xTuple ERP Review

xTuple ERP Review
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xTuple ERP Review At A Glance

Good: Boasts one of the lowest Total Cost of Ownership for any ERP system on the market while still being fully-functional.
Bad: Bug fixes and patches can often take a long time, and many users complained that xTuple's customer service is lacking.
Bottom Line: A very affordable end-to-end ERP that is full of features specialized for manufacturers and distributors.

Product Overview

xTuple is a scalable, open-source enterprise resource planning (ERP) software that is utilized by companies of all sizes, from startups to Global 1000, although its focus is small- to medium-sized businesses that are growing. This software can be run on Windows, Mac, Linux and mobile operating systems. It can be deployed either on-premise or in the cloud.

As a fully functional ERP solution, xTuple integrates into all supply chain functions, including financials, sales, customer and supplier management, inventory control, manufacturing and distribution.

Make-to-order, make-to-stock and mixed-mode manufacturers will appreciate xTuple’s robustness, as will electrical, HVAC, plumbing, industrial and consumer wholesale distributors.

xTuple has many different licensing options, including an annual subscription (rental model) and a perpetual license (owner model).

Every cloud purchase includes Business Continuity, which is an off-site backup and disaster recovery service.


Different versions of xTuple better fit particular industries and company sizes. These versions include PostBooks, Distribution, Manufacturing and Enterprise editions. Each specialty differs in the extent of features offered, tailored to the specific industry.

However, each xTuple version includes core features, each of which can be utilized separately without having to implement the full ERP system, and include:

  • Accounts Payable – This tool includes purchase order tracking, voucher tracking, complex memos, payment tracking and management, form management, reports (including uninvoiced receipts and returns, unposted vouchers, open items by vendor and more) and vendor management.
  • Accounts Receivable – Functions of this feature include invoice tracking, complex memos, cash receipts, A/R workbench, form management, reports (including invoice information, open items by customer, A/R aging, sales journal and more) and customer management.
  • CRM – This robust tool lets users manage incidents, to-do lists, projects, opportunity and characteristics, detailed reports and master information with titles, among other functions that help track, engage and close customers.
  • Distribution – The feature is exclusive to xTuple’s Distribution and “premium” Enterprise editions and also includes integrated third-party pricing and trade services. With this module, users can browse and search full trade service catalogs for electrical, plumbing, HVAC and industrial needs. Other features include one-click conversion from the catalog to a sellable item, automatic updating of the catalog and converted items, and the ability to import custom price sheets.
  • General Ledger – Only editions higher than PostBooks include the ability to synchronize companies for multi-company consolidation. Every xTuple product has all other General Ledger features, which include journal entries, bank reconciliation, extensive reports, financial statements, account management, tax information, budgets and more.
  • Inventory – All versions of xTuple contain this tool, which lets users transfer inter-warehouse orders, as well as manage physical and received inventory, the warehouse (excepting PostBooks version), shipping (including forms, reports and more), utilities and transactions, generate exhaustive and detailed reports, and more.
  • Manufacturing – This tool manages work orders, materials operations, utilities and transaction tracking, and provides extensive forms and detailed reports.
  • Products – This feature lets users generate reports and manage items, extensive costs, utilities and master information, such as units of measure, class codes and product categories.
  • Purchase – The functions addressed by this feature include purchase request and purchase order management, voucher management, vendor and item source tracking, provision of extensive forms and detailed reports, and more.
  • Sales – Users will find quote tracking, sales orders and billing management in every version of xTuple. The premium Enterprise Edition and Distribution Edition also include quote and sales order entry management.
  • System – System Module features give users an event manager, visual database log, and management of employees and master information (such as database information, currencies and exchange rates, and more), as well as the ability to schedule server maintenance and server backups, set preferences and privileges for users and groups, and schedule system messaging. It also lets users design reports, screens, scripts and more.

Target Market

xTuple can accommodate any size company, especially in the manufacturing and distribution industries, although the software particularly caters to small and medium-sized businesses that are growing. Some of its customers are listed below:

  • Nordic Naturals
  • Casi
  • Blaid Companies
  • Emseal
  • Cedar Lane Natual Foods
  • Keystone Wood Specialties
  • Flomore
  • BioFields
  • Good-Lite
  • Outerwears

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xTuple has developed its “xTupleUniversity” page with helpful articles and a users’ library to assist a company in implementation. Recommended how-to articles include Transaction Accounting, Product Costing, Current ERP Reference Guide, OpenRPT Product guide and xTuple Connect Product Guide. Affiliated manuals and videos are also available.

Users can also purchase participation in training events and classes. Each annual Support Contract includes a credit allowance for any regularly scheduled xTuple training course.

Users can also hire xTuple’s professional services team to assist with implementation. Users must contact xTuple for pricing, as it varies with each case.

xTuple can be deployed in the cloud or on-premise.

Customer Service & Support

xTuple offers numerous free support resources, including:

  • Online demo where users can evaluate xTuple features in a database, experiment with new functionality without touching the actual production system and test how ERP-integrated xTupleCommerce works for real-time web-based sales and customer service
  • xTuple University, with access to live video tutorials, articles, frequently asked questions, manuals and more
  • xTuple’s Collective Brainpower Blog with news coverage, media releases, announcements and more
  • xTuple User Forum with online message boards
  • xTuple on GitHub with complete source code and documentation

Paid commercial resources include in-classroom and online training. xTuple also offers an annual support contract that:

  • Provides access to telephone help desk and online ticketing system for two named users
  • Answers questions concerning the mechanics of doing transactions in xTuple
  • Gives an analysis of support issues
  • Offers fast-tracked assistance for bug fixes and repairs to bug-related data problems

Support is priced at 10% of a perpetual license fee ($1,500 per year minimum for ERP support) and includes credit allowance for any regular xTuple training.


xTuple has four different pricing options and a free 90-day trial:

  • PostBooks’ commercial annual license is $45/user/month or $450/user/year. The perpetual license is $1,350/user.
  • Distributions’ commercial annual license is $90/user/month or $900/user/year. The perpetual license is $2,700/user.
  • Manufacturing’s commercial annual license is $130/user/month or $1,300/user/year. The perpetual license is $3,900/user.
  • Enterprise’s commercial annual license is $150/user/month or $1,500/user/year. The perpetual license is $4,500/user.

Users can add cloud to any option for $100 per month, plus $30/user/month.


Users report that bug fixes and patches are released without urgency, and that customer service can leave users wanting. Additionally, system navigation can occasionally become non-intuitive and require the guidance of customer support.


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xTuple is an affordable and scalable open-source ERP solution that delivers enterprise-class products and services. In fact, xTuple claims to have one of the lowest Total Cost of Ownership of any ERP system on the market.

The company seeks to give businesses control over operations and profitability by integrating all critical functional areas into one system. Since its founding in 2001, xTuple has focused on helping businesses grow.

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