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E2 Shop System At A Glance

Good: Drop-down-click interface for easy navigation, tasks get tracked to a job number, strong implementation process
Bad: Desktop version maintenance can get pricey, system crashes have been reported.
Bottom Line: With its intuitive user interface, responsive customer support team, precise implementation, and competitive Total Cost of Ownership, the E2 Shop System satisfies thousands of custom work job shops.

Product Overview

ShopTech’s E2 Shop System is one of its two ERP software products. The business management solution streamlines most processes, including CRM and human resources, involved with manufacturing in make-to-order shops of all sizes.

Navigation in the E2 Shop System begins with a home page populated with user-friendly icons covering data entry functions. Picking from drop-down lists, users can move around screens as if in a spreadsheet. On the left sidebar, a color-coded menu facilitates broad navigation (yellow gives a system overview, blue indicates data entry, green is for summary reports and red is for system configuration).

Every byte of data gets tracked to a job number. A single click transfers a quote to a new order or shop-floor job, with all affiliated data attached. While E2 has its own integrated accounting component, it stands as a Quickbooks certified gold partner.

As a partner with Google Cloud Platform, E2 Shop System’s cloud version averages 99.978% network uptime and affords stringent data security, including network, environmental, operations, physical and human resources platforms.

The facets of the E2 Shop System include both CRM and HRM tools, which tie in management of both sales and marketing and personnel data. The HR tool handles general employee setup; holiday and PTO scheduling; work center dispatching with efficiency rating; attendance, training and performance reports and more.


The E2 Shop System sports eight modules: Estimating, Purchasing, Orders, Scheduling, Data Collection, Quality Control, Shipping and Accounting. 

Estimating – This feature gives a user access to information about materials, labor, waste, overhead and more, from which to quickly build and send accurate quotes. Users can also track failed estimates and then follow up to improve future estimates. The tool also accommodates demands of Rush quotes.

Purchasing – This tool includes material requirement planning software that controls the purchasing process, including specified material ordering for a job, fast vendor quote requests, diligent vendor delivery tracking and immediate notifications to involved personnel. A scrap analysis tool and production history to help manage inventory are included. 

Orders – This feature converts estimates into orders by automatically completing all necessary data, letting users set dates and times on materials and jobs, as well as change any aspect of a job. Each order can be tracked from estimate to completion, with involved personnel being automatically notified of any status change with inventory or scheduling.

Scheduling – Users can track every aspect of multiple machines, inventory, employee availability, due dates and delivery schedules with this feature, letting the shop handle more jobs under tighter constraints. Also, the system automatically reschedules each facet of the production process in the event of a disruption, flags high-priority jobs and allows for what-if scenarios. 

Data Collection – Users can get a transparent view into a shop’s operations (e.g., analyze profitability, track material inventory, record time clock, monitor productivity) with this tool. Data collected can include how much time each job takes, how much waste is being generated and where bottlenecks are occurring in the process. Apps for Android and Apple phones allow for mobile access to this module.

Quality Control – This feature fully discloses a shop’s production process. It gives the real-time data needed to optimize that process and ensure the highest quality products are being distributed. Preloaded templates in its integrated Rapid Documentation System helps a shop meet quality certification requirements. 

Shipping – The Shipping Module gives users control of the entire shipping process by disclosing metrics on meeting customer due dates, percentages of on-time order delivery and number of shipments in a day, week or month. It automatically generates packing slips, bills of lading and shipping labels, tracks shipments online; and creates back orders. 

Accounting – The accounting module shows a shop’s complete financial picture in real-time. The software automatically transfers data to accounting from orders (and is QuickBooks Gold Certified). Users can customize or choose from more than 200 standardized reports; and get real-time financial status of the shop through balance sheets, income statements, cash flow reports and more.

Target Market

The E2 Shop System is especially targeted at small to medium “true” job shops and custom, make-to-order manufacturers across industries such as aerospace, automotive, defense, hydraulic components, industrial equipment, manufacturing, medical, and more.

Customers include: 

  • Marion Mold & Tool Inc.
  • Arkansas Tool & Die
  • Alloy Specialties Inc.
  • X-Mil Inc.
  • DeKing
  • Diversified Machining Inc.
  • Logic Manufacturing
  • Fabsco Corporation
  • Fabwest Manufacturing
  • Quality Tool & Die Inc.

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ShopTech assigns each new customer an implementation specialist for six months, who coordinates the entire implementation, from installing the software and converting the data (vendors, customers, parts, etc.), to generating custom reports and training personnel on the system. 

Customers can also hire ShopTech’s E2 Consultant team, which will come onsite to identify a customer’s procedural issues, audit for process improvement, and set the correct business/paperwork flow so that the system is optimized for that particular customer. Besides those mentioned, the E2 consultant team performs the following services:

  • Initial Audit for E2 Implementation
  • Implementation Planning
  • Audit Services to Review Procedures
  • Advanced Implementation (Continued Education)

Telephone and live, online support is available. ShopTech also offers assistance with ISO certifications and audits.

Customer Service & Support

Customers receive an initial six months of support and an implementation specialist with their contract. ShopTech also supplies live customer support via telephone, email or chat from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. EST Monday through Friday.

Users can also join ShopTech’s Customer Community and get 24/7/365 access to Knowledge Base tutorials and guides, free virtual/classroom training, group discussions and more. 


The E2 Shop System is a modular-based system. The company understands that every business is unique, so no public pricing is available. Prospective customers should contact ShopTech Software for a quote.


System crashes have been reported by users.

Costs for customizations, optional consultations and desktop version maintenance can get pricey.


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ShopTech Software was founded by two brothers, Greg and Rich Ehemann, while working in a job shop in Cincinnati. They had no efficient way to track jobs, maintain inventory, handle scheduling or hit deadlines, and in order to develop a well-informed business strategy, they needed real-time data.

The brothers knew firsthand what difficulties job shops faced, so they wrote a software system that directly addressed those problems. The result? The E2 Shop System.

During its lifespan, ShopTech has forged alliances with business partners, garnered business and shop trade recognition, and earned a reputation as an industry leader and technological innovator serving the diverse job shop markets.

The executive team and the founding partners take great pride in the company’s roots in the job shop industry. The company has never lost its vision of helping job shops run more smoothly, productively and profitably.

In 2020, ShopTech was acquired by ECI Software Solutions, a company that provides industry-specific business software solutions and services, focusing on cloud-based technologies. For over 30 years, ECI has served small to medium-sized manufacturing, wholesale/retail distribution, building and construction, and field service organizations. Privately held, ECI is headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas, USA, with offices throughout the U.S., Canada, Mexico, England, the Netherlands, and Australia.

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