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Jobsoid At A Glance

Good: Highly affordable and easily accessible online.
Bad: No onboarding features.
Bottom Line: Affordable and simple ATS with the essentials of hiring for all types of businesses.

Product Overview

Jobsoid is an applicant tracking system that focuses on amplifying the reach for job openings. The solution makes communicating with candidates easy and includes tools for ranking, comparing and collaborating about potential hires.

As an entirely cloud-based solution, recruiters and hiring managers are able to easily access Jobsoid and move quickly through the hiring process.


There are seven core components of Jobsoid. Here, we’ve briefly described each and noted their strengths:

1. Job advertising: Jobsoid covers job postings across job portals, social media and onto your own company careers site/page. Recruiters can create custom applications for each job to capture the right criteria.

2. Candidate sourcing: In addition to receiving applications from social media, job boards and company careers site, Jobsoid automatically parses emails and resumes; and then consolidates the information in one place so that each applicant has a centralized profile.

3. Applicant tracking: Jobsoid allows to view candidates with their resumes attached directly to an aggregated profile. This feature also lets you set up workflow stages such as application reviewing, interviewing, offering, hiring and putting on hold. The user can leave comments at each stage to keep track of any unique details. Additional tools include:

  • Tagging
  • Marking candidates as “Favorites”
  • Filtering by keywords

4. Collaborative recruitment: The solution allows for you to set permissions so that other employees can access information on candidates as well. This way, they can easily provide feedback and help influence the hiring decision.

5. Interview management: With this, you can reserve time slots for scheduling interviews so that your hiring team and candidate are on the same page. The solution includes a map for offering the candidate directions, and a confirmation trigger so that the candidate can verify they’ll be there. Your hiring team can rank the candidate post-interview in categories such as Job Knowledge, Team Work, Communication Skills, and more.

6. Centralized communication: This component allows hiring managers are able to create custom templates for sending many emails at once and can also set trigger emails communicating quickly during key points in the process. An activity feed consolidates all emails, attachments, documents and touch points on a timeline in one place.

7. Intelligent reporting: A real-time dashboard shows where your hiring team is in the pipeline for each ongoing open requisition. Reports can show the number of active job openings; the number of candidates broken down by hired, active and new; and a variety of high-level data on applicants, such as where they were sourced and their stage in the hiring process.

  • Applicant Tracking?
  • Automated Reference Checks?
  • Onboarding?
  • Recruiting?
  • Social Integration?
  • Video Interviewing?

Target Market

Jobsoid is a best fit for businesses of all sizes, across various industries. Here are 10 sample clients::

  • The Fern Hotels
  • Mirum Agency
  • Whirlwind
  • English Lakes Hotels & Resorts
  • Big Data Partnership
  • Keley Group
  • T-Mobile, Hawaii
  • Lawex Inc
  • Global Vision Solutions
  • Vibrus Group

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As a Software as a Service (SaaS) application, users can register and start using Jobsoid immediately. There are no implementation procedures that would prevent clients from using the solution. The support team guides every new user with on-demand online training when required.

Customer Service & Support

All Jobsoid users can reach customer service through email. In addition, paying subscribers have access to live support through phone and chat.

Jobsoid also provides a page for clients to see when service may be interrupted.


The recruiting tool comes in four pricing packages (prices are based on annual billing):

  1. Beginner: One user can have access, and one opening can be posted.
  2. Lite: $49/month – Unlimited users, 3 openings per month, and an additional resume parser is included.
  3. Standard: $99/month – Includes the Lite package with unlimited users plus 10 openings per month.
  4. Pro: $249/month – Includes the Plus package with unlimited users, plus 50 openings per month.


The solution does not provide onboarding features to seamlessly transfer employee data, or assign various forms to fill out once the hire is made.


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Jobsoid is a recruiting solution created by Teknorix, a software development company headquartered in India. The vendor is focused on creating innovative software solutions for the global market.

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