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JobDiva At A Glance

Good: Unique job searching parameters including searching for skills by years of experience, harvester tool for sourcing and parsing resumes efficiently, all-inclusive subscription price.
Bad: Not intended for small recruitment outfits with low placement volumes.
Bottom Line: End-to-end recruitment solution that combines applicant tracking, talent management, CRM and back-office operations in one interface.

Product Overview

JobDiva is an end-to-end applicant tracking software designed to help staffing agencies automate their recruiting workflows. It’s a cloud-based model so the solution is available from any device with an internet connection. Users can also access its mobile app for the same features.

JobDiva combines recruiting, onboarding, reporting, customer relationship management (CRM), vendor management system (VMS) and back-office operations in one system. It automates many processes for recruiters, sales and back-office staff, so they all work within the same solution.

Other benefits of JobDiva includes:

  • Cloud-based deployment so staffing firms won’t need to worry about purchasing equipment or maintaining data
  • All features, training, support and product upgrades are included in one price so there are no extra fees
  • Empowering recruiters to fulfill job roles more efficiently and accurately
  • Time-saving methods for evaluating resumes and communicating with job seekers
  • Improved service for clients and job seekers
  • Scalability
  • Strong security, including secure data storage and controlled user access

The Features section below covers JobDiva’s recruiting features. However, we’ll briefly note its other modules.

The reporting and analytics module includes full business intelligence functionality, such as customized dashboards, a variety of data visualization tools and performance metrics. It also includes standard and customized reporting templates filtered by activity, metrics and audits.

The CRM solution provides an opportunity for staffing agencies to gain new clients and other business opportunities. Users can track their communications, notes and other aspects of their relationships with clients. The solution includes configurable sales pipelines and email marketing campaigns. It also integrates with VoIP software.

The back office operations solution combines post-hiring tasks (such as onboarding) with an agency’s financial operations (time sheets, billing and invoicing). The DivaFinancials feature integrates all finances within the agency. Back office staff can collect time sheets, manage invoicing and run financial reports.

Recruiters can also perform onboarding tasks for their clients as well as collect EEO data and verify if a new hire is eligible to work in the US (E-Verify).

And finally, for agencies’ clients that use vendor management systems, JobDiva automatically synchronizes data with those systems. JobDiva monitors posted jobs within those systems and then automatically pulls data of posted jobs from that system. The recruiters then get a notification of the job’s status, whether they’re updated or closed. JobDiva also automatically closes any job openings and removes any sensitive data from job descriptions.


This section focuses on the key features of the recruiting module. Here are several of those features:

There is a Jobs dashboard that provides access to key recruiting processes, such as open job roles. JobDiva provides an at-a-glance shot of all open roles; users can drill down to see relevant data, such as total openings or number of interviews scheduled. The dashboard provides links to key priority items for easier access. It can also be viewed at individual, group or division level.

JobiDiva provides a unique job searching engine that searches for candidates based on years of experience in a particular skill. Recruiters can also quickly search for and narrow down candidate lists based on geography, education, or other attributes.

JobDiva also has a strong resume aggregation tool that eliminates the need to search for resumes through multiple job boards. The harvester tools automate the process by sourcing resumes in various job boards based on candidates’ skills. The resume is then automatically parsed and then downloaded into a private candidate database.

Recruiters can easily create and manage new job requisitions. With the CalcuDiva feature, recruiters can calculate the cost and profit margins of each requisition. Each new job post is automatically added to the job boards and the staffing agency’s portal.

Recruiters can also create hot lists of qualified candidates for each role.

Other JobDiva recruiting features include:

  • Candidate information management, including managing candidate relationships and availability
  • Email and calendar features, including accessing Outlook email/calendar via JobDiva and receiving alerts and reminders
  • Built-in and customized email templates
  • Dedicated candidate portal for uploading resumes and managing interview schedules
  • DivaBuzz, a built-in texting feature

Target Market

JobDiva is intended for staffing and recruiting agencies that support Fortune 500 companies. Some of its clients include:

  • TalentBridge
  • Nesco Resource
  • TM Floyd
  • U.S. Tech Solutions
  • Ursus, Inc.
  • TalentBurst
  • Intelliswift
  • ICON Information Consultants

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New clients work with JobDiva’s Implementation Services team to get the software up and running within weeks. They also migrate any data, such as resumes, from an existing recruitment system.

JobDiva offers online and onsite training that allows the users to work with live resumes and other requisition data. It also offers ongoing training for free, which includes training for new hires.

Customer Service & Support

JobDiva provides free tech support via phone or email. It also includes a dedicated help section and a Best Practices guide on its site. The help section and best practice guide help recruiters with both common troubleshooting software issues and any challenges that occur during the recruiting process.


JobDiva doesn’t publicly display their pricing information. Please contact the vendor directly by filling out a request for proposal (RFP) form on its site.


JobDiva is primarily intended for staffing agencies, so it’s not beneficial for companies with in-house recruiters/hiring managers. Those companies can check out our other reviews on ATS solutions.

Also, JobDiva may be too robust for small staffing businesses.


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JobDiva is an end-to-end applicant tracking and talent management system designed to help staffing firms manage their clients and recruitment processes. As part of its credo, JobDiva aims to support its customers as they help job seekers quickly find roles that best reflect their skills.

Over the last few years, JobDiva received several accolades, such as TechServe Alliance’s 2020 “Excellence Award in the New Normal.”

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