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ScheduleAnywhere At A Glance

Good: Offers both cloud and on-premise hosting.
Bad: Doesn't integrate with time-clock hardware.
Bottom Line: Workforce scheduling with mobile components for managers to easily stay on top of employee hours.

Product Overview

ScheduleAnywhere is an easy-to-use cloud-based time and attendance solution with a strong mobile component so managers and employees can communicate at any time.

Rather than clocking in with a physical punch clock, employees are able to sign in for shifts online through a computer or mobile device.

Allowing employees and managers to schedule shifts online helps save time by offering a hub for any scheduling needs. Employees can request time off through the app, and managers can stay on top of employee hours to reduce unnecessary overtime.

ScheduleAnywhere goes the extra mile by keeping track of details about employees such as their skills and training, allowing managers to schedule the right employees according to their certifications and qualifications.


We’ve chosen to highlight three features to display ScheduleAnywhere’s strengths:

1. Create custom schedules: Build custom schedules based on a variety of factors such as location, department, position and shift. View schedules for one day, one week or up to 42 days. Highlight and filter parts of the schedule to label sections such as vacation and sick time. Using these custom schedules, create custom reports for printing shift rosters, tallying sick and vacation days, viewing time-off requests and more.

2. Track skills, certifications and training: Keep track of employees who are licensed or certified so they know when to renew an expired certification. Create unlimited skills fields for tracking your employees’ unique skills and identifying training gaps. Know which employees have talents such as being bilingual or knowing CPR.

3. Allow employee self-scheduling: Allow tenured workers to select their preferred hours rather than having managers set a schedule. For industries with high turnover, allowing employee self-scheduling can increase job satisfaction. Plus, it saves managers time and helps relieve stress when employees are given more control over their work. Self-scheduling is allowed through special permissions. It can also run on a timer so employees have a limited amount of time to reserve shifts.

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Target Market

Schedule Anywhere is an excellent fit for industries such as health care, public safety, government, energy, retail, business services, manufacturing and transportation.

Below we’ve listed eight sample customers:

  • Bethany Retirement Living
  • Canadian Pacific Railway
  • City of Englewood
  • MicroAge
  • Southern Company
  • The National Gallery
  • Travis Air Force Base
  • UC San Diego Health System

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ScheduleAnywhere offers both cloud and on-premise hosting with or without application program interface (API) access.

Customer Service & Support

Free live phone and email support are included with the purchase of the software product.


Pricing plans start at $25 a month based on the number of employees a company needs to schedule. For a more specific quote, please contact ABS directly.


ScheduleAnywhere doesn’t integrate with time-clock hardware.

Users have noted a few scheduling difficulties, such as having a hard time reading text on the app.

Customers have also mentioned the lack of an auto-schedule feature. This adds to the amount of manual data entry required to set recurring schedules.


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Atlas Business Solutions, Inc. (ABS) has been developing software since 1991. It offers several additional scheduling solutions, as well as document management for HR personnel, a financial forecaster solution and project management solutions.

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