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PurelyHR At A Glance

Good: Robust functionality for time off tasks, ease of use, responsive customer support.
Bad: Waiting on fully operational mobile app (planned for 2019).
Bottom Line: An efficient, intuitive leave management solution with added HRMS value from its functional integrations, despite lack of dedicated mobile app.

Product Overview

PurelyHR aims to simplify time-off management. As an employee self-serve platform, it automates processes associated with taking leave. For back-office HR staff, the solution automates calculations for accruals, renewals, banked time and more. It also generates automatic reminders and customizes approval hierarchy for time-off requests.

The software’s core modules allow users to track staff’s leave requests and approvals, as well as streamline companies’ diverse time-off policies and hierarchies.

Software integrations aid daily operations and include calendar, single sign-on, and bulk user imports/updates. PurelyHR accommodates most third-party calendars to which its Time-Off Manager (TOM) can post daily attendees and absentees. Single sign-on capabilities exist for Salesforce, PingeIdentify, Google, Okta, Onelogin and more.

Three add-ons include Time-Clock , Time-Sheet and Warnings modules. Time-Clock tracks daily attendance, replacing paper card methods, and is available to employees through any device, anytime, anywhere.

Time-Sheet tracks employee work hours through one of three formats (simple, detailed, advanced). Real-time timesheets streamline running payroll. Users can create custom leave types beyond the standard sick or vacation time with the Time-off Policy Builder.

The Warnings module manages the disciplinary process within a company, enabling the creation, distribution, full execution and storage of any infraction by staff on record.

These add-ons can be turned on or off at the company’s discretion. This modular approach helps companies scale as necessary.

More than 25 in-depth, templated reports are available and most can be exported as PDF or CSV files for easy sharing.

Data can be retrieved and third-party applications can be integrated through an API. Software updates are automated through the cloud and don’t disrupt daily operations


PurelyHR’s two primary features are its Time-Off Manager (TOM) and HR Staff tools.

PurelyHR’s scalable, secure Time Off Manager (TOM) centralizes leave data and shares the leave calendar. Employees can access their data anytime, anywhere from any device. An Account Setup Checklist guides each new user through the configuration process, ultimately delivering a leave solution tailored to each business.

TOM lets users customize the company calendar, place time-off restrictions per user/office/date, and configure particular banked time rules. Users can also configure unique time-off types (jury duty, voting day, etc.), track FMLA and adjust increments through TOM’s policy builder.

TOM also automates time-off accruals, renewals and reminders per a schedule. It integrates with most third-party calendar apps and interfaces, addresses calendar and bulk user imports/updates and supports single sign-on with major platforms (Salesforce, Google, Outlook, etc.).

The reporting tool within TOM lets users export data to PDF or CSV format. Data can be retrieved through PurelyHR’s API in real-time to create custom reports beyond standard capabilities.

PurelyHR’s feature for HR Staff begins with centralized employee data that’s visualized on a staff directory page, a user’s profile page, and a calendar page disclosing staff birthdays and work anniversaries. With 100MB of cloud storage, PurelyHR’s staff feature let’s users build an onboarding hub, retain critical document for each employee, and make shareable notes that can be pinned to a profile.

The staff feature operates in any browser. Its settings can be configured to match a company’s processes, multiple locations and custom approval hierarchy. The company logo and official colors can even be added to the PurelyHR interface.

The reporting function accommodates custom, real-time reports on everything from employee growth to company’s age profile, gender profile and more.

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  • Benefits Administration?
  • Employee Self-Service?
  • Learning Management System?
  • Mobile Access?
  • Payroll Management?
  • Performance Appraisal?
  • Recruiting Management?

Target Market

PurelyHR targets small and medium-sized businesses but works with workforces of more than 1,000. Most customers have 50 employees or less and lack a dedicated HR department. Nonprofits, technology, education and health, and other such sectors that maynot have a dedicated HR staff find PurelyHR beneficial to fulfilling personnel-related duties.

Some of its 100,000 global users work for these companies:

  • Dell Computers
  • Heart and Stroke Foundation
  • University of Toronto
  • Lindt
  • WorldPay
  • Honeywell
  • Costco
  • Century 21
  • Air Canada
  • Ricola

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PurelyHR is a software-as-a-service platform. Implementation begins with a 21-day free trial download.

Following the free trial, a PurelyHR onboarding specialist invites the company to schedule a complimentary onboarding session created to assist that specific company in the account setup process.

In addition to an initial one-on-one setup, video tutorials, setup guides and a Help Center with detailed step-by-step guides can be found online to answer any implementation and operational questions.

Customer Service & Support

Live customer support is available at no extra charge for customers by phone, email and chat.

Within a few hours of downloading the software, staff will be up and running with full functionality.

A Knowledge Base library of documents and guides is available for each segment of PurelyHR, including TOM, Staff, Time-Clock, Time-Sheet and Warnings. A search bar expedites finding documents. Users input keywords and a list of relevant documents is produced. Quick links can be clicked for fundamental, incipient tasks like adding employees, setting up paid holidays and finding a login URL.


PurelyHR’s pricing depends on the add-on’s selected and the number of users subscribed.

PurelyHR’s subscription can be purchased for $30 per month ($25 for the Time-Off module and $5 for staff license) or $27 per month if paid annually. The Time-Off module fee increases as staff size grows in increments of 10 users (1-10 users = $30; 11-20 users = $45; etc., up to 150 users, where each new user costs an additional $0.75).

Base prices for adding integrated modules for up to 10 users are $2  for Warnings and $15 each for Time-Clock and Time-Sheet.

For prospective companies, PurelyHR automates its pricing menu, making it easy to calculate prices as add-ons are selected.


At this time, PurelyHR only offers its users a web-mobile version of the solution. This interface is modified to be mobile-friendly, but users can only access it from a web browser. A mobile application for both iOS and Android is planned for a release in 2019.


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PurelyHR was founded by Jason Gendron in 2009 and aims to give global HR decision-makers the resources necessary to simplify the process of managing time off.

Gendron’s self-service platform makes it easier for both HR staff and individual employee to coordinate, reserve and track leave time.

PurelyHR’s headquarters is in Dieppe, New Brunswick, Canada.

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