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Izenda At A Glance

Good: Izenda is able to seamlessly embed its business intelligence tools into a company's current applications.
Bad: Some customers have mentioned difficulties when customizing reports and visualizations.
Bottom Line: Izenda is a web-based embedded BI solution that can be deployed as a stand-alone BI portal, or integrated with SaaS, on-premise or hybrid applications.

Product Overview

Izenda is a web-based embedded business intelligence (BI) platform that has been purpose-built for OEM use and embedding by software companies. It gives software product teams the ability to enhance their applications with white-labeled self-service analytics in the form of dynamic reports, dashboards and visualizations that deliver data-driven insights to users, while maintaining the look and feel of the existing application.

Izenda can be deployed as a self-service analytics portal, or seamlessly integrated with Software as a Service (SaaS), on-premise or hybrid applications on any technology stack. The platform leverages a modern, three-tier embedded architecture that is lightweight, modular and extendable. An open source front-end and web API makes the platform highly configurable. Izenda does not require moving data to proprietary data warehouses or data cubes, but instead reports against databases in real time, with an automated query building engine and in-memory data blending.


Izenda enables you to embed robust self-service BI functionality into the workflows of your existing business application. Some key features include:

Dashboards & KPIs

Self-service dashboards are responsive and interactive, allowing users to drill down into real-time data quickly and easily, on any device.  Users can create and customize dashboards using drag-and-drop features, share dashboards with other users, export, email and create notifications and alerts for dashboards.


The platform offers several features for ad hoc report creation, including report viewers, lists and designers, and pixel-perfect forms. All offer an intuitive search interface for quick data discovery and analysis. Users are able to easily create data groupings, set up filters, format reports and visualizations, and create pivot tables to display insights clearly. Report designers have simple and advanced modes to accommodate every day and power users, plus quick edit functionality and report templates that make report creation easy.


Simple drag-and-drop features and property menus make it easy to visualize data with charts, maps and gauges to spot trends. Geographic data can be visualized down to a granular level, showing information based on states or provinces, county, city, postal code, or latitude/longitude.

Administrative UI

The administrative UI allows end to end customization of an Izenda implementation, quickly and without coding. You use the administrative UI to connect to data sources, set up role and user definitions, and map and alias database fields. The UI allows you to streamline onboarding and managing clients in your multi-tenant application and gives you full control over features and permissions for your customers, enabling you to monetize different levels of analytics functionality.

Target Market

Izenda offers embedded BI solutions to software product teams at all types of companies. We’ve highlighted some of its notable customers below:

  • AAC
  • FundTrack
  • PeopleStrategy
  • Intersect Healthcare
  • Essette
  • Jenzabar
  • Visibility Software
  • Pareto Business
  • Verizon Wireless Corporate Tax
  • TicketReturn

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Izenda is a web-based embedded BI solution, with a four step process for embedding the platform:

1.) Host Izenda

An Izenda integration process begins after downloading one of Izenda’s starter kits. Each kit consists of a fully functional version of Izenda that can be merged directly into your application.

2.) Connect to data

Izenda connects to your database(s). The platform will automatically pull out any tables, views, stored procedures, user-defined functions, column names and constraints. It will then build relationships between data sources, and allow data blending between various databases from the Administration UI.

Izenda also leverages your pre-existing single sign-on to define more granular roles. This allows users to control data down to the row and cell level while maintaining data security and full platform functionality.

3.) Configure

Izenda is  fully white labeled to seamlessly deliver the platform to end users. To configure Izenda to your company’s needs, the platform’s navigation, pages and styles are customized to match your application’s look and feel. A library of core report and dashboard templates is created and embedded into your existing application. End users also have the ability to create their own reports and dashboards.

4.) Deploy

To ensure rapid deployment, Izenda provides support services throughout the implementation process. Izenda also offers end user and developer training, tutorial videos, guides and a wiki to help customers become more acclimated with Izenda’s platform.

The solution also offers a self-service analytics portal option that can be implemented within as little as one work week.

Customer Service & Support

Izenda has a number of white papers, case studies, video tutorials and other resources available for customers to learn more about the Izenda’s functionality.

The support team is available via phone or email for questions and concerns.


Izenda has three pricing plans:

  • Growth – The Growth plan costs $999 per month for up to 50 users. It includes connection up to three data sources, dashboards and reports, scheduled alerts and unlimited viewers.
  • Professional – The Professional plan costs $1,999 per month for up to 100 users. It includes all of the features of the Growth plan, plus connection up to five data sources, a multi-tenant architecture, white labeling and iFrame.
  • Enterprise – The Enterprise plan support unlimited users. It includes all of the features of the Professional plan, plus unlimited servers, unlimited data sources, API-level embedding and integrated security. Please contact Izenda directly for a quote.


Some customers have reported having difficulty with customizing reports and visualizations.


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Izenda aims to empower software product teams with a self-service analytics solution they can bring to market quickly and administer without coding. In doing so, Izenda has provided companies with a dynamic embedded BI solution that seamlessly integrates with their business applications.

Izenda was named one of Solution Review’s top six embedded analytics vendors to watch in 2017.

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