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Tanda At A Glance

Good: Time clock included with an advanced roster system that calculates pay.
Bad: GPS-tracking feature for remote clock-ins is not offered.
Bottom Line: Time and attendance solution with flexible cloud features for managers to stay on top of their staff's schedules and pay.

Product Overview

Tanda is a cleverly named time and attendance solution (derived from a shortened form of “time and attendance”) that comes with time-clock hardware.

Staff members have profiles with head shots and passkeys for clocking in. The hardware is mounted in the work space for employees to quickly clock in and out throughout the day.

Managers are able to access real-time information from the software to match how employees clock in and out with how they’re scheduled in the roster. Information is stored and exchanged in the cloud so managers can access it all on a desktop or mobile device.

There are two editions: Standard and Enterprise. The Standard edition covers many of Tanda’s features, such as employee portals, scheduling and attendance tracking, timesheets, union contract interpretation, leave management, reporting, software roll-out assistance and a dedicated account manager.

The Enterprise edition includes additional features, such as predictive workforce and cognitive scheduling features, custom reporting, project management, custom implementation, on-site software set-up and API integration.


Tanda focuses on three primary tasks:

1. Clocking In – The time clock resembles a tablet and takes head shots of employees upon clocking in. Their profiles are set up ahead of time. Each profile has face recognition paired with a four-digit pass code. As employees clock in, their shifts sync with the predetermined time sheet so managers have a complete view of schedules.

2. Approving shifts – Real-time information is fed into the solution as employees clock in for shifts. Employers are able to edit and approve time sheets from their end of the system. The solution also has an online roster that helps employers schedule shifts while simultaneously calculating the costs per shift. The roster can be shared with employees through the cloud and SMS. Alerts tell employers when shifts clash so people can quickly be swapped if needed.

3. Payroll – Tanda links with payroll systems for exporting time sheet data. The Award Interpreter feature accurately calculates a combination of pay rates. This way, all the work for calculating pay is done throughout the week and before payday. The software accounts for holidays, overtime, pay for higher duties, split shifts, sick leave, custom agreements and much more.

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  • Employee Scheduling?
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Target Market

Tanda works well for industries such as franchising, hospitality, retail, medical, child care, manufacturing and warehousing.

Here are eight sample customers:

  • Domino's
  • Choice Hotels
  • Saltwater Hotels & Resorts
  • Bunnings Warehouse
  • Tristar Medical Group
  • The Cheescake Shop
  • Twinwaters Golf Club
  • Beefy's Pies

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There’s no initial set-up cost for installing the time clock.

Upon opening the software for the first time, a widget goes through each step of setting up the system, including:

  • Importing staff information from your payroll solution
  • Categorizing staff
  • Creating your first roster
  • Ordering your time clock(s) for the number of locations needed

Additional steps help you integrate Tanda with your payroll solution and walk you through the time-sheet approval process.

Customer Service & Support

Tanda provides a clients with a support email and phone number if they run into any set-up problems. Live chat is also available.


Disclaimer: Note that the pricing is for U.S. customers only. If your company is based out of the U.S., please contact the vendor directly.

Tanda offers monthly and annual pricing plans that’s based on number of users in increments of 50 users. There needs to be a minimum of 10 users. For instance, a company with 10 employees can expect to pay $50 USD a month (or $5 USD per employee per month), while a business with 100 employees can pay $500 USD a month. This figure represents monthly payments.

The pricing applies to the Standard edition; companies interested in the Enterprise edition should contact Tanda directly for a price quote.


Tanda currently doesn’t offer a GPS feature for employees that clock in remotely.


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Tanda began in 2011 with the vision to help businesses focus less on the paperwork for paying staff. It also had the mission to eliminate “buddy clock-ins” where employees clock in for each other.

By saving clients an average of 4% on labor and reducing the 2+ hour process of calculating payroll down to five minutes, Tanda is quickly growing in popularity.

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