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VidCruiter At A Glance

Good: Comprehensive video interviewing that replaces other methods of pre-screening, such as by phone or Skype.
Bad: Short learning curve for new users.
Bottom Line: VidCruiter is a great solution for narrowing a candidate pool down within a tight hiring time frame. Interview options make the solution more convenient for both recruiters and applicants.

Product Overview

VidCruiter is more than just an applicant tracking system. With additional features, such as video interviewing and digital structured interviews, VidCruiter allows you to save time and make better quality hiring decisions.

By allowing for customization on a per-position basis, the solution will meet the specific needs of any hiring scenario. The system allows you to map out and optimize your entire recruitment process using an advanced workflow system.

VidCruiter offers a complete suite of recruitment products, which not only makes it unique to the applicant tracking space but also gives it the distinction as one of the most advanced automated recruiting solutions on the market.


There are eight key components to VidCruiter’s Applicant Hiring System:

1. Live Interviewing – Multiple interviewers can participate in a live interview via video or in-person. Interviewers have access to digital versions of their interview guides and can make notes or discuss candidates using a private chat. Travel costs are greatly reduced, and no training is necessary to use the interview platform. Live video interviews can also be recorded, allowing individuals that were unable to attend to watch them and provide their feedback.

2. Pre-Recorded Video Interviewing – Pre-recorded video interviews allow candidates to record answers to sets of questions on their own time. Recruiters are able to review the responses at their own convenience and securely share them with hiring managers and other relevant parties. The option to re-record or record under pressure can be set on a per question basis.

3. Automated Reference Checks – Applicants submit their references’ information and the system automatically sends them questions to fill out. The forms sent to a reference are completely customizable and can include audio, video and text responses. Not having to schedule an interview and allowing references to submit their responses at their convenience will save time and improve your response rate.

4. Audio Interviewing – For applicants applying to jobs that require daily phone calls, such as sales positions, audio recording allows the recruiter to test for a range of phone-related qualities. Applicants can first listen to a mock call, then read from a script for their own audition. The multilingual solution automatically scores applicants based on voice quality and pronunciation.

5. Applicant Tracking – Customize the skill set you’re searching for, and the applicant tracking system ranks applicants based on your desired criteria. Candidates are sent through a branded application process to emphasize your company’s culture. Then each resume is saved in a repository you can share with other hiring managers. The solution can be customized so recruiters can keep resumes from falling through the cracks.

6. Digital Skills Testing – VidCruiter allows organizations to test their candidates’ digital skills as part of the hiring process. It includes prebuilt assessment templates on a variety of skills, and recruiters can also create their own assessments using photos, videos and audio. If the candidate completes the assessment via the video interviewing platform (online proctoring), the hiring team can get a read into the candidate’s body language and reactions. Finally, the platform integrates with the workflow system, so the software can filter out candidates based on their responses as well as automatically move them into the next step if they reach a specific score.

7. Structured Interviews – In order to reduce hiring bias, recruiters can conduct structured interviews with the software. It provides each candidates the same questions in the same order, and those questions are based on job competencies. The questions are embedded within the live video interviewing and pre-recorded interviewing solutions, and they’re also uploaded onto a phone or tablet for in-person interviews. The scores are then automatically compiled, calculated and added to the candidate’s profile, and the hiring team also gets an at-a-glance look at the rankings for comparison.

8. Video Onboarding – Streamlining your onboarding process allows recruiters to determine how long it takes to train new hires. Departments can quickly communicate through the solution to optimize the training process. This helps the company standardize employee training and find the best way of communicating cultural values and retaining more employees.

Target Market

VidCruiter appeals to a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, e-commerce, security, health care, recruiting firms, universities, call centers, insurance, telecom, hotels and more.

Here is a list of 10 sample customers:

  • United Nations
  • UPS
  • Lionsgate
  • Samsung
  • Unum
  • U.S. Foods
  • Kelley School of Business (Indiana University)
  • BioScript Solutions
  • SilverBirch Hotels and Resorts
  • Paymentsense

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VidCruiter is a cloud-based solution and requires minimal setup. Users who will have the most access to the system are trained as solution administrators so they’re able to use it to its maximum potential. Additional training can be requested for existing or new users.

A dedicated account manager is also assigned to each client to field any issues that may arise.

Customer Service & Support

VidCruiter offers 24/7 support, along with a customized plan for each organization’s unique needs.

In addition, each company’s account manager continually works to improve the recruitment workflow.


As it offers a range of pricing tiers to match a company’s specific needs, VidCruiter doesn’t release pricing information. Please contact the vendor directly for a quote.


Some users have experienced a learning curve when they first started using VidCruiter, but they found that training guides have helped them.


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VidCruiter was created by a team of operational management experts, human resource specialists, serial entrepreneurs, business development consultants, top marketers, and an advanced development team. Their goal was to build a system that saved companies time and money by optimizing their entire recruitment process.

Founder Sean Fahey was tasked by an insurance firm to hire 200 people within a small window of time, and the experience taught him that too much time is wasted. So Fahey set out to design a solution to automate much of the hiring process while retaining applicant quality.

VidCruiter started as a simple applicant tracking solution and has expanded over time with new capabilities. Partners include Oracle, Adobe, TrustRadius and ZipRecruiter.

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