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AgileAssets At A Glance

Good: A wide variety of CMMS features, modular design, mobile capability.
Bad: Intended more for the transportation industry.
Bottom Line: Comprehensive CMMS solution with strong focus on fleet, equipment, bridges, and utilities, among others.

Product Overview

AgileAssets is a comprehensive CMMS software with four main subcategories of products, also called Modules.

Analyst Series modules feature advanced analytics to project future asset performance and determine optimal maintenance or rehabilitation strategies to achieve maximum ROI. These include:

  • Bridge Analyst
  • Pavement Analyst
  • Safety Analyst

Trade-Off Analyst provides exexcutive-level, multi-period/multi-constraint analysis and optimization of funding allocations across programs and asset types.

Managers Series modules support standard work tasks including planning, scheduling, work orders, work recording and reporting. These modules include:

  • Bridge Inspector
  • Facilities Manager
  • Sign Manager
  • Signal and ITS Manager
  • Telecom Manager
  • Maintenance Manager
  • Fleet and Equipment Manager

The Core System includes the core set of capabilities for the AgileAssets product portfolio as well as mobile app technologies, AgileAssets Network Manager LRS (Linear Referencing System) solution and a documented API. The modules comprising this area are:

  • Mobile Apps
  • Network Manager
  • System Foundation


AgileAssets offers a wide array of features, including all of those checked off below. Specifically, we’ve focused on three areas for which they design solutions:

Executive Trade-Off

Made for business leaders and common users, the Executive Trade-Off Solution Set combines all aspects of design, construction, maintenance, rehabilitation and renovation of assets to maximize benefits and minimize costs.

Like all AgileAssets solutions, the Executive Trade-Off Solution Set produces graphic summaries that show current and future asset conditions and asset maintenance and rehabilitation needs. This information helps customers make the right management decisions, initiate budget requests, and make smart economic decisions with their money.


The management of facilities can be a complex and difficult undertaking. Facilities managers must not only ensure the successful and cost-effective ongoing operation of their facilities, they must also ensure the safety of the people using their facilities. For agencies or organizations with limited resources it can be challenging to make the right facilities investment and allocation decisions for their facilities.

The AgileAssets Facilities Solution Set is designed to simplify and optimize the facilities management process. The Facilities Solution Set supports the management of facilities, related assets and sub-systems and features user-defined hierarchies and robust reporting as well as powerful analytical tools that enable facilities managers to establish future funding levels and level-of-service (LOS) targets.

Fleet and Equipment

Modern transportation agencies and organizations maintain and operate large inventories of diverse and specialized vehicles and equipment used in their day-to-day operations. To properly use and manage their fleet and equipment inventories, agencies and organizations maintain detailed records on each piece of equipment, but maintaining accurate and accessible records while also optimally managing a fleet of vehicles and equipment can prove challenging.

The AgileAssets Fleet & Equipment Solution Set was developed and designed to enable a systematic and ultimately more effective approach to the complete life cycle management process for fleet vehicles and equipment.

There are four other main feature areas:

  • Telecom
  • Sign and Signal
  • Road and Bridge
  • Safety

  • Asset Management?
  • Inventory Administration?
  • Mobile Access?
  • Predictive Maintenance?
  • Preventative Maintenance?
  • Scheduling?
  • Work Order Management?

Target Market

AgileAssets has an especially strong presence in the transportation industry.

  • Pinellas County
  • Quebec Ministry of Transport
  • Idaho Transportation Department
  • North Carolina Department of Transportation
  • Kentucky Transportation Cabinet
  • Dubai Municipality
  • Trinidad and Tobago Ministry of Works and Transportation
  • Texas Department of Transportation
  • Montana Department of Transportation
  • Texas Department of Information Resources (DIR)

Download Now: The CMMS Buyer's Guide

Choosing an CMMS Solution is all about finding the right fit. Our report will walk you through the process and help you make a smart purchasing decision. Download Now


AgileAssets has provided consulting services focused on applying a systematic process for the complete life cycle management of infrastructure assets since it was founded in 1994. With over 20 years of experience assisting customers worldwide, AgileAssets offers broad and deep industry expertise and the ability to tailor the technology and solutions to their client’s specific business needs and objectives.

Clients can collaborate with AgileAssets on the following:

  • Define requirements and process for enterprise asset management
  • Design inventive enterprise asset management solutions to meet business goals
  • Use enterprise-wide asset management solutions to break down organizational silos and improve collaboration
  • Build a solid asset management foundation that meets needs now and helps prepare for the future

Agile Implementation Methodology (AIM) is the procedure that AgileAssets follows during all software implementation projects. This methodology guides business and IT teams in implementing world-class enterprise infrastructure asset management solutions to support the organizations business imperatives.

AIM is a methodology that:

  • Provides for streamlined implementation by focusing attention on the tasks to be accomplished
  • Provides a structured framework that reduces time on documentation, freeing up more time for prototyping and providing the solution
  • Uses a phased approach concentrating first on defining the configuration and development scope in more detail, and then executing this effort
  • Allows tracking of status by breaking down work into manageable chunks in Configuration and Development Master Lists

Customer Service & Support

User conferences, system enhancements, and phone assistance and the three main tiers of customer support offered by Agile.

AgileAssets is continually enhancing their asset management solutions, a process that is primarily driven by the growing needs of customers, but also by industry trends and market demand.

For clients under a maintenance agreement, “Production Releases” (major releases) and “Point Releases” (minor releases) are distributed on a regular schedule.  Production Releases typically incorporate new functional features and process enhancements, and every release includes the application software, required database scripts, release notes, and updated documentation.

AgileAssets also hosts the International Users Conference every 18 months. This conference is a forum for their customers, employees, and industry luminaries to meet, discuss important industry trends, exchange ideas, and learn new ways to maximize the value of their investment in AgileAssets asset management technology.


AgileAssets offers client hosted, managed hosted and cloud hosted delivery options. Please contact them directly for a quote.


In one comparative review of 14 different ESRI and GIS systems, AgileAssets finished outside of the top 5, ranking behind in that category to some of its competitors.

Its municipal management capabilities also ranked behind other vendors in the field, recieving less than a perfect score in a similar comparative review of municipal maintenance and asset management companies.


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AgileAssets Inc. is a leading global provider of integrated infrastructure asset management software solutions and services for public agencies and organizations.

AgileAssets’ proven solutions enable a systematic process for the complete life cycle management of infrastructure assets, including pavement, facilities, bridges, fleets, utilities, telecom, traffic signals, signs, ITS and more.

AgileAssets technologies optimize the decision making process and help our clients to more effectively allocate funding and achieve the highest possible ROI on their infrastructure investments.

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