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Guide Ti At A Glance

Good: Integrates with existing systems, easy to use Smart Planner feature, add-on dashboard for maintenance planning and budgeting.
Bad: Not intended for small or medium businesses, errors tend to take significant support time to fix.
Bottom Line: CMMS/EAM solution that has fast data-entry, drag and drop features, and advanced search tools for boosting maintenance teams' productivity.

Product Overview

Guide Ti is a Canadian-based CMMS/EAM solution for enterprise-sized maintenance programs.

The solution focuses on increasing worker productivity with a range of data-entry tools, allowing employees access to the system for simple organization while handling assets such as equipment and parts, electronic approvals, preventive maintenance planning, and much more.

The solution also integrates with Microsoft, Oracle, and SAP ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems, among many others, for complete financial planning.


Guide Ti offers multiple features for maintenance teams to control their daily workflow around productivity and increasing the bottom line. These top features include:

SAP’s Smart Planner: An easy to use workflow manager with drag-and-drop capabilities as well as one-click actions for altering large quantities of work orders at once. For scheduling labor, assigning tasks, and ordering parts, the Smart Planner gives a visually appealing and graphically streamlined overview of maintenance actions while also allowing users to drill down for details.

Integrated Bar Code Module: Carefully track your inventory, tools, and spare parts with bar codes for well organized stocks while purchasing items and conducting maintenance. Customize print-out labels, track purchase receipts, return parts, and manage stock all in real time and wireless.

Electronic Business Processes: Electronic approvals and compliance tracking is streamlined into the solution’s workflow. Search for expired warranties, and set up email notifications for required actions. Monitor any actions concerning health, security, and environmental standards for meeting mandated regulations.

Guide Ti Mobile Module: Guide Ti gives Windows 8 tablets access to creating work orders on the fly, work order documents such as pictures and videos, and detailed work order information such as a complete history and search entry for finding physical assets.

Guide Ti Dynamic Dashboard: This highly visual and customizable SAP add-on allows users with no programming knowledge to navigate charts and diagrams for identifying KPIs. Compare variables within plans, budgets, and forecasts for production line bench-marking. The system collects key data for identifying the root cause of these reports, giving full insight into maintenance budgeting.

  • Asset Management?
  • Inventory Administration?
  • Mobile Access?
  • Predictive Maintenance?
  • Preventative Maintenance?
  • Scheduling?
  • Work Order Management?

Target Market

COGEP’s customers are within agriculture, food and beverage, industry and manufacturing, natural resources and heavy industry, public and municipal sectors and facilities, and transportation. Some of their customers include:

  • Agropur
  • Exceldor
  • Columbia Forest
  • International Automotive
  • London Press
  • Rocky Mountain Vacation
  • Breakwater Resources Ltd, Myra Falls
  • Casino de Montréal
  • Maisonneuve-Rosemont Hospital
  • Polaris Mineral Corporation, Orca Quarry

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COGEP aids customers with a thorough implementation program, ensuring each client establishes clear goals and follows a set of “Little Steps” for meeting them throughout their workforce.

Over the course of a few weeks, COGEP’s implementation program is designed to allow continuous team-wide improvement while adapting to each client’s needs. The “Little Steps” implementation program goes as follows:

  • Implementation meeting
  • Software Installation
  • Initial analysis
  • List of assets and entry of basic information
  • Role and responsibilities of employees
  • Implementation of maintenance management and training
  • Implementation of management of purchases for inventory
  • Set up of performance indicators
  • Official launch of Guide Ti solution

Customer Service & Support

Included within COGEP’s service contract, clients are given support through email and telephone. Clients also receive free system corrections, updates, new versions at no cost, 1 yearly visit for consultation, access to BETA versions of the software, and a data transfer guarantee.


COGEP doesn’t publicly release its pricing information. Please contact them directly for a quote.


This solution is meant for companies with a dedicated maintenance team needing a large scale solution. An IT staff may be required for some processes.

Some users have complained that due to the extent of customization within the system, when an error occurs support requires time to fix it.


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COGEP originated in 1989 headquartered in Quebec, Canada. Its solutions include Microsoft-based technology for providing stable and long-lasting systems to both private and public sectors.

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Easy to use

on 2017-11-27 19:58:17

Built in reports and easy to select criteria make asset cost analysis very easy. Several kpi reports built in. Cogep always handles phone calls and help requests very quickly and run excellent training programs. This is the second company I am employed at that uses Guide Ti and continuos improvement of the software is great. Most of your information is available on one screen and the use of hyper links means no extra screens and codes to memorize.

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