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Rhino Fleet Tracking
Rhino Fleet Tracking
Rhino Fleet Tracking
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Rhino Fleet Tracking At A Glance

Good: Voice tracking feature with Amazon Alexa, proactive customer support, transparent pricing without contracts.
Bad: Client will need to install fleet tracking devices themselves.
Bottom Line: Robust fleet tracking solution that empowers companies to improve driver safety, increase productivity and reduce operating costs.

Product Overview

Rhino Fleet Tracking is a GPS tracking solution that helps companies efficiently monitor their equipment. The GPS tracker is installed into the vehicle, and fleet managers can monitor its movement in real time via Google Maps. They can also receive instant alerts, track their driver’s performance and get actionable insights. Rhino Fleet Tracking can also track trailers, construction equipment and other assets. It’s deployed in the cloud, so users can monitor their fleet from any device.

The software has many benefits, such as:

  • Reduced fuel, labor and other operating costs
  • Improved driver safety
  • No contracts
  • Seasonal plans, so companies can use the software when needed
  • Proactive customer support


We’ve listed some key features of Rhino Fleet Tracking below.

Vehicle tracking – Fleet managers can see all of their fleet data via a dashboard. Relevant information on each vehicle (e.g., current location, stops, actual speed) is displayed in real time on Google Maps. The software has a new feature that allows managers to track the vehicle with their voice via Amazon Alexa. Managers can track the length of time a driver spends at each stop, get notified when the vehicle exceeds the speed limit and set up landmarks that pinpoint the driver’s location in case they get lost. Additional tracking features include geofencing, scheduled maintenance reminders and 15 built-in reports on various metrics.

Trailer and equipment tracking – Companies can track their trailers and equipment (e.g., refrigerators, landscaping machines) the same way that they track vehicles (e.g. monitoring location via Google Maps, geofencing alerts). The vendor offers a variety of trackers, such as a battery-powered equipment tracker, a weatherproof trailer tracker and a hard-wired asset tracker.

Dashboard camera – The add-on dashboard camera provides a visual documentation of the driver’s behavior. It has a 360-degree view of the inside and outside of the vehicle, and managers can access both the video and tracking data via the online dashboard. The camera doesn’t require extensive installation, since it can be placed on the windshield.

Driver scorecard – This feature allows managers to measure their driver’s performance. They can set up specific metrics, and the scorecard calculates a score based on the driver behavior and GPS tracking data. The manager can see the scores by individual or team, and they can use them as a coaching tool.

Electronic logging devices (ELDs) – The vendor offers a certified ELD solution that complies with the FMCSA mandates. It includes many fleet tracking features, plus driver availability monitoring, alerts when drivers reach their Hour of Service (HOS) limits and International Fuel Tax Association (IFTA) reports. Note that the solution is only available for companies that plan to purchase at least 30 trackers.

Target Market

Rhino Fleet Tracking targets companies of all sizes in many industries, such as farming, automotive, landscaping, HVAC, healthcare and utilities.  We’ve listed a few of its clients below.

  • AA Limousine
  • Auto Rescue
  • Bonded Lightning Protection Systems
  • Brazos Logistics
  • Crop Production Services


New clients can purchase the tracking device via the vendor’s website, where they can also sign up for a subscription plan. The device is configured and activated before shipping, so the client can simply install the device. Rhino Fleet Tracking ships the device within two business days, and it provides live training and how-to guides.

The software integrates with ExxonMobil and Wex fuel cards, Fleetio fleet maintenance solution and ServiceLine, a home services software.

Customer Service & Support

Rhino Fleet Tracking periodically calls its customers to offer help or suggestions because It aims to make every effort to understand the client’s business and anticipate their needs. Users can also call them if they experience issues or have any questions.


Clients can purchase the tracking device for $39.95, and the vendor has a monthly subscription plan for $19.95 per device, per month.  However, it offers a lower subscription cost of $16.95 per month for companies with more than 20 vehicles. There’s no contract, so companies can cancel at any time, and they can also opt for seasonal plans. Rhino Fleet Tracking provide personalized quotes for companies with custom requirements.


Because the device is shipped to the client, they will have to install it themselves or contact a local installation provider. But Rhino Fleet Tracking provides guidance over the phone if the client runs into any issues.


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Rhino Fleet Tracking aims to help companies of all sizes optimize their fleet performance. It was founded in 2007 by the leadership team of Smart Start, Inc., a technology company that provides ignition interlock devices. Rhino Fleet Tracking earned several accolades, such as the Inc. 5000’s Fastest Growing Companies list in 2019. It’s headquartered in Argyle, TX, and it has successfully delivered GPS tracking devices both domestically and internationally.

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