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iManage At A Glance

Good: Paper-free document handling for each stage in an employee's life cycle.
Bad: Many services are tied into the product.
Bottom Line: An HRIS solution with strong payroll functionality and strong client support.

Product Overview

Software provider, Corporate Business Solutions (CBS), offers a fully integrated and robust Human Resources Information System (HRIS) called iManage.

iManage saves time and helps ensure compliance across HR related tasks such as hiring, succession planning, performance management and more. Payroll is central to the solution so that users can prioritize employee data such as with benefits administration, wages and tax compliance. With self-service features, employees are able to take control over accessing and updating their information.

For the purposes of this review, we are reviewing the full iManage product suite. Read the iManage Payroll review here.


For this review, we’ve chosen to highlight the following 5 features of iManage:

1. Manager & Employee Self-Service: iManage allows employees to access their own information within the system to make changes and updates, saving administrators time and helping ensure the accuracy of employee data. Employees can print pay stubs and easily manage direct deposit, as well as request paid time off and organize other activities.

2. Career Planning: Track employee skills alongside job requisitions in order to create succession plans. Professional growth can be tracked a number of ways through background, education, training and skills for identifying the best candidate for promotions. This helps HR keep an eye on top talent.

3. Recruiting & Onboarding: Hiring managers are able to access iManage as an applicant tracking system  are in control of the process from start to finish. The system integrates with a number of job boards for posting requisitions, includes tools for screening applicants, and offers a scheduler for interviewing top candidates. Discovering candidates, screening them and onboarding them is all paperless with iManage.

4. Benefits Enrollment: iManage fully integrates with third party insurance carriers to meet all the necessary steps during an employee’s lifestyle. From onboarding and open enrollment, to automated eligibility and termination, the system offers notifications that keep your employees covered and compliant.

5. Alerts & Notifications: On a secure encrypted pathway, managers and administrators are able to set custom notifications for a range of HR needs. Reports and detailed emails safely deliver information at the time it is needed.

For more on payroll features, see our iManage Payroll review.

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Target Market

CBS iManage is a fit for any size company. Industries that CBS has served include manufacturing, hospitality, financial institutions, healthcare, non-profit, and services. Customers are unknown.

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How a company implements iManage depends on its company size. The average implementation time frame takes between 30-60 days. CBS suggests the following:

Under 50: Small companies would best use the solution to outsource payroll services. The Professional Employer Organization (PEO) is a service and solution bundle for CBS to provide “big business” benefits to smaller clients by taking over many system responsibilities.

50-250: Mid-sized companies can also use the PEO solution, but if they don’t wish to outsource those services they can instead choose one of three levels of services to take over either minimum or maximum control.

250 Plus: CBS targets which components large organizations need help with and supports those areas of specialization. The client’s team has full control over all workforce goals and is able to identify areas that don’t make sense to manage internally.

Customer Service & Support

CBS appoints a point of access for each client so that businesses in need of help don’t call a generic 1-800 number. The vendor suggests quarterly face-to-face meetings to address any service issues and guarantees end-of-day resolutions for any service request.

The CEO vows to get involved in any outstanding requests within 24 hour


CBS doesn’t publicly release its pricing information for iManage. Please contact them directly for a price quote.


While CBS offers HR solutions for small-sized companies of under 50 employees, some small business clients have complained that the solution was too robust for their needs and the services fees were excessive.


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Corporate Business Solutions began as a 401(k) administration service and expanded to cover HR services as well such as payroll and workforce management. Over the past 20 years the company has gained traction in nearly every state and sector of the US economy.

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