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Oracle Taleo At A Glance

Good: Cloud solution for sourcing, hiring and onboarding.
Bad: Users have reported that the search function is very limited.
Bottom Line: Talent management tools to help recruiters and managers hire and retain employees while focusing on social recruiting

Product Overview

Oracle Taleo Cloud Service is a talent management platform that helps recruiters and managers better attract and retain employees. The Cloud Service has platforms tailored specifically for small businesses and enterprises. We will briefly discuss each platform below:

Recruiting Cloud Service: A major benefit of this platform is that recruiters and hiring managers can keep track of applicants electronically and save money in recruiting costs. Recruiters can access applicant tracking data and other recruiting information anytime, anywhere. This platform relies heavily on social media sourcing tools, such as Facebook and Twitter, and it also integrates with desktop productivity tools, such as Microsoft Outlook, MyYahoo, and iGoogle. The Recruiting Cloud Service also helps with compliance in fair hiring practices.

Onboarding Cloud Service: As it is important for new hires to be ready to work from their first day, onboarding has become a valuable process for companies. The Onboarding Cloud Service has features such as a custom new hire portal for storage of new employee information, and a recruiter/hiring manager dashboard, so that hiring managers keep track of statues relating to the new hire (and address any issues that come up during the onboarding process). Also, companies can save money, time, and paper by using the eSignature functionality.

Performance Management Cloud Service: This platform helps managers write and keep track of performance reviews electronically – as well as set benchmarks that aligns with the company’s goals. It also helps streamline the review process as managers get guidance on writing performance reviews, seek feedback from multiple people, and compare an employee’s performance against others. Some customizable features with this platform include email integration (dragging and dropping feedback from email into the platform), review forms that companies can customize to fit their business, and a talent browser (for finding candidates either internally or externally that can fit specific job roles).

Learn Cloud Service: In order to attract and retain employees, companies are offering courses to aid in the employee’s career development. Oracle Taleo offers the Learn Cloud Service for both new and current employees and can be customized to fit the business. Such features with this platform include: online content management, blended learning plans (for users who want a traditional classroom setting, online learning, etc), sub-portals (for specific employees, partners, or customers), and social learning (allow users to rate or discuss content or class). There is also the E-commerce functionality for companies that want to collect revenue by offering courses to outside partners or vendors.

Succession Planning Cloud Service: Only offered to Enterprise customers, this platform guides managers and recruiters in filling roles soon to be vacated by a current employee. Managers can evaluate whether an internal candidate would be a best fit for the role or look outside the company for applicants.


Oracle Taleo Cloud Service has several features pertaining to talent management, several we’ve listed below. However, we want to point out two features:

Compensation Management: Companies need a way to manage their compensation cycles, therefore Oracle Taleo offers a compensation management platform (specifically tailored to Enterprises and Small Businesses). Companies can make raise adjustment and bonus calculations, perform cost analysis tools, and set and manage pay-for-performance strategies.

Social Recruiting: Companies are finding that recruiting candidates via social media can be done. Recruiters can post job openings on networks such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook, make job postings accessible to mobile devices, and increase employee referrals.

Target Market

Oracle Taleo is used by many different companies in a variety of industries, such as government, education, construction, finance, and more. Below is a partial list:

  • City of Chicago
  • Dell
  • Hitachi Consulting
  • Intuit
  • Jackson Hewitt
  • JSR Micro
  • Kalparatu
  • McGraw Hill
  • Monsanto
  • Vegas PBS

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Like other vendors, Oracle Taleo offers training for its software. There are five types of training: classroom training, live virtual class, on-demand training, self-study courses, and private events. Companies can choose from any of these training options, depending on their schedule, whether they’re willing to travel, and cost considerations. Oracle Taleo does offer discounts on its training programs, notably a 20% discount if a user purchases the bundled training/certification package.

Customer Service & Support

Oracle Taleo also offers a variety of support services. First, there is the Oracle Premier Support. The Premier Support service include 24/7 tech support, problem prevention, and access to software upgrades. There is also the Lifetime Support Policy that allows software users to upgrade whenever they’re ready. Secondly, there is the Advanced Customer Service Support. This is ideal for mission-critical environments, such as IT departments in large companies.

Finally, there is the MyOracle Support portal. Users can access this portal to download software updates, put in a request for tech support, and communicate with other Oracle Taleo customers.


Oracle Taleo doesn’t publicly release pricing information. Please contact them directly for a price quote.


Some users have reported that the interface is not user friendly or appealing – i.e. too many click-throughs rather than a 1-click step. Users have also reported that the search function is very limited.


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Taleo got its start in 1999 as a company called Recruitsoft, selling recruiting software. Over the years, it expanded into talent management. Taleo was acquired by Oracle in 2012. Aside from the Recruiting Cloud Service, Oracle Taleo offers other platforms for goals management, learning management, onboarding, and performance management.


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