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Accord LMS At A Glance

Good: Offers both Enterprise and Extended Enterprise functionality for a competitive price.
Bad: The self-hosted (on-premise) option will require organizations to install the DNN Platform.
Bottom Line: A robust LMS solution that's simple to set up and easy to maintain.

Product Overview

Accord LMS is a robust learning management solution that streamlines eLearning functions and management, allowing organizations to focus on the quality of employee training or customer education.

With a vision to be the price performance leader of enterprise learning management solutions, Accord LMS offers competitively priced packages that cater to the needs of small to mid-sized businesses, as well as large organizations and enterprises.



Accord LMS offers a variety of features to simplify eLearning management:

Extended Enterprise

Accord LMS offers an unlimited amount of branded portals and multi-tenant sites.

The ability to support sub-portals, along with flexible user roles, allows for distributed administration of many different eLearning portals all running within one central learning management system.

Unlimited Registered Users

The Accord pricing model is based on Active Learners, or someone who has accessed tracked learning content within a billing period.

The robust learning management solution has no limitation on the amount of registered users who can log in, review previously completed courses, print certificates, participate in social groups and review training content that is not tracked in the LMS.


Accord LMS provides over a dozen popular reports that can be customized and saved for reuse. Reports can be exported in different formats, like PDF and CSV, and can be delivered to team members automatically via email.

For a quick overview of reports, the dashboard feature allows members to drill down into information through visual charts and contextual links.

Social Collaboration

The social collaboration feature includes a number of tools that make social engagement easy. Allowing learners to interact with one another, as well as the administrator, through groups and interests improves collaboration on various tasks and boosts training/learning retention.

Some of the social tools are:

  • My Journal
  • My Groups
  • Friends
  • Messages/Notifications

As defined by Accord LMS, gamification isthe use of game thinking and game mechanics to engage users in solving problems.”

Accord LMS has partnered with Evoq Social to provide a learning experience to boost engagement, performance and retention levels. Along with rewarding learners with badges and activity points, this system is also capable of sending notifications and triggers to ensure users complete all training/learning tasks.

Content Management

The LMS solution has an array of administrative tools to manage and organize coursework content. Drag and drop technology makes it simple for administrators to customize branded content. Content is stored in a central repository and can be delivered to an unlimited amount of portals for various categories of learners.

The tools include functions like:

  • Cataloging – As an Extended Enterprise feature, Accord offers the ability to manage one central catalog containing all learning content while providing different content views for various types of learners.
  • Enrollment – This function allows you to assign courses to different groups and manage your eLearning programs on an action panel. The panel offers full catalog search capabilities, the ability to query and review current assignments, and the ability to create, delete and restore records of a learner’s attempts to pass a course.
  • Team Organization – The My Team tool allows administrators to separate learners into categories such as departments and locations. Email notifications can be sent to learners and team members to keep everyone on the same page. Team members can also import new learners into their course.
  • Configuring – This lets you specify which team members have full LMS permissions and which have access to certain tools. Email notifications can be sent globally or targeted to a specific learning group. Course access codes can be created and sent to respective team members and learners.

Target Market

From health care to restoration, Accord LMS has provide in-depth learning management solutions for over 200 organizations with over 1 million learners in a variety of industries.

We’ve listed 10 current customers below:

  • Catalyst Learning
  • Classical Conversations
  • Committee for Children
  • Fairbanks Scales
  • Health Prime International
  • INTO University
  • Jobson Optical Group
  • Wisconsin Hospitality Group, LLC
  • ZeOmega

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Accord LMS is deployed two ways: as a hosted Software as a Service (SaaS) solution or an on-premise (self-hosted) solution installed directly to your server.

Both implementation methods require companies to register with Accord LMS and to login before deployment.

Clients must have their own DNN platform for the self-hosted solution. The same self-hosted package can also be used for free trials, temporary or commercial installations.

Clients will work with their dedicated Implementation Manager, who will set up a project plan, communicate frequently on deployment status, and assist in configuration, administration training and other implementation milestones.

Customer Service & Support

Customers can contact the Accord LMS support team by filling out an online support ticket for any issues, questions or feedback. The support team will then work with customers one-on-one to determine the best actions to resolve any disruption.

Accord LMS also provides a resource forum that includes video tutorials about each feature, whitepapers, administrator documents, language packs and more. These documents can be downloaded at any time.


Accord LMS offers four pricing packages that are based on the amount of active learners you have. Note that this pricing info is no longer on the Accord LMS site, so you’ll need to contact the vendor for an updated quote.

The pricing plans are:

  1. Up to 200 learners: $2 per user, per month
  2. Up to 500 learners: $1.25 per user, per month
  3. Up to 1,000 learners: $0.90 per user, per month
  4. Over 1,000 learners (or other requirements): Contact Accord LMS

All plans include Core LMS features, such as:

  • Unlimited registered users
  • Mobile learning
  • Gamification and social learning
  • Blended learning
  • Role-based learner enrollment


Accord LMS’s self-hosted solution requires a DNN Platform to be implemented. However, companies that do not already have a DNN Platform running can opt to have one implemented as a part of the set-up process for an additional fee.

Accord LMS is also available as a hosted SaaS solution for companies that do not want to implement a DNN Platform. This only requires web access to use.


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Co-founded in 2009 by Chris Wylie and Jeff Redford, Accord LMS focuses on providing simple, smart and affordable learning management solutions for users around the globe.

Its vision is to be the price performance leader of enterprise learning management solutions that enable companies to cultivate knowledge communities, develop innovative learning opportunities and successfully lead their industry.

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