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ClearCompany HRM At A Glance

Good: Tools help improve employee engagement and make better hiring decisions.
Bad: Not intended for large-scale operations.
Bottom Line: A front-office solution that provides applicant tracking, paperless onboarding, and performance management.

Product Overview

Formerly known as HRM Direct, ClearCompany HRM was established in late 2013 as an applicant tracking system designed to improve the hiring experience.  Over time, they developed other solutions in response to client requests. The platform is targeted towards HR professionals, hiring managers, and executives, as well as employees. ClearCompany’s solutions not only help managers and HR perform better recruiting, hiring and performance practices, but also improve engagement of current employees.

ClearCompany HRM offers these following stand-alone solutions:

Applicant tracking: With the applicant tracking package, recruiters can post job descriptions automatically to many job boards. This platform also helps in targeting and pre-screening candidates and has a proprietary resume grading technology, as well as assessment tests and one-click background checks. The hiring team can also communicate with one another as well as with candidates directly via the platform.

Onboarding: The new hire onboarding process tends to be cumbersome, especially if there’s paper involved. With the onbarding solution, new hires can fill out their new employee packet prior to their first day on the job. HR can take advantage of the platform’s wide range of onboarding templates. Additionally, there is reduced data entry time and errors with the intelligent forms, as the forms pre-fill specific data fields straight from the new hire’s employee application. This platform also checks to make sure forms are correctly filled out, as well as send reminders of when certain forms are due. Completed forms data can be integrated into other systems for easy payroll or benefits administration.

Performance Management: The performance management solution brings all employee review processes into a single online system that automates every step of the process. Administrators can quickly build custom reviews and 360s, deploy with one click, customize scoring tables and see real-time reporting as results are submitted. Additionally, ClearCompany allows your employees to give better reviews by ensuring they are given clear, defined goals throughout the year.

Goal Alignment: With ClearCompany’s Goals solution, employees can track and update progress on key goals, while managers and executives visualize progress against a company mission and vision. Projects and goals can be set within the system and can also be monitored in real time. Employee achievement is also highlighted within the platform and there is a high focus on social collaboration (information on projects are shared with key players and allow for feedback among them).

Each solution can be integrated with the company’s existing systems, such as ERP, Payroll, or HRIS. ClearCompany also helps companies stay compliant with HR regulations (EEOC, etc) by automating compliance forms and reporting.


ClearCompany HRM focuses on recruiting, hiring, onboarding, goal alignment, and performance management. We want to note that a unique feature within ClearCompany is the ability to conduct peer and 360 reviews. It is common in most companies for managers to solicit feedback on an employee’s performance from his/her co-workers (regardless of job title), higher-ups, or even clients. ClearCompany’s performance management platform allows managers to conduct performance evaluations straight from the system – by reviewing employee’s accomplishments, sending feedback requests via email, and building custom evaluation templates.

We also want to note that ClearCompany HRM integrates with the Paylocity Enterprise Solution’s Payroll software.  And ClearCompany HRM archives candidates and employees information that can be accessed at any time. They also provide hundreds of reporting options that can be exported to Excel and other multiple formats.

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  • Benefits Administration?
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  • Payroll Management?
  • Performance Appraisal?
  • Recruiting Management?

Target Market

ClearCompany supports SMBs in a wide variety of industries, such as healthcare, education, and hospitality. We’ve listed below several of its customers:

  • Goodwill
  • Sony
  • Continental Carbonic Products, Inc.
  • Lewiston Public Schools
  • Montage Hotels & Resorts
  • Miller Valentine Group
  • Near Infinity Corporation
  • Jack Willis
  • North American Corporation
  • Borden

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Each customer gets a dedicated Relationship Manager for the implementation phase and beyond. The implementation process for ClearCompany software is set in phases:

1.) Personal Business Process Analysis: The Relationship Manager performs an analysis of the customer’s goals, needs, and requirements, particularly any unique needs or features requests.

2.)  Tailored Account Configuration: The customer’s account is tailored to their workflow by the ClearCompany experts and tested against their specific needs.

3.) Training: The Client Service and Support Teams conduct training that is tailored specifically to the customer – be it online or onsite training.  There is no additional cost for the training. Training can also be conducted on an ongoing basis.

4.) Software Launch: The ClearCompany HRM software is scalable and flexible – if a company goes through any changes that outgrows the current system, Clear Company HRM can re-design and re-implement the software.

Customer Service & Support

ClearCompany never outsources their support services. Each client is assigned a dedicated Relationship Manager from any of its location who leads their implementation team and remains their primary contact as long as they are a client.

Along with a Relationship Manager, clients can contact the Support team via email, live chat, or phone. Support is unlimited, meaning the customer can contact their Relationship Manager at no extra charge. Customers also have self-service support options, such as tutorials, training videos, and an online knowledge base.



ClearCompany doesn’t publicly display their pricing information. Please contact them directly for a quote.


ClearCompany HRM is primarily targeted toward SMBs, so it may not be intended for larger companies.


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Founded as HRM Direct in 2004, ClearCompany has been helping small-to-medium sized businesses with their recruiting and onboarding needs for 11 years. When it first debuted, HRM Direct was considered to be the first on-demand SaaS provider in the talent management area.

In 2013, they re-branded as ClearCompany HRM. The ClearCompany platform is the first real-time talent alignment platform in the HR market with the intent to combine talent management and business analytics – by understanding the company’s goals and strategies, employees can be better engaged in their work and recruiters can make better hires.

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