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Area9 Rhapsode At A Glance

Good: Lessons are personalized and adaptable and can be accessed via mobile devices and tablets.
Bad: The software doesn't have synchronous learning features.
Bottom Line: Area9 Rhapsode is an adaptive learning solution with comprehensive LMS capabilities that helps users create, curate, deliver and measure personalized learning.

Product Overview

Area9 Rhapsode is an adaptive learning platform with learning management system (LMS) capabilities. It uses machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI) and cognitive engineering to support various types of learners. Modules include:

  • Learner, Educator and Curator
  • Publisher and Reader
  • Bridge

Courses authored in Rhapsode adapt to individual students using questions that determine comprehension and learning needs. In addition, students rate their confidence level for each answer they submit. These personalized courses have several benefits, such as:

  • Cutting training time in half
  • Boosting knowledge and skill acquisition
  • Building self-awareness
  • Improving productivity and engagement
  • Reducing errors

The platform covers all levels of education: K-12, post-secondary, vocational training, graduate school, professional development and lifelong learning.

The software is cloud-based and can be used on its own or integrated seamlessly into existing learning management systems. It’s accessible from desktops, tablets or phones.


Key features of Area9 Rhapsode include:

Learner offers personalized and adaptive courses for students and trainees. It measures knowledge, grit and meta learning. Students monitor course completion through a progress bar and graph, as well as a list of remaining content objectives. The coaching function provides feedback on topics.

Educator offers back-end analytics for teachers to manage student assignments and learning paths. The tool also highlights at-risk students with early warning technology and advanced analytics.

Curator is an powerful content development module that streamlines workflow with intuitive authoring tools and templates. It can create adaptive courses at scale and build on them incrementally or across the entire portfolio of content. Features include collaboration with human teachers and easy integration with existing systems. It can handle images and video, and provide real-time previews.

It’s also flexible enough to curate content made outside and inside the tool. It integrates with third-party systems using industry standards and supports Chinese and Arabic languages. It has a review mode, test mode, to-do list and AI-based content authoring.

Publisher is an end-to-end print and digital content publishing tool. The module supports hundreds of tailored, intelligent workflows with advanced algorithms and AI. In addition, users can customize and localize content as needed. Roles, permissions and rights can be managed. Publisher also improves hard copy and print production of course materials.

Lastly, it keeps products updated according to learning outcomes. It documents increased learning effects of new and improved editions.

Reader is an adaptive e-book that bridges the gap between traditional textbooks and personalized learning. It’s accessible online or on dedicated tablet and mobile apps.

Bridge migrates Flash content to new open formats, such as HTML5 and SCORM. It’s available for education companies, and corporate learning and development departments.

Target Market

Area9 serves publishers, educators and corporations in all industries around the world. Here’s a list of its customers:

  • AbbVie
  • American Association of Clinical Chemistry
  • Coloplast
  • Hitachi Vantara
  • Journal of Joint and Bone Surgery
  • Lloyd's Register
  • National Safety Council
  • NEJM Group
  • Shinola
  • State of Utah

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The platform is typically implemented as software-as-a-service. Implementation takes between one day to several weeks, depending on single sign-on and other integration requirements. The vendor can also migrate content and data from a legacy system.

The vendor can develop content for customers within two weeks to two months.

The software has weekly product updates, which include importing features, third-party course support and improved reporting.

Customer Service & Support

The vendor offers phone, email and chat support. Its website allows for ticket submission and callback requests. Customer service representatives can also assist customers by accessing their computers remotely.

Area9 U certifies users in creating adaptive course materials. The certification program consists of four courses that range from the basics of learning engineering to running very large adaptive learning development teams. An experienced learning engineer will also mentor Area9 U students throughout the entire process.


License pricing models are flexible to client requirements and include:

  • Per user, per year
  • Per course, per year
  • Enterprise licensing
  • Revenue sharing

The vendor doesn’t publicly disclose pricing information. Please contact it directly for a quote.


The software doesn’t have synchronous learning features.


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Area9 Lyceum was founded in 2006 by two medical doctors and two computer scientists with a mission to create the world’s best educational outcomes using a scientific approach.

The vendor’s technology-enabled personalized education adapts in real time to accelerate the speed of learning and meet the diverse needs of all learners. The company has received awards from numerous analysts and industry bodies, including Brandon Hall, Training Industry and Learning Technologies.

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