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Talentsoft At A Glance

Good: The platform is meant for an international employee base, but also scales for small to mid-sized companies.
Bad: Offered only through cloud deployment.
Bottom Line: The software includes recruiting and on-boarding for sourcing talent, as well as internal talent development.

Product Overview

Talentsoft specializes in talent management features.

From talent sourcing and recruiting, to on-boarding and internal reporting, the software’s goal is to enhance your workforce to become high-performing and critically trained.

Talentsoft is 100% in the cloud.

Setting it apart from vendors with in-house options, Talentsoft claims to be “cloud-native” and focuses on top cloud capabilities only.



Talentsoft offers 9 talent management products for all of an international, large enterprise-class company’s needs. Small to mid-sized businesses are also offered a separate package for tailoring their products to their specific needs.

These products have an integration feature for optimal performance:

1. My Talentsoft: The “home page” for your employee as self service.

  • Multilingual employee portal
    • Updated in real time
  • Resume profiles for each employee
    • Diverse information collected
    • Interactive with mobile functionality

2. Recruiting: Attract top candidates.

  • Manage career site
    • Personalized space to alert and notify applicants
    • Advertise job vacancies
    • One-click process for submitting applications via LinkedIn
  • Strengthen employer brand
    • Full customization for color, appearance, company forms, etc.

3. Performance and Competencies: Digitize performance reports for reviewing talent.

  • Customize appraisal documents
    • Computerize all HR documents
  • Facilitate manager/employee discussions
    • Make documents available for employee reviews
  • Generate campaign reports
    • Incorporate graphics
    • Communicate results with campaign contacts
  • Utilize assessment tools
    • Employee self service for personal talent development
    • Manage proposal requests for training

4. Talent Review: Define and utilize internal talent.

  • Identify top talent
    • Sort through internal employee talent
    • Target employee populations for analysis on performance trends
  • Construct development plans
    • Create succession planning based on skill gaps
    • Visualize your talent in table format

5. Learning: Develop needed training.

  • Construct training plans
    • Prioritize and budget training developments
    • Incorporate outside training
    • Build training populations
    • Include performance and legal reports
  • Incorporate managers
    • Collect and consolidate training needs

6. Internal Mobility: Your full employee network accessible across locations.

  • Encourage internal mobility
    • Give employees access to full network of employee base
    • Provide options for moving talent across locations
  • Manage mobility requests
    • Managing approvals/refusals

7. Compensation: Weigh compensation costs for employee reviews.

  • Compare compensation plans
    • Define benefit eligibility
  • Manage salary reviews
    • Clearly allocate salary budgets to managers
    • Projections for suggested compensation costs

8. Workforce Planning: Strategize HR action plans

  • Implement workforce and competency planning
    • User-friendly dashboard
    • Inclusion of all job levels
  • Anticipate Evolution in Job Functions
    • Identify competency gaps between positions
    • Discover training needed to promote employees

9. Core HR: Combine with payroll for a full monetized report on human capital.

  • Consolidate employee data
    • Integrate all features under one dashboard
    • Combine with payroll
    • Conduct total human capital reporting
  • Form an HR reference base
    • Complete library for conducting HR reports

Target Market

Talentsoft’s capabilities cover talent management needs of large enterprise companies, but also offers a scaled-down version tailored to meet small business needs.

  • Vinci
  • Total
  • Safran
  • Ballore
  • Ingenico
  • Clarins
  • La poste
  • PIXman
  • Arkadin
  • Aeroports de Paris

Download Now: Talent Management Software Buyer's Guide

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Talentsoft offers 3 project packages, each for different sized companies. After tailoring the software to your company structure, and loading all of the data, the initial usage of the software is taken care of by Talentsoft’s dedicated project team.

The implementation process is carried out through 7 steps:

  • Project launch
  • Kick-off
  • Design sign-off
  • UAT launch
  • UAT sign-off
  • Go-live
  • Run mode

Talentsoft’s dedicated project team consists of:

  • Project Director
  • Project Manager
  • Technical Expert
  • Funtional Consultant
  • Client Support Consultant


Customer Service & Support

Talentsoft has 3 customer support programs:

  • Training through TS Academy working directly with software applications,
  • continuous support through 24/7 contact accessible by phone, and
  • customized support with a launch meeting, bi-annual “steering” committees, and 2 half-days of administrative training per year.


TalentSoft doesn’t publicly release pricing information. Please contact them directly for a price quote.


Talentsoft is only offered through the cloud. If your company covers industries such as banking and defense, an in-house system would be most secure.

But despite this common conception, Talentsoft has several banking customers. As more vendors turn towards cloud capabilities, security measures are expanding, and Talentsoft is at the forefront of it.


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With 1,500 clients and 3 million users across 100 countries, Talentsoft has come a long way evolving with the world’s talent management needs since 2007.

The company has 3 central values:

  • To cover different worlds, with multiple needs, with one solution,
  • focus on a community of “us,” and
  • be fully designed for the cloud and for “real life.”


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