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NexTraq At A Glance

Good: Comprehensive tools to improve driver safety, full-featured mobile apps for both drivers and fleet managers, integration with many third-party back-office systems.
Bad: Robust features present learning curve for new users, tracker can occasionally give off inaccurate speed readings.
Bottom Line: Cloud-based platform that helps fleet managers efficiently manage their vehicles and assets.

Product Overview

NexTraq, a cloud-based fleet management platform, empowers fleet managers to successfully track and optimize their operations. It has four main integrated solutions that focus on:

  • Fleet visibility and productivity
  • Driver safety
  • Mobile workforce
  • Maintenance and ELD compliance

Fleet managers can see their fleet’s location from any device via the NexTraq web portal, including the vehicle’s activity and driver’s behavior. NexTraq offers dedicated mobile apps for fleet managers (NexTraq View) and drivers (NexTraq Connect).

In addition to fleet tracking, managers can dispatch jobs and view performance metrics. And the mobile app can help drivers and field service workers track their time worked, see their schedules and report vehicle maintenance issues.

NexTraq has numerous benefits, including:

  • Increased efficiency and productivity
  • Decreased insurance premiums, fuel costs and other expenses
  • Better customer service
  • The ability to hold drivers accountable for safety with its coaching tools


We’ve listed the key features of NexTraq’s solutions below.

Fleet visibility and productivity – Companies can purchase any of the three GPS vehicle trackers, which have various capabilities aimed at light-duty or heavy-duty vehicles. Fleet managers can then use mapping and geofencing features to monitor their vehicles in real time. NexTraq is powered by Google Maps, so managers can see the map by road, satellite or a hybrid of both. They can also set up a geofence within a specific location and receive an alert when something is triggered within a geofence (e.g., driver’s arrival or departure, unauthorized vehicle use).

In addition to vehicles, fleet managers can monitor their trailers, forklifts and other assets with battery-powered or hard-wired GPS asset trackers. And NexTraq offers a variety of sensors to help prevent loss of equipment. For instance, there are temperature sensors that alert drivers if an asset goes above a preset temperature threshold, which can result in spoilage.

The solution also has fuel management features, such as directing drivers to the closest gas stations, mileage tracking, transaction reports and integration with fuel-card providers.

Finally, fleet managers can run reports from over 40 templates, such as fleet status goals, vehicle idling and detailed vehicle activity. They can also get a visual high-level overview of their fleet via the dashboard and drill down into the data for further insights.

Driver safety – The NexTraq Dashcam records accidents or other incidents via high definition video, and managers can receive a real-time incident alert with downloadable video and GPS location. NexTraq has additional safety features for recording and correcting unsafe driving like speeding, aggressive cornering and harsh braking. If any of these events occur, the system emits a beep that alerts the driver, and the event is then recorded on their Driver Safety Scorecard. In addition to the scorecard, managers can enroll drivers into NexTraq’s driver training programs for better driving practices. Finally, NexTraq provides clients with an app called NexTraq MobileBlock that shuts off apps on a driver’s smartphone to prevent distracted driving behavior like texting.

Mobile workforce – As mentioned, NexTraq has dedicated mobile apps for fleet managers and drivers. However, we want to highlight the dispatching and routing features. NexTraq Dispatch includes a drag-and-drop job schedule for creating and sending daily or weekly itineraries to the drivers. In addition, the NexTraq Verify solution includes all the features of NexTraq Dispatch, plus the ability to capture photos and customer signatures, as well as giving customers an accurate delivery ETA.

NexTraq also offers the ability to optimize multistop routing by organizing all the planned stops within a driver’s route and generating a more efficient route. The optimized route is then sent to the driver via the in-vehicle tracker or the NexTraq Connect app.

Maintenance and ELD compliance – The Vehicle Maintenance module lets fleet managers stay on top of their vehicle maintenance schedules via a dashboard. It includes a preset list of up to 17 common maintenance activities for service requests and reminders. In addition, managers can receive an alert if a diagnostic code is triggered or if a service is overdue.

For Electronic Logging Device (ELD) compliance, NexTraq offers two tools: hardwired Elogs tablets and NexTraq ELD for Tablets and Smartphones. The Elogs tablet is hardwired into the cab and records the driver’s Hours of Service (HOS), vehicle odometer and other metrics. Alternatively, drivers can record their hours, change their duty status and review the Driver Vehicle Inspection Report (DVIR) with the NexTraq ELD app.

Target Market

NexTraq targets many industries, such as telecom, government, utilities, construction and transportation.

Several of its clients include:

  • Absolute Comfort Technologies
  • Accardi Foods
  • America's Moving Services
  • Baltimore County (MD)
  • Critical Power Solutions
  • Fine Painting and Allied Services
  • Maid Brigade of Chicago
  • Mr. Rooter of Amarillo (TX)
  • Pipe Works Services
  • Sunrise Transport Group Inc.


The implementation process varies by client, but NexTraq offers a 60-day Client Ambassador Program that helps clients get the most out of their investment. The vendor provides free tracker installations via its certified installation network.

Additionally, NexTraq has driver training programs that include live webinars and recorded sessions on various topics, such as accident prevention and distracted driving. Clients can opt to have private training sessions, too.

NexTraq integrates with third-party back-office systems, such as maintenance management software (e.g., MPulse), outage management solutions and routing software.

Customer Service & Support

Users can contact customer support by phone or email weekdays from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. EST and on Saturdays from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. EST.


NexTraq doesn’t publicly display pricing information. Contact the company directly for a quote.


NexTraq’s robust features may be overwhelming for new users. Also, a few users have mentioned the tracker can occasionally give an inaccurate speed reading, especially if the vehicle is traveling over a bridge.


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Founded in 2000, NexTraq is part of the Michelin Global Services and Solutions Business line. Its mission is to help companies improve their drivers’ safety while meeting critical business objectives.

NexTraq offers robust GPS fleet tracking and mobile workforce management solutions so businesses can manage their fleets from anywhere.

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