third-party systems


Learning paths – Trainers can create step-by-step learning paths by employee or department. Learning paths can be divided into chapters that contain specific sequences the learner must complete. Trainers can set deadlines for each learning path and indicate who will get a notification if a learner completes a course.

Content management – iSpring Learn is fully integrated with the iSpring Suite authoring tool. With the iSpring course editor, users are able to create engaging content, such as quizzes, interactive assessments, conversation simulations, video tutorials, screencasts and more.

The platform supports a wide range of file types, including documents, spreadsheets, PowerPoint slides, images and audio. It’s also SCORM-friendly, so users have nearly limitless options when building courses. And since iSpring Learn has unlimited storage space, users can deploy extensive content to a larger audience.

Longreads – iSpring also has a new built-in authoring tool called Longreads. Users can create content with images, test questions and more. Courses can be created from scratch or from existing content. Users can add chapters within the content with knowledge questions that the learner completes after each chapter. They can also track the learner’s progress for each content.

Gamification – iSpring Learn includes gamification features, such as points and badges. There’s also a leaderboard for comparing learners’ achievements.

Reporting/tracking – There are 23 report templates that track content effectiveness, learner progress and engagement, and other metrics. Trainers can track specific quiz metrics, such as average score or answer breakdown. They also receive email notifications when a learner completes an assessment or training material.

Events calendar – This feature keeps track of offline training events (e.g., live training, workshops and webinars) in one place, and enables users to send invitations and reminders to learners. It also automatically notifies users of any schedule changes and sends attendance reports to trainers after each event.

Webinars – Trainers can broadcast iSpring Learn webinars via their desktop, and share videos, presentations or reference materials during the webinar. Attendees can ask questions or communicate privately with the speaker. Webinar recordings can be saved for later sharing or listening. Note that this feature is available by integration to Zoom.

In addition to Longreads, other upgrades to iSpring Learn include the ability to enroll a group of employees to a course, automatically assigning a course to an employee, creating employee groups from different departments and the ability to recreate an organizational structure.

Target Market

iSpring Solutions Inc. has over 54,000 clients worldwide in many industries, including finance, IT, healthcare, education, retail and manufacturing. It’s intended for small and medium-sized businesses, as well as particular departments of large companies and enterprises to deliver mission-critical training.

We’ve listed 10 of its clients below:

  • Johnson & Johnson
  • Honeywell
  • Acer
  • Moxa
  • APEX Anesthesia Review
  • WSFS Bank
  • Oticon
  • FYMCA Medical
  • HealthHelp
  • CNC Concepts

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Administrators can set up their accounts and start using iSpring Learn within one day. Since iSpring Learn is a cloud-based LMS, there’s nothing to download or install, and it doesn’t require any technical background to deploy and maintain.

Admins can create a user profile and add user access to the portal within a few clicks. They can also opt to massively import multiple users or integrate the platform with their Identity Provider or HRMS system.

Customer Service & Support

The dedicated support center includes video tutorials, articles, FAQs, a user manual and a community forum. Users can also contact the support team by phone, email or live chat during regular business hours. iSpring specialists carefully consider all incoming messages and respond within 24 hours after receiving a request. iSpring maintains that more than 80% of cases are promptly resolved over the phone in less than two hours.


iSpring offers three pricing tiers that are based on the number of active learners:

  • 100 users – The first plan costs $3.66 per learner per month, and includes up to 50 courses, a single authoring tool and tech support.
  • 300 users – The second plan is $3 per learner per month, and includes unlimited courses, a single authoring tool, tech support and single sign-on.
  • 500 users – The third plan is priced at $2.82 per learner per month, and includes unlimited courses, more than two authoring tools, tech support and single sign-on.

iSpring offers a custom plan for companies with more than 500 active learners. Please contact them directly for a quote.


iSpring recently introduced the custom language feature for the user portal, but it’s not currently available for the administrator portal. The vendor plans to offer it later this year. In the meantime, the iSpring’s support team can change the language if the client requests it.

The platform also doesn’t have social learning features beyond private messaging.


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iSpring Solutions Inc. is an international software company that helps businesses automate their employee training and professional development processes. In 2001, it started as a software that converted PowerPoint slides into Flash. Then in 2009, after the company decided to migrate into the eLearning space, the first version of iSpring Learn LMS was released.

iSpring’s core mission is to provide the highest quality of products and great customer service to maintain a lifelong relationship with clients.

The uniqueness of iSpring’s eLearning authoring software earned them the following Brandon Hall Group recognition: 2018 Best Advance in Learning Management Technology for SMB, 2018 Best Advance in Content Authoring Technology, 2016 Best Advance in Content Authoring Technology, 2013 Best Advance in Content Authoring Technology and 2010 Best Advance in Rapid Authoring Technology.

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