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Lytx At A Glance

Good: DriveCam device uses machine vision and AI to identify risky driving, continuous video recording of up to 100 hours, efficient fleet-tracking processes.
Bad: Better search functionality is needed, vehicle maintenance features aren't offered.
Bottom Line: Fleet management provider that uses video telematics to help companies improve safety, productivity and compliance.

Product Overview

Lytx uses video telematics to monitor vehicles, promote driver safety and help clients comply with Department of Transportation (DOT) mandates. Fleet managers can track their vehicles in real time and create optimized routes for drivers.

In addition, Lytx’s DriveCam devices use machine vision and artificial intelligence (AI) technology to identify unsafe driving behavior, and fleet managers can get video evidence of an accident to protect themselves from false insurance claims.

Lytx has four main solutions that companies can customize to fit their requirements. They are:

  • Fleet dash cams
  • Fleet safety solutions
  • GPS fleet tracking
  • DOT compliance services

Lytx’s solutions have numerous benefits, including:

  • Improved efficiency because of automated processes
  • Better customer service
  • Increased driver safety


Here are the key features of each solution from Lytx:

Fleet dash cams – As mentioned, the DriveCam device uses machine vision and AI technology to rely on the Lytx driving database to assess unsafe driving behavior such as speeding or texting while driving. Additional features include optional continuous video recordings of up to 100 hours, 360-degree camera visibility, in-cab alerts, built-in driver ID and low-light visibility.

Fleet safety solutions – There are two safety solutions: Risk Detection Service and Driver Safety Program. The Risk Detection Service sends video clips from the DriveCam to fleet managers so they can review them. The clips can be categorized by risk type (e.g., tailgating, hard braking). In addition, managers can search for specific video clips and save them to an online dashboard.

The Driver Safety Program has additional features, such as video-based coaching workflows, reporting tools and assistance from a Lytx specialist who can review the solution’s driver scorecard and prioritize specific driving issues for coaching.

GPS fleet tracking – Fleet managers can see a vehicle’s route in real time and quickly optimize a driver’s route for faster delivery arrival. The full route, including stops, can be played back for later viewing. Managers can also create geofences around a particular area and receive notifications when vehicles enter or exit the area.

In addition, Lytx collects data from the vehicle’s engine control modules (ECM) for monitoring fuel consumption. And the GPS fleet tracking software uses integrated video so managers can access a video from any point within the map, including a visual confirmation of customer service delivery.

DOT compliance – Lytx offers a variety of features to help companies stay in compliance with DOT regs, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association (FMCSA) rules and other mandates. The software streamlines all drivers’ Hours of Service (HOS) logs from multiple sources (e.g., electronic logging devices, paper, spreadsheets) into one system, so reporting processes is automated. In addition to HOS logs, fleet managers can track the driver’s Compliance, Safety and Accountability (CSA) scores and identify poor scores for further coaching. There’s also an accident registry database that stores a fleet’s accident and collision history. Finally, the Driver Vehicle Inspection Report (DVIR) feature identifies missing or uncompleted inspection reports and helps managers spot any data discrepancies.

Target Market

Lytx targets companies of all sizes in many industries, such as transportation, field service, construction and government.

We’ve listed 10 of its clients below.

  • Cargo Transporters
  • City of Mobile (AL)
  • Dart Transit Company
  • JBS Carriers
  • Liquid Environmental Solutions
  • Murphy-Hoffman Company
  • National Grid
  • Orange County (FL)
  • Smart Care
  • Southern Maryland Oil


New clients work with the implementation team that will design and deploy a tailored plan based on the client’s unique needs. Implementation length varies by client, but typical components can include assessing the client’s needs and requirements, software configuration and training.

Customer Service & Support

Users can browse the knowledge base, submit a ticket or contact support by phone.

Lytx also offers an in-depth training program called Lytx Academy on driving safety and other topics for current users.


Lytx doesn’t publicly display its pricing information. Contact the company directly for a quote.


Some users have mentioned that the interface could use easier search functionality. Also, Lytx doesn’t provide maintenance management features (e.g., sending vehicle maintenance reminders), so companies would also need to purchase CMMS software.


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Founded in 1998, Lytx Inc.’s mission is to use video telematics to help fleet companies improve productivity, save money and improve driver safety. It has a strong history in the fleet management software industry. Over the years, Lytx has grown its portfolio to include its first vehicle camera (1999), driver scoring software (2002), and a dash cam equipped with machine vision and AI (2015).

Lytx has a robust driving behavior database with more than 120 billion miles of data to date. It has over 4,000 clients, and its products have protected more than 1.3 million drivers worldwide.

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