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eSSETS At A Glance

Good: Actionable data-driven insights that help companies make better decisions, built-in equipment database with intuitive search and filtering, all-inclusive features in one subscription price.
Bad: The ability to create special reports is not offered, however, eSSETS provides instructions for exporting data to spreadsheets.
Bottom Line: Integrated facility and assets management solution with robust features that streamlines day-to-day maintenance operations.

Product Overview

eSSETS is a facility and assets management solution that streamlines a company’s day-to-day maintenance operations. Facility managers can easily receive multiple field service requests, quickly assign work to staff and generate reports that track team performance. eSSETS is cloud-based and mobile-friendly, so users can access critical information from anywhere.

Other benefits of eSSETS include:

  • Comprehensive built-in equipment database with intuitive search and filtering functionality
  • Reduced manual data entry as database is updated in real time
  • Electronic tracking to help companies stay organized and reduce reliance on paper or spreadsheets
  • Lower costs on emergency repairs and other unpredictable overhead
  • All features included in one subscription price


eSSETS provides an integrated hub, so facility managers can track their locations, equipment and other assets in one place. Here are some of its key features.

Assets tracking – eSSETS tracks activities on each asset during its lifecycle, such as maintenance, warranties and costs. Each asset’s detailed historical data helps answer user questions, plus pinpoint future maintenance needs and other trends. Managers can also track asset ownership and transfer responsibility to new owners.

Work order management – Users can submit a service request that automatically create a work order. The manager then receives the request and dispatches it to staff or contractors. Managers can also schedule and track any routine maintenance or inspections so that they don’t fall through the cracks.

Inventory administration – Managerse can track purchases of parts and materials as well as designate storage locations. They can also track on-hand quantities by storage location, and track usage against facilities and assets.

Vendor and contractor management – eSSETS stores all vendor and contractor information, including credentials, work history and contact data. This way, managers can easily search for important details, request bids from vendors, assign work and track invoicing and payments.

Document storage – Manuals, repair history and other documents are all stored within eSSETS. There’s even a warranty tracking icon that provides at-a-glance information on an equipment’s warranty.

Reporting – The reporting dashboard provides quick access to real-time reports. Users can filter specific criteria within each report and drill down into the data for further analysis. Some examples of reporting metrics eSSETS provides are expenditures, service level, labor time, asset cost and asset lifecycle activity.

Target Market

eSSETS targets companies of all sizes in many markets, such as franchise chain operations, hospitality, education, banking, retail and distribution. It serves companies in over 11 countries.

We’ve listed 10 of its customers below:

  • Beachcomber Hotel Group
  • Diagnostic Systems of Georgia
  • Gibbons Management Services
  • Green State Credit Union
  • Leavitt Machinery
  • Margaritaville Caribbean
  • Mountain Creek Resort
  • Nagoya International School
  • Ozarks Technical Community College (OTC)
  • St. Joseph Academy

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The implementation process varies, as it’s customized to a company’s needs. Remote training and implementation assistance are included in the subscription price. eSSETS offers on-site services at an additional cost for larger companies or companies with complex requirements.

To ease implementation, eSSETS also provides tools that import data from various systems, such as spreadsheets.

Customer Service & Support

eSSETS has a built-in, context-sensitive help ticketing system within the software. Additional support includes phone and email support, and online tips and instructions.


eSSETS’s annual subscription pricing is based on a per-user, per-location strategy. Multiyear and volume discounts are available. Please contact eSSETS directly for a quote.


Some companies that use this software have requested additional management reporting functionality. In response, eSSETS mentioned that they continue to improve the reporting features with each upgrade. Also, the ability to create special reports is not offered, but users can still make them within Excel or Google Sheets using the vendor’s instructions on exporting data.


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The founders of eSSETS have deep expertise in service and maintenance management, physical asset tracking and management, project management, document management, and accounting. They combined their collective knowledge and experience to build an easy-to-use application.

eSSETS’s mission is to be the global leader in providing easy applications for facility and equipment maintenance management. They also believe that collaboration is the key to success not only in their relationships with clients, but in their client’s own relationships with staff and vendors.

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