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Edsby At A Glance

Good: No manual data entry needed as Edsby integrates with school information system; parents can view student's schedules, grades or assignments online; more efficient course management for teachers.
Bad: Not intended for colleges or corporate offices, on-premise system isn't offered.
Bottom Line: Learning management system specifically for the K-12 sector that helps foster learning and collaboration between students, teachers, parents and administrators.

Product Overview

Edsby is a learning management system (LMS), digital learning and analytics platform intended for the education sector, specifically kindergarten through 12th grade.

It benefits everyone: students, teachers, parents, administrators and IT staff. For example, parents can view their children’s homework and grades, while administrators can get analytical reports for an entire school or district.

Edsby provides users with a collaborative network, much like Facebook or Twitter. Students can view their in-class or homework assignments, class schedules and grades. They can also communicate with teachers or each other via a social media feed.

Teachers can manage their course plans, and maintain attendance and grade materials straight from Edsby. Because Edsby integrates with the school’s database, teachers won’t have to worry about entering data manually for each student.

Teachers can also communicate with parents about setting up parent-teacher conferences, discussing their child’s grades or getting permission slips for field trips, straight from the platform.

Administrators can access real-time information about what’s going on with their students and teachers in their school or district. They also can get a 360-degree view of any student with class schedules, grades, discipline records and more. Edsby also helps identify if a student is at risk or has special needs. And finally, administrators can use Edsby to efficiently send memos out to the school community.

Parents are able to log into Edsby with a free account that allows them to see all the relevant information pertaining to their child, which includes classroom assignments, tests, grades, homework and more. Parents can also communicate directly with teachers and administrators.

Finally, Edsby benefits IT professionals in several ways. As it’s a cloud-based platform, IT doesn’t have to worry about using its resources to maintain any hardware and servers. There’s also a two-way integration between Edsby and a school’s existing system, including student information systems, HR systems, Google Workspace for Education and Microsoft 365.


Edsby has several features to aid teachers in planning and administrating courses, such as:

  • Ability to reuse course materials each school year
  • Ability to take attendance and submit it efficiently
  • Ability to collaborate with other teachers
  • Ability to send private messages to parents (without needing to know their email addresses)
  • Ability to create and reuse content for online testing as well as grade tests and coursework
  • Ability to fill out and submit students’ report cards electronically using the school’s reporting and assessment scheme and/or report card templates
  • Native integration with Zoom and Microsoft Teams for virtual classes

Edsby also includes a calendar so teachers can record events and deadlines for assignments/projects, tests, field trips and more. Students and teachers receive a notification if an assignment is late or overdue. A student’s schedule of classes and homework is shared with his or her parents.

We also want to note Edsby’s analytical features. Administrators can drill down within either a school-level or district-level dashboard to find information on the academic progress of a single classroom, the entire school or the entire district. They can also find other information, such as which class is on a field trip, the availability of a particular teacher or the number of absences per classroom.

Finally, we want to mention Edsby’s group collaboration feature. Groups can be set up for specific clubs, specific classrooms or professional development for teachers. Within each group, members can communicate with each other, see recent activity on their feeds or find out information on group events.

Target Market

Edsby targets large education organizations in the K-12 sector. Its customers include large school districts with hundreds of thousands of teachers and students, as well as whole states/provinces and countries.

We’ve listed 10 school districts below that are currently using Edsby.

  • District School Board of Niagara
  • Emmanuel Christian High School
  • Evergreen School Division
  • Farmington Municipal Schools
  • Halton District School Board
  • Hillsborough County Public Schools
  • Kawartha Pine Ridge District School Board
  • St. Clement School
  • Stevenson Schools
  • Toronto District Christian High School

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The deployment process for Edsby can take as little as two weeks once it’s been integrated with a school’s existing information system, but most school districts will take several months to properly train staff and introduce the system to students and parents.

Edsby provides teachers a variety of training methods, such as:

  • In-person training for large school districts
  • Ability to test out Edsby without using active data prior to go-live
  • Customized training videos
  • FAQs and general training videos
  • Tour within the platform explaining features and how to use them

Customer Service & Support

Teachers and administrators can contact support via email, live chat or phone. Edsby has dedicated help centers where students, teachers, parents and administrators can access files and videos.

Teachers can also participate in a forum where they email Edsby for support, and the answers they receive are available for other teachers to review.


Edsby doesn’t publicly release its pricing information. Please contact the vendor directly for a price quote.


Edsby isn’t intended for colleges or workplaces. Corporations looking for a LMS can check out our other reviews.

Also, since Edsby is based in the cloud, it isn’t offered as an on-premise solution.


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Edsby was created by a founding team that has been building educational software together for 30 years. It was founded in 2010 as a unique learning management system that focuses solely on elementary, middle and high schools.

Edsby has received more than 75 awards awards and distinctions, including the 2023 EdTech Awards Cool Tool Winner for Best Parent/Student Solution, 2022 EdTech Breakthrough Awards for LMS Platform of the Year and the 2022 CODiE Award Finalist for Best Learning Management System (LMS).

Edsby is involved in the education technology industry through associations such as the Software and Information Industry Association (SIIA), Digital Learning Alliance and IMS Global.


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